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October 06, 2021


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Loving your daily posts. Your idea of a morning (and day for that matter) sounds perfect for me. Lovely, scenic walk and coffee - pure bliss.


Today I can sit and read your October posts and Enjoy every single one!!
Love the mandala and your early walks... Here is the beginnig of spring so flowers are everywhere... And the sun is perfect!
Thanks a lot for October and you!!!


Loving your daily posts, definitely not samey. Love the way you just capture life.
Interested in the sock post. I just cannot knit but would love to be able to do the socks you do. At the risk of suggesting even more hard work blogging, ever considered a photo tutorial?! You are so thorough in your descriptions and explanations I think I could knit some with your help!! Xx


Lucy, I've enjoyed everything about your blogs for years now. Yes, your work and your opening the windows into your everyday life are all wonderful. But most of all, your sharing your feelings, your moods, your concerns are equally important. I'm sure you've inspired countless people to keep going, find what inspires them, what helps them, what they need to avoid. So I'm sending gratitude and smiles across the great Atlantic Ocean to you, with wishes for more sunny days and blue skies for you. Looking forward to the holiday project.

Astrid Jansen van Beek

Enjoying the soft sunbeams on my cheeks, I love it.
I also enjoy the things you write about , maybe it is universal.
The people by the canal sitting in the sunlight too.
Especially the gift of sunshine in the autumn,even it is for ten minutes makes me happy.
Nice to read your blogtober!


Atticland blogtober!!

Gail Clarke

Hi Lucy, i am loving our daily dips into your life, thank you for taking us along with you on your journey. I appreciate that it is a large commitment to blog daily and am thankful for your time.
That William Morris wall paper is heavenly, i do so love his designs. Could you imagine Morris' dssigns combined with Kaffe Fassett colour work......WOW!!

Charlotte Pountney

Samey? I could live with that level of sameyness, very easily! Really look forward to reading your posts and seeing life in your gorgeous little town...I even looked at 'properties for sale in', the other day!


As always your post is so perfect! Love the photos also!


What a beautiful geranium in the last photo. It was a glorious day wasn't it. And what an amazing cafe nearby, you are lucky. I am a big fan of coffee these days, after decades without it. I like an early start and all that seize the day malarkey. Although sometimes to be honest I could do with a lie down by ten o'clock. CJ xx

Gemma Braiding

Because you’re my antipodes, I love having two opposite seasons (yours and mine) at the same time. It never gets old. And of course you have such an eye for colour. Love your posts.


I’m really enjoying your daily posts … there really are so many small things to be thankful for every single day if we take the time to stop and notice. I love that William Morris wallpaper … I can never resist buying fabric in his designs, though its so pretty I never want to use it … I’m saving it for the perfect project 🙈


Thanks for the daily posts, Lucy. You take such lovely photos. I'm pleased you are able to have these special times with your other half.😊

jan magor

Thank you Lucy for sharing the beautiful part of the world you live in. I look forward to waking up and reading your blog

Laura Martin

I enjoy sooooo much reading your posts!!!


Just ❤️ Following along Lucy and can almost picture myself walking canal-side too! We have just come into daylight saving here in NZ heralding spring and hopefully a wonderful summer. Take care and keep doing you xxx

Carol Birl

Great blog, almost feel like I am there with you. You live in a beautiful area.

Kathryn Grimshaw

Your posts are always wonderful Lucy, and I love the different photos you take that are all familiar to me. I love the coffee from the coffee shop ( I purchased mine in Clitheroe but I have visited the one you mention)
Hasn’t it been a fabulous day! We went for a walk in a little woods a near Barley ( Pendle area) and I also spent time in the garden where I had a special moment when I was able to photograph a Hummingbird moth hovering over the Verbena ( not an easy feat I can assure you! 😁) wish I could have shared the photo with you . ( it’s on my FB page)
It was a special day! Thanks for the lovely feel good blog. Xx

Susan Benge

I feel really jealous of your weather today Lucy. Here on the North Kent coast it’s been really windy and chilly too, hopefully will be better tomorrow. Looking forward to your mandala pattern when you are ready.


Looking at the William Morris wallpaper, I just see colours for a crochet blanket.🙂


Isn't that wonderful to do with the one you love? So happy for you both you enjoy these things together. The Yuletide in pastel is just as gorgeous as the Xmas Yuletide. And that blue sky <3 and view <3


Its been a lovely day here near heathrow too!
Been working on mini xmas stockings cant wait to make your mandala
Lovely post as ever Thankyou x

Margaret Longden

Ah yes, I know this little coffee shop very well, with its William Morris wallpaper - a beautiful timeless room and brilliant coffee. There is a sister shop in Clithero which is equally charming.

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