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October 02, 2021


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Lyn Z

No matter how long I stay away from FB, the first blog I crave is yours Lucy!!! I no longer crochet , I only started crocheting as my Mom was close to passing and wasn’t able to finish a huge Afghan for my younger sister. It’s around that time that I discovered your blog! I crocheted for many years as it made me feel a stronger connection to my departed Mom. But time matched on as did my healing from her passing and thus I returned to my own beginnings of knitting!!!! Your photo journals and gorgeous heart keep me coming back even though I no longer crochet 🧶🥰

Sharon Saviane

I know what you mean about the Yuletide blanket, I have to remember to keep crocheting as I keep stopping to admire the colours. You have an amazing eye fir putting colours together, thank you.


I’m enjoying your daily posts! I’d love to make a Yuletide mandala. I don’t think you would need to do a full photo tutorial as the stitches are so well explained in the blanket pattern but a written pattern would be lovely x

Remaliah Joy Lacombe

I’m so happy to discover you’re doing a blog post every day this month!! I’ve been wondering what blanket it is you have draped on the seat of your couch for the Blogtober image? I love the colours and love to make that my next project! Happy October xxx


I do so enjoy reading your posts. They're like letters from a dear friend who lives far away, full of the little details that make up a life well lived. I never get enough of seeing those unusual willow sculptures and love seeing the woods through which you walk. Beautiful! Here, in SoCal, there are not quite so many peaceful places to walk (unless a stroll on a concrete path next to a four-lane road appeals to you). Some communities, however, do a have weekly "farmer's market." They're usually set up in a parking lot and the concept is much the same as your local market, though not nearly as historical. We do enjoy them though because, as you say, they are much better than the supermarkets. Around the holiday time of year (which is coming right up!), there are craft fairs and bazaars featuring the handicrafts of local artisans. These are often held in churches, though not necessarily affiliated with them. I find that that life is generally much the same everywhere in that most of us need to accomplish the same basic things every day; however, it is the details surrounding about how we go about living our lives that make all the difference. Thank you for doing what you do. You bring joy to so very many people.

Sue Roberts

Oops I meant popped! 🤣😂

Sue Roberts

I loved that woodland walk when we pooped over from our Estuary haven for the day. The sculptures are stunning. Especially loved the horse.


What a lovely place to walk. Thank you for sharing so much colour with us.


I love that horse sculpture! It looks mystical and other- worldly. Your weekend sounds just wonderful.

Amanda McNamara

I love your blogs because they always have so much colour in them and cheer me up no end. The autumn colours are my favourite.


That all looks so cosy and beautiful.
I wouldn’t want to pack that lovely blanket away either 🥰


What a treat to have a bit of the Attic every day this October! Thank you Lucy, it does make me happy.


Love your 2nd post , thankyou

Lucy J

Ah those glorious autumnal colours on the creepers! It's made me realise I really must make time for more walks in the coming weeks.
I love reading your posts and showing us your beautiful photos, thank you for taking the time and effort to blog.


It does look deliciously cosy with you. Autumn did pretty much arrive overnight this year. Last weekend I was watching football while wearing shorts, this weekend it's tights, boots, scarf and coat! I shall try and take some photos today and join in with Blogtober, it will be good for my blogging muscles I think! CJ xx


Interesting to see Evelyn's comment about our markets, I wonder if there is anything similar in the US? I've never given that a thought before.
Sounds like a perfect Saturday to me! X

Charlotte Pountney

Put one of your other lovely blankets there and enjoy that for a bit. Double the pleasure when you pull the Yuletide one out in December!

Sue Kaye

Thank you for your daily posts. The weather is awful in SW France at the moment and ypu are really helping to motivate me to enjoy crafting by the woodburner.

Kristin Eoff

Is that the Granny Stripe blanket in the fifth picture? It is so pretty!


Reminds me
Of my own Saturday. Today was a day of rest in my family, a reprieve from the everyday activities that happen in my own home.


Please write about your local shopping markets for those of us in the US who are not familiar with them.

Kathy Carpenter

Lucy, I am using the Yuletide pack to make the Moreland/Neat Wave pattern, and I'm having a bit of a time with the starting of it. I'm onto row 4 and I think it is too loose with the #5 hook. I hate to start over, as the first couple rows were hard to get down. Do you think it would be awfully bad if I just started using a smaller hook at this point? If it would be, I will start over because I think it will be lovely. Thank you. Love the blog!


Love your blog posts Lucy - they give me a warm fuzzy and I thank you for that. ^^


Yay you spotted the creeper! 🍁 Looks like a super chilled Saturday - just perfect!

Kathryn Grimshaw

What lovely homely pictures Lucy. They give us all the feel good factor we need!
We also visited Skipton and the market today and I always love the time I spend there . It is the loveliest place. I would love to live there .
You are such a generous person to share your daily life with us all. I love the fact that I am familiar with most of the pictures you post and share your love of your home town.
Thank you for working so hard to share your daily life with us….you know how much your blog helps us all experience the feel good factor. The woods are amazing and I was so privileged to bump into you ( not literally 😁) a couple of months ago, in Skipton Woods. Thank you for all your hard work! Xx

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