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October 18, 2021


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Dear Lucy, I understand how difficult it must be posting something on your blog every day, but realise that whatever you write you always inspire me with your warm words and kindness. I love 💕 your photos very much, it feels like a vacation seeing the outdoors and your daily yipeee coffee moments! Loved your Yuletide blanket and Mandela’s to!!! Have a good day and keep positive for Little Lady, she will be alright within time. Thank you for searing your daily life. Love, Sylvia from the Netherlands

Maria Brühlmann

Dear Lucy, where can I find the tutorial for the little pumpkins which you crocheted in one of the last years? You wrote about and showed pictures of them in one of your first posts in Blogtober 2021 - but these posts have disappeared! The posts start only with day 9. Can you help me?

Nancy Swank

Dearest Lucy, thank you for your lovely, honest words. They are such a comfort to me as I muddle through some of my own low times.

Gillian Greenshields

Please keep your cat away from the lilies they are poisonous to cats


Gray days are not all that bad. I like them. You can pull into yourself and do all kinds of restorative things -- like reorganize your computer, or outline your gardening "book," or just dream a little, or maybe do a little puttering. When all else fails, there are always delicious books to be read! Why not kill to birds with one stone? Take Little Lady with you to Dorset to visit your dad. You and she will have quality time together on the way; she will be ever so good for your father -- young people are a tonic for old people; and being able to be of comfort to her grandfather will take her out of herself for a bit so that her subconscious can chip away at her problems for awile. You'll all come out of it better and, hopefully, more at peace. Just a thought.


Take little lady with you a change of scenery might help her clear her head too!
Hope you feel btr soon, well done with all your sorting out , you really are amazing! I have no children at home anymore and I cant keep up with you.
I am a bit older than you and have learnt to chill perhaps a little too much ha ha ha. Maybe I will wash up in a mo maybe not! Maybe 5 mins before he gets home i will wash up and spray some air fresh around.
Now wheres that programme,my cupoa and that crochet ummmmmmmm wet dull here tooo


Hang in there Lucy! Sounds like you are being pulled in many directions. I love the suggestion of taking your daughter with you, if schedules permit.


I would prioritise your daughter and perhaps asked what she would like you to do. x


Sending hugs and prayers Lucy! I'm working on the Yuletide in the Snuggle stitch and I'm loving it! I haven't been able to work on it for a week or so because of "family stuff" and finally got to do a few rows last night and realized how much I missed it! I love it that crochet helps so many of us unwind and relax, and even if we are doing nothing but that, we are still accomplishing something! Thank you for the Yuletide colors.. I LOVE them! :)


Hi Lucy, it's been such a day here in southern Brazil, too... 13°C and this drizzly rain that won't stop, but that's more than welcome after a rather dry autumn and winter.
Anyway, sending you good vibes and hoping it'll be a better day tomorrow!


I can understand why you're feeling a bit low. Isn't it funny and annoying that everything happens at once so we have to make 'choices'. It's so very frustrating and when that happens I want to sit and let someone else deal with it all. Good luck with whatever you decide to do. It will work out in the end. Xox

Debbie Tristram

I was visiting West Bay yesterday and thinking of you.The weather hasn't been good today but its looking brighter by the end of the week. Could little lady come with you too? Look after yourself x

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy Hubby and I stayed in a cabin by the sea for 3 nites last week. It was so nice to wake up somewhere else...very restful. Took my crochet with me of course, would never leave home without it. LOL Working on a couple of Christmas projects and it feels good to be ahead of the season, not last minute crochet. Take Care, Hugs, MO


Always good to have a clear out and sort on the computer and I know what you mean about eating up time. Hope you find a good compromise for next week that works out ok for you all. A break away sounds like just what you need. B x

Charlotte Pountney

Oh, it's horrible to have to choose between family members...a trip to Dorset with LL, maybe? (I see others have suggested that too). Certainly good to have lovely flowers and wooly things to comfort you and take your mind off things. You can't sort everything for everyone, and I guess it's especially hard when one of the 'someones' is your child, and you have always sorted things for them up 'til now...Sending love and good vibes. Cx

Penny Watters

I live in Dorset and the weather here is the same as yours I am afraid to say


Take Little Lady with you, bonding time <3


Sorry for the worries that you have, I can sympathise, and I hope they all pass quickly for you. Dorset sounds like a lovely idea. Looking at the sea horizon is a very calming thing, I'm sure there's some science behind it. Rain and soaking wet errands here as well today. It's that season now I fear. CJ xx


Enjoy your crochet - hope it helps with the brain fog. Just know too, how much you have helped so many of us with your inspiration and patterns. I’ve enjoyed Yuletide blanket time the last few days whilst chilling. I’ve even had a slight diversion and used the first 29 rounds for a Yuletide cushion cover - just used Claret for round 29, then made a Claret back in granny treble groups. Thank you for the inspiration.
Have a good time at the coast.

Linda from Boston

Hope you feel better soon. Keep positive thoughts and just press on. Crocheting and knitting socks keeps me sane in this tumultuous time as well. I finished the last of the border today on the Yuletide Blanket. Yay!! Just a couple of loose ends to tend to. I think I’ll make a couple of smaller mandelas to pass out at Christmas with a mug with the leftover yarn. Be well.


I feel so bad mentioning this because you're clearly really feeling cheered by your lovely flowers, but please put them out of reach of your cat! Lily pollen is really toxic to cats, and if she gets any on her fur and licks it off it will cause her massive internal damage.
Thank you so much for doing blogtober, I've been so enjoying your posts x x x

Ayesha Swift

I recognised that low mood in your writing before you said it, some days are just like that, especially drizzly grey ones.
Some time by the sea might be just the ticket, for little lady also. We are on half term this week and with hubby in training in one bedroom and me in bed rest in another the kids have absolutely relished being on their own downstairs with only each other for company, school can be such a frazzler
I hope the crochet helps you feel calmer this evening, I have been working on your festive blanket all day, only 26 rounds to go and then the border, it’s been a great companion in these days of rest, so thank you for creating it


Would little lady consider going to Dorset with you? I agree, crochet is helpful to counteract the anxiety. Sometimes worries just freeze me up and I end up doing nothing.....but sit and crochet. Hope you feel better soon. X

Sue Woodhouse

Some days are like that 😞 you’re so positive you’ll soon come round. Maybe little lady needs some sea air too. Enjoy whatever you decide 😊

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