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October 30, 2021


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Kieltyka Monique

Hello, my english is not good enough so je continue ce message en Français(milles excuses pour cette lacune linguistique).Cela fait déjà quelques années que j'ai découvert votre merveilleux blog et ses couleurs chatoyantes. Je suis moi-même une crocheteuse compulsive, une obsessionelle des laines et des couleurs et votre site et vos ouvrages m'ont totalement conquise. J'ai parfois des difficultés dans l'harmonisation des couleurs et des points que je réalise ou que j'invente, mais vos petites astuces en pinces à linge m'ont beaucoup aidé... Merci aussi pour vos belles photos de la campagne anglaise. La nature est toujours aussi belle. Moi-même qui habite le continent européen et qui ai la chance d'avoir un jardin, je m'émerveille autant que vous devant ce qui nous entoure et qui n'est brillant que par sa simplicité. Merci et tous mes voeux pour vous, votre famille et vos projets. Monika


Ha, you missed some exciting weather in Dorset , though to be fair it’s been a bit wild in quite a few places.
Bournemouth lower gardens were a lake, Cerne abbas flooding, though hardly surprising as it has steep hills to the valley . Buckland Newton was just a raging wall of water down the main road and several houses flooded. I think things became exciting in charmouth , no end of trees down and roads impassable . Plenty of daft motorists driving into deep water and cars getting stuck . I expect lots of places were affected but news down here isn’t exactly easy to find, the local “echos” are pretty naff to be honest

So am very glad you made it home safely , especially as some rail services were going nowhere .

Stay safe !

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy & Welcome home! I like the 're-entry' of your day back. Gently getting back to familiar routine after travelling always excites me for some reason. It's like a fresh start and I get all motivated to organize and such. Your new blanket is really appealing to me--luv the joyful color. My kitty Gracie, always thinks everything I crochet is for her. Looking forward to your next crochet project tutorial. Hugs, MO


Romanescoes are brilliant aren't they, and I love your way of cooking it. The eldest is also re-entering at the moment, after a fantastic week away. I messed up my timings last night and was late collecting him from the bus station (should have been there at 4.30am, eek). Love the woodland photos, the leaves really seem on the turn here over the past week. Lots of bits of flooding here this morning though, so they are very sodden. CJ xx


Dear Lucy, dear all, I have been following your beautiful work for several years now. You are really inspiring so many people! I would like to inform all of you about a crochet project in Germany (www.museum-frieder-burda.de/weltmeer-haekeln.php) inspired by a worldwide project from the Wertheim-sisters (www.margaretwertheim.com/crochet-coral-reef).

As a science teacher I would like to install a satellite reef at our school. So if anyone likes to make a coral as well, I would be happy if you sent it either to the Frieder-Burda-Museum and/or to me: Dr. Margit Sauer, Franz Kern Str. 9,
D-77767 Appenweier, Germany
You will find a pdf with instructions on both links.
Thanks for reading and maybe spreading this.
Many greetings, Margit


I missed your week in Dorset, short trip to hospital, and I was so looking forward to it.
Just caught up.
Thank you for Lyme and oh!! The sea spray on my face!!!! Just what I needed.
Good to know that all at home has ticked along nicely.
Thank you


Hi Lucy so glad you had a good and safe journey back home, I loved your little pebble, so pretty and will bring back such good memories when you look at it. I too shall be sad when Blogtober is over but realise it would be too all consuming to keep it up all the time. I have really enjoyed your posts for many years too and am sooooo thankful I came across your post and with your superb photo tutorials managed to learn to crochet.🌟 I shall try and send you some pictures. ☺️ I’ve really enjoyed seeing the different parts of the country too, take care, love and hugs Becki xxxx 🥰☺️


Smile, re-entry... I understand that well. Lucy I have been crocheting my scraps into your flower cushion pattern. 3 strands of yarn and a N hook. I have fine several. The fabric is fantastic! Squishy! I organized my scraps by color. My favorite one is orange colors with several rows of green. Fantastic pumpkin look.

Christine Whiting

Will really miss your posts when they finish I read them before having my breakfast. Don't leave it to long till we have another.x


I’ve also really enjoyed your daily blogs. Is BlogNovember a thing too?! Xx


“Re-entry”, I love that and how delicately you’ve written about the return to domestic duties. I have to admit, I would often feel a level of resentment at being faced with this after being away, which could spoils things but henceforth I will endeavour to adopt your more sensible pragmatic approach!


Glad you enjoyed your coming back home. I'll miss your daily articles.




For a virtual sea fix...
Appreciate your time and energy splashing happiness around...
Kind regards

Winwick Mum

We love Romanesco, you've reminded me that we've not had one for ages but hopefully this is the season for them1 "Re-entry" is a very good word for those days after a holiday! xx

Charlotte Pountney

So good to be home! Those romanesco cauliflowers look too pretty to eat...


It's funny how our furry family members seem to just do their own thing but there's these sweet moments when you know they like us. And not just for food or warmth. Ive half attempted a Yuletide wreath in the past but the bustle of the end of year always snatches it away and I think "maybe next year I'll get time and inspiration ". But if you have some little garlandy/ wreath patterns on their way, maybe I'll finally pull out that foam ring I've had stashed away and get making!


You had enough energy to go to the market and a walk? Goodness, I am floored after such a long ride on the train. Thank you for this lovely month of vlogs while you were so busy and out and about. It was lovely.


It’s always nice to go but nice to come home. Yes, re-entry is a real thing after being away but it is nice to get back in ones routine. Sounds like your were missed on the home front by the cat. Thanks for sharing.


Glad you are back safe and sound. I am going to miss your daily blogs.

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