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October 31, 2021


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Wendy Maartens

I have so enjoyed your Blogtober. Thank-you for sharing with us. I do hope you have some sunny days in the months ahead. We will at the coast. I do love looking at the sea every day but your blog has made me appreciate it even more.

Christine Whiting

Had to look back at the silver balls blog and I must say it made me laugh. Thank you once again I shall miss my morning cup of tea with you.x


More thanks from me for your daily episodes during October. Always a little cheerfulness to read and lovely pictures to see. I really must drive to Skipton soon, only from Leeds, and try to join a cafe craft session. 😍💖👏🏻


Yummy looking pancakes and gorgeous autumn scenery today. Loved reading your blogtober posts very much. Are you up for a blogmarch? I thought it might be fun to post daily in the spring. CJ is already signed up:) B x


Thank you Lucy for inviting us to walk with you through your life in October. It has been a daily pleasure x


It's been an absolute joy to read Blogtober each morning. Snuggling down on a grey day, tea and warm croissants and getting carried away in your posts has been a highlight of the month. Thank you Lucy for your wonderful and creative posts


Love the baking incident! Great pumpkin carving from you and your daughter. What are you making with pumpkin Leftovers? Looking forward to soup I made yesterday


I have thoroughly enoyed the month of Blogtober! It’s been such a pleasure definitely a highlight of the day. It has been a long month and tough one for me. Thanks for sharing….

Jools Morgan-Jones

Blogtober with you has been an absolute delight, Lucy - thank you so much for doing it. Sharing in your day, seeing all the colour you naturally gravitate towards has made these darkening days far brighter, and ensured that I look for the brightness in the days, too. It must have been a huge amount of work, but I hope you have found it as much fun as we all have xxx

Diane M

Thank you Lucy for your lovely Blogtober posts. They must be such a lot of work for you, but they have been so nice to look forward to reading each morning here in Australia. Your gorgeous photos and way with words are a gift to us all. Looking forward to whatever/whenever you choose to post next!(fingers crossed it's not too long between posts though)


I've really enjoyed reading your Blogtober posts this year; it's a great way to round off the day! We had similar weather to you today, and although I didn't go outside to be in the sunshine I did enjoy watching a Wren hop and flit around the patio a few times. I don't like Hallowe'en as it is now, but your pumpkins look great! I wonder why people don't do something similar at Christmas as well? Stay well:)


Thank you Lucy. I remember the silver balls...still chuckling at the memory. I also remember your daily posts, they were a joy so it's been lovely to have those days back for a month.
Jacquie x

Linda from Boston

Hate to be repetitive, but everyone has said it all. Thanks for letting us share your life for the last month. It was most enjoyable. 💕


Thank you for all your lovely posts Lucy. I have enjoyed every single one.


Thank you once again Lucy, loved your post and looked back at the ‘silver balls’ post, oh my goodness made me laugh out loud, soooo funny. Really looking forward to catching up again soon. Good luck to Little Lady for her exams. Take care, love and hugs xxxx Becki 🥰☺️

Dawn Williamson

I have absolutely loved reading your Blogtober posts Lucy. Well, I love reading aallll your posts all the time. Thank you for sharing your life with us all.

Angela H.

Thank you Lucy for sharing your October days…it’s been a real joy to look forward to reading your blog each evening & all your photos are very special 😃


Thank you for all the lovely October posts. I really enjoyed them

Gill Compigne-Leaney

Thank you Lucy for livening up my day, every day this month. I do so love your chats about your family and the weather, your walks and all your lovely crochet. I hadn't seen the silver balls post as I only found you about 8 years ago, it really made me laugh out loud, something you will be telling your grandchildren and great grands in years to come.
Loved your photos of Dorset, I have family in Bridport and it made me think about visits to them. Glad you enjoyed yourselves.


Lucy, thank you so much for sharing your life for the last month. You are a talented writer and I have thoroughly enjoyed your colourful descriptions and accompanying photos. I too find the darker months difficult, but this year I have scheduled a few crochet and knitting projects to keep me busy and take my mind off the grey skies and shorter days. You are not alone, Lucy! Keep doing what you do and you will be fine. Thanks again.

Winwick Mum

It's been such a good month, hasn't it? I'm really glad you inspired me to take part in Blogtober, and I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your posts too. Oh, and silver balls, I do remember that incident and that was very funny! xx


Thanks......I enjoyed every day of it. Here on Curaçao where it is tropical I felt the comfort and cosiness of the fall while reading your post. Loved the pictures, the way you described everything. Like we where chatting over a cup of tea.....so..thanks again

Sally Spragg

I’m sorry that blogtober has finished! I shall be sad not to read your daily ramblings, part of your life! Shall look forward to seeing your blog pop up every now and then. I think your daughter needs those breaks from revision and doing the lovely colouring is a complete escape from what she has been doing. It does clear the mind from all worries, so I think its a good distraction.
It always feels sad when the youngsters complete things that you have been looking forward to doing with them, but looking at it another way, you should feel proud that you have given the confidence for them to complete these tasks without you. They will go forward into the world with the confidence that they will need.

Debbie Tristram

Thank you very much for your 31 days of October blogs. Have really enjoyed them.


Thank you, Lucy, for your daily blogs this last month. It must have been a lot of work for you, but it has been very much appreciated.
My first crochet bag was one of yours, for my projects, lined and a zip put in, and it's still going strong! Thank you for your generosity, allowing us access to so many patterns. 😊

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