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October 28, 2021


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I'm a bit after the fact... but wanted you to know how very much I appreciate all your posts but especially appreciated the ones about your time in Dorset by the sea. I live in North Carolina now, not near the sea, but grew up in Florida and always feel like 'coming home' when at the ocean! Bless!


Love you blog, patterns and boots! Where did you get your boots?

Angela Glae

Oh thank you again Lucy! We left NZ in 2019 for a 4 week holiday in England. We visited Lyme Regis! Oh it was one of my most favourite places. I really want to go back there one day soon. So glad you had a lovely break away with your Dad and Mrs B xxxxxxxx


Looking on your blog makes me feel "Fernweh".



Thank you for taking us on your journey and sharing those lovely pics!

Winwick Mum

Lyme Regis isn't somewhere that I've ever visited but it looks lovely - and you just look like you've had the best time there! xx

Judith Dee

Thank you for sharing your time in Dorset. We lived in Sidmouth for fourteen years and our children were born in Exeter. We enjoyed several visits to Lyme, it's a beautiful place. Safe journey home.x


Its so hard to see our parents age but comical too.
Lovely memories I havent seen the sea this year but maybe there is still time.
Beautiful photos and blog Thankyou x

Charlotte Pountney

Lovely Lyme Regis...still a proper English seaside town.
Liz Somerville has been a revelation, thank you, Lucy.
Safe journey home.


There are things you can take for memory decline, there is nothing wrong with my memory but I still take a dollop of one thing every day anyway .
I recently sent my stepsister a lot of info as her partner is in a bad way .
I will leave it to you to research, but certain supplements work well .
Whether or not he /your dad would take them is another matter .
Certainly been a tad wet and windy here in Dorset the last few days , sunny here at the moment , Friday afternoon . But exmoor , parts of Scotland and Cumbria have been really clobbered .
Safe journeys


It is such a stunning old part of the UK, Lucy, love it. Oi vey, I hope you and Lady B can talk about that part of Dad, Lucy. Emotional, and preparing. The sliding into the realm of emptiness and loss of your loved one's identity. It is so hard. Hugs my dear.


Thanks Lucy, I have enjoyed being on holiday with you. Lovely that you were able to spend time with your Dad. Safe journey home .

Christine Spencer

❤️ Lyme. My Favourite seaside town on the planet whatever the weather. Glad you got your breath of sea air, safe trip home.

Christine Whiting

So glad you have had a good time with you Dad.


What a lovely day, although a shame about the bus at the end. The pub looks amazing and Lyme Regis is really pretty isn't it. Liz Somerville is new to me, but I love her mixture of lino print and art, I'm a big fan of lino print, towns and allotments and views of the countryside as well as nature ones like Robert Gillmor's. Glad you had such a good few days. CJ xx

Abigail @ rosy_hill

Oh my goodness, this post lifted my spirits. I love Lyme Regis. The selfie is a moment of pure happiness captured forever. 😊


Enjoying your blog and lovely photos. We visited Lyme Regis for the first time in the summer and explored the lovely coastline. Hope the bracing sea air is blowing away any cobwebs and you are feeling refreshed.


Thank you for your blog and pictures Lucy. They bring back wonderful memories of our caravan holidays to Seaton 40 odd years ago, we always had a day in Lyme and walked along the Cobb. Hope you have a good journey home tomorrow.


Oh Lyme Regis... Jane Austen!
You are very beautiful Lucy!


Thankyou for another lovely visit to the seaside by proxy - your writing brings it alive so well! Hope your Dad is ok, I bet he’s loved having you close by for a few days and sharing your unique energy! Safe travels back to the family x


Enjoyed reading your blogs this week as I live in Dorset and love all the places you have written about. You have obviously made the most of your time with your dad. Safe journey home.


Thankyou Lucy for the fabulous pictures and bringing back some of my best memories, l absolutely love Lyme Regis too. We spent family holidays there when l was young and l was lucky enough to live and work there for 3 years, that was a long time ago but l remember it well, it has a very special place in my heart xxx


You are setting me off again!! Not so many tears but a few chuckles as one of the last visits to Lyme [with my son who now lives in Squamish near Vancouver] featured a lovely walk along the promenade beach sidfe and a chat highlighted by a cheeky seagull swooping down and removing my luscious ice cream cone from my hand just as I was about to tuck into it...
I agree the cooler months are the best for such walks and for ice creams that don’t run away!


Lovely post as usual. I could imagine myself back in Lyme Regis from your descriptions, and I have been in Australia since 1969. Really enjoyed your October blogs. Safe travels back home.

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy Loved your day out & about...and love the selfie, you look quite happy and content. Nice to spend some time with your Dad, eh?...it will be a memory cherished. We have had blustery days here too, but I so like the sea when it is crashing, swelling, and pounding the shore, then splashing in a crescendo onto the rocks. Nothing like it! You could take photos and write blurbs for the tourist industry. Thank you for taking us with you. Hugs, MO

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