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October 25, 2021


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I totally get it. Enjoy the P&Q! xx


Dorset is changing though, rather more crowded than it used to be, we seemed to be heaving in the summer, if I was younger I might consider moving somewhere remote ! Gone are the days when even in the summer places on the coast were uncrowded

enjoy your stay

Marta Taylor

Oh how I believe in 'me time'! Take as much as you can get as it's a rare commodity. Your blue sky pictures cheered me up no end as it's dull and grey here (I live about 10 miles away from you). Take care.


Dear Lucy, enjoy your quiet time! I hope you have blue skies and lovely weather throughout your mini-retreat, and return refreshed and ready to take on the next challenges to come your way ~


LOVE the colours of your current crochet project, they are my kind of happy!
Being alone sometimes is vital for my wellbeing, it doesn't take much for me to be 'peopled out' so cherish your lovely solitude, especially when it's by the sea.

Carole C

Hello again Lucy ! It was so nice to bump into you this morning in East St. …such a lovely surprise ☺️ Thank you for stopping to chat .
Hope you have a fabulous week .
Carole x

Liz Jennens

Love the train crochet. Which pattern is it please?


Dear Lucy,

Enjoy your time there to the fullest.

Warm greetings,


It's interesting, what you say about the air; one of my LLs is the same age as yours I think, and is studying Geography A level. She explained to me about negative ions in the air at the seaside and how these make us feel good. I felt, to be sure, I should check it out myself yesterday, walking along our nearest beach, face turned to the sun, arms out, catching as many ions as possible. I felt amazing and hope you do too. Thanks for your lovely blog x


Alone time is a very wonderful thing isn't it. The weather looks blissful, I hope you have a wonderful week. CJ xx

Jennifer Keast

There is nothing in this world like your childhood bed!!


Envious of the sea smells I am the same dream of living in an open area or by the sea, one day maybe.
Glad you are getting some alone time ,enjoy your break.
Thankyou for your lively photos and blog.


Your day was simply and beautifully presented with a couple of photographs. Enjoy your time x


Happy to know you've arrived safely. Looking forward to the views and gossip.

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy You are enjoying your wee trip already...soak it up. I can't imagine not smelling the sea each day...and this coming from an interior (prairie born) gal! But still when I travel to my 'home digs', there is a charming ambiance of smells and sounds from childhood that are comforting.
Enjoy, hugs, MO


I know that feeling. When you've journeyed, arrived, caught up with the fam, then you're in bed at night exhausted but breathing in that fresh coastal air and the world starts to finally settle around you and peace sets in.


Sounds divine! I love your photos. Enjoy.

Sue Hockley

Welcome back to Dorset, Lucy. I hope you have a lovely stay. We're in the North of the county!

Charlotte Pountney

Exciting to be on your way!


You are there. So good to hear. Home of your childhood. Sweet dreams, Lucy.


I know what you mean about time to yourself. Enjoy it and I hope it does you good.
From one end of Dorset to yours..good night!


We were in Dorset not that long ago too. It is such a lovely area of the country and is obviously very close to your heart. Hope you have a wonderful time there and enjoy a little me time. Sleep well x

Sally Spragg

Lovely photos. Looks like it was a good journey too! Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s blog of coastal photos! Wish I was in Dorset, enjoying the views! Have a good nights sleep! Be ready for adventures tomorrow!

Winwick Mum

Glad you've arrived safely, hope you sleep well and the sun shines for you tomorrow! xx

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