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October 26, 2021


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Angela Glae

Thank you so much Lucy! I’m just catching up on your blogtober blogs and they are such a welcome relief! I’m in Auckland, New Zealand and we are in our 10th week (I think, I’ve lost track) of lockdown which has been very stressful due to other things as well as the lockdown. This blog just transported me away from all that and to the Dorset seaside for a couple of minutes. Thank you xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sheelagh Franklin

My Mum and Dad lived in Beaminster many years ago when my girls were young, we used to love going to WestBay to walk as you’ve done and go crab fishing. So reading your blog today brought back many lovely memories xxx


It's funny and lovely to hear what you were saying about being 'spotted'. Here in Melbourne where lots of TV shows are made, we might spot a 'known person' maybe 2 or 3 times a year. One time I arranged for a 'Man with a van' to come and move a wardrobe to a friends house and the so named 'Man with a van' was an actor who I recognised from the soapie 'Neighbours'. He was on the show in the early 2000s or earlier. I said, "Hey! You're that guy!" and he was like "yeah I sure was! But I'm doing this now!"


You brought back many memories of when I was a child when my mum and dad took us camping around Devon and Cornwall. After travelling through from London our first call was always to West Bay for breakfast. Thank you for sharing those photos and memories....its brought mine back for sure.


What a lovely day. Great pictures, can almost smell the sea air.

Carole C

A lovely post and fabulous pics as always ,Lucy.
We are so blessed in Bridport to have such an amazing range of independent shops and cafés, plus the marvellous twice weekly market - it seems there’s always a friendly face and some cheerful chat wherever you go and for me,yesterday,the friendliest face I came across was yours !
It was lovely to meet you and I so enjoyed our chat.
Enjoy the rest of your stay and time spent with your Dad and Lady B.
Carole xx

Mary Bernard  Wiecezak

Oh, what a treasure has been passed on to me by a dear friend. I look forward to each and every entry.


You bring joy every where you go! Come on now, 'fess up. You're hiding wings underneath those sweaters, are't you?

Kathryn Grimshaw

what a fabulous Blog Lucy. Thank you for sharing. I have wanted to see Bridport and Westbay ever since we watch the Broadchurch series a few years ago. The nearest I have been is Lyme Regis and Beer ( I know…it’s over the border in Devon but we loved visiting and staying at the caravan site there) maybe one day we will manage to visit although we find the journey from up North a bit more daunting these days!
So pleased to hear you are enjoying your stay and revisiting your favourite places .
I was lucky enough to bump into you in the woods at Skipton but became totally tongue tied when trying to tell you how much I enjoyed your blog and your crochet patterns . Unfortunately I have had a very long absence from crochet ( which I love very much) I am trying to get the MoJo back after a full years absence! Does anyone else have this problem?
Enjoy the rest of your well earned break lovely Lucy and thanks again for sharing! X

Cindy Conaty

I loved every minute of your day and I have the same love for the ocean and coast so I could feel your happiness. You were so lucky to enjoy that with your Dad and then you got some crocheting in so that made it a perfect day to me. I can’t wait to see where you (we) go tomorrow 💙💙


Oi vey, "happy hooker" is THE reason to be taken down lately. FB took crochet sites down because of that. Be careful dear Lucy. Working with thread and hook seems to be very naughty and seducing. (Rolls eyes) I am so happy your dad wanted to come. Perhaps not a coffee, but a whiskey can get him out more XD One needs to sniff the sea now and then, eh? Very happy-making.

Jeanine R Ahearn

Wonderful share. I felt as if I was there! Beautiful:).


What a wonderful trip you've taken us into today! I love everything about it, from waking up in that beautiful place, the pebble beach, the independent shops and cafés... to the crochet blankets. I hope you enjoy your stay!


There is something about a pub after a really chilly seaside walk. You really appreciate the warmth and feel you deserve the drink (& crisps! We always have a bag of something. S&V for me, pork scratchings for him!) xx


What a very lovely day. I love all the independent shops and cafes as well, always such a pleasure to visit them. The Dorset coast is gorgeous isn't it. I've always loved going there a lot. CJ xx


Seaside awwwss
Lovely photos and blog x

Kate Buckley

What a fabulous place to call home, gorgeous photos. Enjoy your time away and thanks for sharing it.


If you have time to pop to lyme regis, there's a lovely little yarn shop that has recently opened there. A touch of vintage on Broad Street - enjoy!


What a lovely day you've had with your Dad. Although I love Devon, where I live, Dorset is my second favourite area and I have to have a fix every summer. This summer we had three nights in Charmouth and had a lovely evening walking around Westbay and getting an ice cream. It was lovely seeing your photos of the seafront. x


Great pictures and lovely to hear you're enjoying Dorset


Great looking bakery. As another reader in NZ, one of the things I miss from the ““homeland” are teacakes. Definitely on the list for when able to visit again. Thank you for the blog, really enjoying it.

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy Sounds like a lovely day and love the photos as usual. I really enjoy walking the small town harbours and looking at the colorful boats and reading the names they've been given. We have seal and otters here that frequent the harbours. Sea Lions as well...they are a noisy bunch I tell you! Rudy (my lil dog) and I got thoroughly drenched on our late afternoon walk. Hubby had warm towels ready for Rudy...but alas, I had to fend for myself. LOL Take Care, Hugs, MO

Lynne Wilcox

West Bay was the very first place my husband took me on our first day out together, and we had lunch in the pub on the quay.


How lovely to just pootle about and reminisce, it looks wonderful Lucy, enjoy your time down in Dorset and I’m so glad you got to spend time out with your dad. Happy days. Love and hugs. Becki xxx 🥰☺️


I never tire of looking at your lovely photos! I've never been to Yorkshire, my visits to England have been to London and points south to visit friends who lived in Leamington Spa and now in Exeter, and I'm so longing to go back and see them again and do some traveling!

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