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October 05, 2021


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Ann Garner

Love your blog Lucy. Your photos and work make me smile. Can you share your curry recipe?

Gillian Greenshields

I would also love the Thai Green Curry Paste recipe if you're able to share it ☺

Kerridwen Niner

Hi Lucy, i have been enjoying blogtober. I have been finishing up my smaller yultide peices as i plan to make a cushion cover with mine. I've done it in Autumnal colours with a bit of added sparkle. Just need to measure up to see if their big enough and then join them together and find some buttons. I've also just finished a shawl by Zooty Owl, a pattern i've used several times now but this time for a wedding i'm going to on Monday, just wondering what weather will present itself?!?


Hi Lucy! I’d also love to see your green curry paste recipe if it’s shareable. I’ve had Green curry on my mind for the last few weeks because it’s a meal we ate regularly…until curiously I haven’t found any Thai Green curry paste on the shelves of any supermarkets we go to for weeks. Loving your cosy pictures. I,too, am not a fan of wet, cold October’s. I’m relieved we have sun on the forecast too!

Julie Mutchler

Thank you Lucy and J for putting the mandala pattern together and posting! I look forward to seeing it soon.

charlotte m.

They do grow up so quickly, don't they? Love all your pictures. The fall is one of my favorite seasons. I do truly love all the seasons, but fall just makes my heart sing. I finally got off the fence about the Yuletide blanket and am waiting for a notice that it is back in stock. I am getting ready to do a big move, so I will wait until I am on the other end of it to begin, but I want to have it at the ready. Right now what is making me happy it making your flora granny squares. I am using all my leftover blanket yarns from previous blankets for the squares. I counted yesterday and I have 33 squares done! This will be a long term project, and it is so easily portable during the move. Once I run out of yarn, we will see how many there are and how big my piece can be. It is very colorful, and to put them all together, I plan to crochet one more row around each one in a neutral yarn color, before it stitch them together.

Gill Compigne-Leaney

Hi Lucy, your blogs are always an inspiration to me and your colours make me very happy. Also today's happy for me includes my daughter's operation on her foot has gone well and she is due to go home. Unfortunately her home is London, mine is Morley, Yorkshire. Happy no.3 is I have finished making my Christmas cards for this year, a job I absolutely love. Finally no.4 - The Sun Is Shining!!! Hooray!

Carol Blakeley

Hi Lucy,
I’m loving your blogtober posts. Happy mail is the best. That issue of Country Living looks interesting I may just have to pick up a copy .
Hope you have a wonderful day!


I love your posts. Would you share your recipe for your Thai style coconut curry? It sounds delicious!

Winwick Mum

Those socks are going to be fabulous! Kaffe Fassett's Design Line yarns were the very first I made into socks, and I used that yarn for my own very favourite pair too! :) xx


Love your blog. I’m so happy today. Here in Sydney, Australia, we are allowed out of lockdown on Monday. Been in since 26 June. I can see my husband in aged care on Monday. It’s been so long. Summer is my favourite season, even though it gets quite hot sometimes here. My cat’s name is Summer!

Ellie Williams

Oh Lucy,
Your blog made me smile, it reminded me in a way of when my brother and I would go to Sunday School, many years ago now, and we would walk on opposite sides of the road, drove our mum mad.
Also, I made my grandchildren Regia socks, my younger grandson loved his in yellow green and blue so he wore them to ‘big’ school, were he was told in no uncertain terms that they were not school uniform!
Thank you for cheering us all up.


I read your post and had to smile. I am in trouble for putting the fan on today. It went over 30 here and I hate the heat. I love reading that you can snuggle down in front of the fire and sip tea.

I am glad you pattern was almost perfect. That's incredible.

Haven't knitted socks in a long while. I might have to get back to it. They are perfect items to m are in extremely hot and humid weather.


That sounds like a very good morning indeed. I like the summer magazines as well, all that sunshine and green and little jars of flowers, just glorious. I like the look of your Thai green curry paste ingredients, sometimes there are so many things I get put off. I might give it a go and see if they like it. I would not be welcome on the walk to school with my youngest either, there would be similar horror, although the almost-18 year old likes to walk along with me and the dog if we happen to leave at the same time. Although that might be because of the dog to be honest. CJ xx


Kaffe Fasset I swoon over his goodies his colour combos are magic.He talks like things are so easy he he.
That sock yarn swoon which pattern are you using please.
Oh no my other half loves thai curry and that looks gorgeous.
Cant wait for tha mandala pattern.
Thankyou lovely pist as usual hope you have warmed up nicely.


Lovely post, Lucy! We had brilliant sunshine here today and finally some warmth (22 degrees) and with our travel restrictions lifted a little I could get to my fav green grocer for some wonderful fresh fruit and veg. Came home and made a big salad for lunch and ate it outside in the sun! Perfect. As it clouded over this afternoon I came in and worked on my second sock from Christine’s (winwickmum) “Hometown Socks” pattern. Got two loads washing out and in too!


Horrible wet afternoon, cup of hot chocolate, crochet hook in hand, time to start my Yuletide blanket. Very happy.


Someone told me yesterday that the weather is due to warm up down here too, I really hope he’s right!

I’m also a huge fan of Kaffe. I think he must be exhibiting somewhere in the world because my blog post on an exhibition of his in Bath keeps being viewed on my blog. I also saw him in the garden.

Could you send me your recipe for the curry place please? Sounds delicious. It’s a while since I made my own and I’ve not sure which recipe I used. XXX

Julie Round

I love reading your inspirational posts Lucy. You write so beautifully. You make the most of every day. Twenty one weeks after breaking my leg i had my first,very short, solo dog walk yesterday. Thank you to the wonderful NHS for your reconstruction and to Lucy because now I put my alarm on early now to seize the day . XxxxxxxX


I would also love to have the recipe vor the green curry! It looks so good!

Sue Roberts

Happiness today was sharing time with some lovely ladies ar our Days for girls sewing group. All the doors were open so the room was well aired and we sat well spaced out. A wonderful cause which helps girls and women sooo much. I
Chilled to the bone and damp after my very quick walk home I too warmed up with a cup of tea and felt indulgent doing a few rounds of my Yuletide blanket.
I’m loving the different colour combinations.
I love Blogtober …
Thankyou for sharing.

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy Your post made me happy. LOL And you mentioning Kaffe Fassett...be still my heart...I have loved that guy for years and years and years. I love his textiles and his paintings! So I will have to take a little jaunt down memory lane and look thru his wonderful books that I have, full of color and dreamyness. I used to knit children's sweaters in bright bold colors, inspired by Mr. Fassett. Now I crochet blankets inspired by you. I am hoping too that we get some autumnal sun, it is too early for all this rain! Take Care, Hugs MO

Claire Hayden

Hello Dear Lucy, I celebrated my son's 22nd with a takeaway and cake and ended the day singing at choir. A very happy day indeed.


I was thrilled the other day when I read your post about Blogtober and how you'll be posting every day! I am soo soo happy that I get to step away from the insanity that my life has become in the last little bit, to finally be able to sit down at night and step away from it all and read about your day.. I find it very calming and relaxing and I absolutely love all your photo's! Thank you for sharing your day, your life and your talent with us! I'm wondering though, have you given us a sneak peak in your final picture with the blanket you cosied up under? I thought I knew all your blankets but I'm not recognizing that one at all!


Something that made me happy today? I finished my work early enough to go on an adventure, so I hopped on the subway to Ridgewood Queens in NYC to explore. While I was there I walked into a very old bakery and bought a loaf of sesame semolina bread. I wasn't expecting much, NYC doesn't have a lot of great bread. You have to go way out of your way to get it. It turned out to be super delicious!
Another thing that is making me happy is my cranky sick foster kitty has gained five pounds and started to follow me around and sit next to me wherever I am in my apartment.

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