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October 19, 2021


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Hi Lucy, your Flickr link worked and I *love* that scarf! It's so cheery but also delicate. I will have to see if I can figure out how you did it; I have a friend who is quite petite and always complains that most scarves overwhelm her. Hope you feel better soon ~

Cindy Conaty

Hi Lucy, I love ALL your blogs especially the ones with your crocheting and your walks around your town and the countryside. I especially love October because I feel like we become real friends since I hear from you every day ❤️ Can I ask on the photo with the fruit what is that lovely blue and green ruffly item on the left side of the photo? Have a good day and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow, Cindy from the US


Oh yes, Lilies are deadly! It's the stamens dust, I remember as a little one our help cut them out for the bouquets inside. I have Turkish lilies in the garden, high stalks, and far behind against the wall so no animal can reach it. Just like Chrysanthemum, you don't know how deadly they are, made into pest control chemicals. Indulge yourself in your period. You need a little chocolate and coffee to feel better.

Lynda Robinson

oh a lovely autumn post thank you. We have not been to your little town for ages, we must try and get there soon. I am currently snuggled on the sofa with one of my cats but I haven't been as creative as you, no posy of flowers or ideas for pumpkins but I did light a candle on the hearth.


A bit too much chocolate here as well. My middle son bought me some Co-op dark chocolate with raspberry which has been delicious and has the prettiest packaging which I'll probably turn into a bookmark or something. I love that you met your friend through your lovely scarf, brilliant. Flowers also bedraggled here, although my Sarah Raven pink butterfly pots are hanging on quite well, they've been so brilliant for months now. CJ xx


Ooh your town is so lovely and the canal.
Another lively blog Thankyou .

Sue Roberts

I love that you have ‘local’ shortcut routes into town. We have some here too in this lovely Estuary Village.
I’m hoping to Bob-in later for a coffee at a favourite caravan site cafe and if the rain stops enjoy those Estuary views.
Loving Blogtober. Thanks for sharing.


I do so enjoy your walks through, out, about and around your town. Hoping you’re feeling better and that Little Lady is also - such a tough time for you both. Sending hugs xx


I loved going for a walk with you too and reading your description of your day. I’ve never been to Skipton but have been to the UK quite a few times which makes it easier to imagine the sounds and and surrounds of your lovely village. I also think it’s great how you got to meet your closest friend years ago. It shows that chance encounters and compliments given can be very important.
From Friday in Melbourne (Australia) we can have 10 people to our houses and I’m looking forward to meeting up with my craft group again and catching up whilst crocheting. We’ve known each other since our children were at Primary school and now they’re in their 20s and 30s.


Loving your pictures of Skipton. Cherish your friendships, they are so important.


Wondering…. if I put you on a sponsored no coffee day how many hours would you last?! XX


Cooked the green squash last night. It was delish. Envy your small village and the ability to walk to so many places. I think that we would all be in better health if we could walk instead of drive to do our visiting and shopping. Thanks for sharing.

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy The scarf does look familiar. Also I believe you have a striped neck warmer/cowl thing that I copied. I get comments on it when I'm out and about shopping. I wish things were a bit more 'normal' out there, then I think I would teach basic crochet classes. There are so many young people that ask me about my scarves, hats, fingerless gloves, and me thinks there is a whole generation out there to take up this hooky business. My young niece of 15 has started crocheting but she is 1500 miles away, but we share via the internet. Thank you for a lovely walk...just love the stone houses and walkways, and the oldness of it. Things are too new and modern around me. LOL Take care, Hugs, MO

Charlotte Pountney

Pretty good to be enjoying the seasonal treats of autumn, at the same time as fresh flowers from your garden and temperatures we might have had in summer!


How funny that we have the same shoes! Mine are a different brand and a little pointier but basically the same green in a Chelsea boot style! What a lovely walk, thanks for that! I carved my first pumpkin ever last week, but despite my best efforts, it's now looking quite wrinkly and sunken so Im reluctant to chop into pumpkin number 2 until closer to Halloween. Got any tips for a pumpkin newbie? Xox


I remember that scarf photo from years ago when I first found your blog. Lovely to see it again.

Jean Stein

Laughing, because my cats burn their whiskers looking at my candles, so I'm very careful when they're lit. Good thing the cats have nine lives (or more)!


Hi Lucy, love "walking" with you! Looked at your floral scarf, lovey! Carol

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