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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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October 17, 2021


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It is indeed a lot of sharing! I think I started reading your blog about a year after you started, but I have read the older ones as well. The first one I read, you were having breakfast in West Bay ( I think), which piqued my interest as I live in Dorset ( though the eastern part, which was Hampshire when I was born in it!) I loved your trip down memory Lane.




Wonderful to see what things have changed (cameras, for instance) and what things haven't (your love of color, that blanket on the yellow chair). Thanks for this recap!


Thank you Lucy, for going down memory lane. I joined you before Little B was even a thought, so a long time. I fell in love with your little houses at the top of your blog, and vowed to make them myself. Huh, such empty promises - I still haven't ! Like everyone else, I have crocheted blankets all over the house, and daughter's house too. I don't think you can have too many. Thank you Lucy for sharing your life with us - I only wish I had your energy to go with it!


I’m trying really hard to work out when I first started reading. Little B was definitely born, definitely little but not a tiny baby I think. I wish there was some way to find your first ever blog comment on someone else’s blog… But then I hadn’t started blogging back then quite, so I’m not even sure which email address or name I would’ve signed off with. So tricky to Google it. I know it sounds a bit bizarre, but it’s kind of like your own personal history as well through comments on others’ posts. I’ll have to have a think about what you might have been making. A baby cashmerino yarn blanket I think. I bought that yarn too, and nearly bankrupted myself!
I definitely made one of your birds, because I recently came across a picture of my craft room noticeboard which had one hanging on it at the time. I might pop that up on IG I think. It’s a nice photo.

Lots of waffle waffle today! xx

charlotte m.

I went back and read all of your beautiful post of the French Bower bird project. How cute. Have you ever taught that class again? Or made a pattern available? That's definitely a good one.


That's a LOT of blogging! Some lovely memories to look back on too.
My own kid was quite low before he went off to uni. It suddenly hits - the huge change it will be for them. That and the pressurepressurepressure of the exams. I don't think he slept properly for those few months.


I have exactly the same obsession, looking at converted vans. I had a campervan I took my kids on holiday with all over the world. Happy memories. And perhaps indeed a new idea for later on, if my kitty cats would love it. Isn't it marvelous to see the number of years and work visible in your posts? It is really scary for some kids, going from home, into the wide world, and venture out. Kids don't have that many years behind them to know they will make it as we do. We know we will manage, as we did that so many times. It is Little Ladies' first big adventure alone. Tell her you trust her, that she can do it, and you will be there. She can always choose better if it is not what she meant. I do remember those days, on the opposite of the world between kazillion students not knowing anyone. Home was thousands of kilometers away. It made me into who I am now, but goodness, it was so scary.


A lot of sharing from you and lots of joys, memories and projects to dream of for me. Thank you.


Wow, that is a lot of posts, well done you. We love camper vans here as well. The middle boy likes ones that are done out by mountain bikers with lots of handy tools and space for the equipment. I saw one a while back that was just a feat of engineering, literally everything you could ever need fitted into a Ford Transit, it was gobsmacking. I also have plans for a place by the sea. In fact, have picked out the exact street... Lovely to see your memories. I might pinch that idea if I can work out how to extract the photos from old blog posts. CJ xx


Thank you Lucy for sharing your October 17th ish blog years with us. It was lovely to see again all your creativity and read all about your comings and goings :)
Have a wonderful new week x


I really enjoyed your trip down memory lane & the sweet photos. I think I joined you around 2010, so it was nice to see your early photos.
You are very brave sharing your life with us & I thank you for that. Take care of yourself & your precious family x


I am so glad you decided to blog, and that you are still blogging, Lucy. I remember those stripy wrist warmers so well. Weren’t they inspired by a Toast catalogue, or something equally as expensive? I made some out of purple sock yarn. Which reminds me , I need to dig them out as it’s going to cool down a bit this week. I hope your daughter has a good week. This part of parenting is so difficult, because you can’t kiss, cuddle, tickle them better. But you’re evidently doing all you can, and have a close relationship where she knows that you are there for her.
Thank you for doing blogtober, it must be such an effort, but I’m really enjoying all your posts! At some point I’m going to click the links on this post and reminisce, but I’d better get on with the washing up first😊xx

Gaye Brodie

I really loved this blog with all the memories. I have been following you for a few years now. As I taught myself to crochet I find your tutorials very very helpful and easy to follow. Your sense of colour is wonderful. And you have just so many beautiful blankets and other goodies to crochet. Thank you

Lynn Dee Butler

I really enjoyed this post! How fun to go down memory lane with you. Your posts are never boring or filled with too much sameness. I love your joy, positivity and gratitude. Your beautiful colorful crochet certainly changed how I viewed crochet objects. My grandma taught me to crochet in the 70s. ( I was young! Ha!). But everything she made was in burnt orange, avocado green, rust brown and cream or ecru lace. I treasure all her makes but they are Not modern colors for today’s decor. I came across your blog (little B was a baby) and was literally blown away with your colors. I’ve been hooked ever since. Keep being you and doing what makes you happy. I’m happy to be a visitor! One day I’ll visit England and your beautiful town and I’ll definitely have a coffee at Coopers!


Your hill view looks very familiar indeed, but I started reading you only in 2009. ;) The big blanket is sooo beautiful and fills me with memories of trying to crochet with your tutrorials.


One of the reasons for my blog is that it is a record.....
So lovely to look back, gives a nice warm fuzzy feeling. Thank you


A lovely post Lucy thank you. I had forgotten all about your bower bird...I made it in a pretty green and my then tiny grandson who was obsessed with pirates, claimed it as his parrot and spent months going around with it fastened to his shoulder. I hope your daughter feels better soon, teenage years can be so difficult. 😃

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy Loved your trip into the past. I think I joined you in 2010...my o' my, how time passes! I did the Bower Bird again just a while back and put him center stage in a crochet wreath I made. He's such a comical character and makes me laugh. He sits over my craft table and keeps an eye on all the things I do. I so luv relaxing each evening and reading your blog. Blessings to you and yours, MO

hayley taylor

Hi Lucy, I hope your daughter feels better soon. I have an 18year old so I understand what you are going through as a mum. I hope she has some goals and things to keep her mind busy. Hayley.


What a lovely trip down memory lane. I still remember when Little Boy was such a surprise. Seems like yesterday.


I have been reading your blog for years and I cannot believe how quickly those years have gone. Seems you just had Little B and now he's almost a teen-ager! Love reading all your blogs this month. I know how much time it takes to write one and get the photos up so thank you for writing every day this month.

Katherine Brow n

I like looking back at your blog pictures as I've only found your blog within the last two years. One constant though are the lovely colors both in your work, yarn choices and the nature you share.


What a lovely trip down memory lane, Lucy. I remember all of these photos - can't believe I've been peaking over your shoulder into your life for all these years. Thanks for everything!


Oh how lovely to look back the same day over the years. Perfect. Love the idea of making the family connection by the fact they looked like other relatives. Sounds like you had a great Sunday. B x

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