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October 28, 2021


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How blustery and glorious! Your holiady photos over the past few days have left me feeling that yearning for the coastal town where my parents live. Hopefully we can visit in January. I can't remember if I've asked you what type of camera you use? Is it a camera in your phone, or a dlsr? I also loved these old places as many places you visit are older than colonial occupation of my country! A wall built in the 13th century. Wowsers!!


Lucy, I have loved your Blogtober entries. I will always look on google earth to see where you are that day. It has been so wonderful “visiting” the English coast!…..and informative!
From the center of the state of Pennsylvania in the U.S.

Kristine S

Love your travels, whether around the Attic or further afield xxx
Share your concern re your dad - take care❣ My dad was 92 when he finally shuffled off, gladly. He hated his decline... love to you & your lovely family ❤❤❤🥰👍


What lovely things you’ve been up to on your visit, I visited Lyme a few years ago and it really is a beautiful little place and even more atmospheric when the sea is a bit wilder! Love your selfie too, have a safe journey home. Love and hugs Becki xxx ☺️


I often prefer a blustery, even rainy out of season walk along the beach far more than a sunny day. It seems so much more atmospheric and invigorating.You can actually go for a bracing walk and feel energised instead of just thinking about it but feeling too lethargic in hot weather to actually do it. Or take time to look and see without squinting your eyes against the harsh glare of sunlight.

Never been to Lyme Regis but it always looks like an interesting place and is a focal point of several novels.

People can slow down when they are older and I think often like it that way. We need to make sure that we slow down and be patient companions. I know my mum enjoys a nice potter now, compared to her past self. To everything a season. It can be daunting when we begin to see parents as vulnerable and we see a need to begin to intercept more in their lives.


Lovely post. I understand your love of the sea, I live by it and I never tire of looking at it, especially on a stormy day. I think your dad sounds lovely, he must have loved your visit.


I am so enjoying your posts!


What a nice blog post today. I am happy you had such a lovely visit with your Dad. Safe travel home! Your photos and words are wonderful!


Oh my, how I love your visit to the seaside! My family and I will be traveling about 100 miles this weekend to visit the Pacific Ocean. I spent a lot of time near the ocean as a child and I just love going even now as a grandmother. I always come back feeling rested and refreshed.

Jane Deeley

I do love Lyme - thanks for your words and photos! I spent many family summer holidays there when I was a child in the 70s and have been back a few times with our own boys. The main beach is very different now - I remember loads of sand, and one year all the underlying rocks were exposed. We used to rent a beach hut and take a little stove to make tea. As an only child, it was great to meet up with the same families every year and have friends to play with on the beach. We're going to stay in the area in a few weeks time for my husband's birthday (surprise weekend away - ssh!) and I look forward to a blowy walk along the Cobb and some fossil-hunting!

Bonita Brocklehurst

Lucy you are just as beautiful on the outside as we all know you are on the inside, loved your blog today, looks like a very happy day for you, loved your selfie


Thank you for always posting links for further information on the places you visit! The photos are great. That print of the Cobb is perfect, and it even contains the quaint lamp posts shown in one of your pictures! Love that!

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