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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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October 15, 2021


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Hi Lucy i love following your blog adore your way with colour. Your advice to your young lady is so right, and although she won't recognise it now eventually she will come to realise that lifes journey is made up of dead ends, detours, stop and go, A and B roads but eventually she will get to wear she wants to be. I work with young people who have left care and need advice on education employment and training, we always say to our uni applicants visit as many open days, speak to student ambassadors, compare additional extras the universities offer, apply to a good variety, nothing is written in stone and changes can always be made even after you have started. If you don't get the A levels its not the end look for courses with a foundation year. With your support she will get xx


Hi Lucy, I’m a big fan and love my crochet too. I walk with friends and their dogs most days after the morning school drop off. We walk beside a shady creek that runs through the middle of our town and sometimes, if we’re lucky, we see a platypus swimming along, in and out of the overhanging roots in the creek bank. It’s the most magical thing. (Queensland, Australia)


I live in a relatively new area here in Australia to where you live.
Living now in an older unit complex that is slightly over 20 years old. Before that in a house that would be 50 years old if it hadn't been knocked down and replaced by a two story duplex.
I actually know the man who was in charge of the people putting the electric lights in this city. He is in his late 80s now. I was talking about my area and mentioned the Catholic school. He said they were talking about building one there next to the church. Hmm, the church is dwarfed by the school so I hadn't really noticed it until he mentioned a church. Had to look really hard the next time that I drove past.
I grew up in another state in a part of Brisbane that was developed into housing over many years with my street built up 60 years ago. Before that it was farming land and I grew up in one of the original farm houses.
Told a person who was new to the area in the early 2000s that I used to watch cattle being driven down my street to a slaughter house on the hill near where we were standing by a drover riding his horse in the mid 1950s. Was promptly told by that person that there had never been a slaughterhouse in her posh suburb. :-)
That's funny, because I could see it from my parent's house for the nineteen years that I lived there.
I let it go as she obviously had no love of history.

Tammy Marquardt

I've been loving your daily posts and such lovely pictures. It's a lovely fall here in Wisconsin with unusually warm weather so I've been taking it all in and enjoying every minute.


Your words to your daughter are wonderful! And yes, I sooo know what you mean about this week having felt like such a very long one: it has here, too. Thank you so much for taking the time to write your blog - I'm really enjoying it and look forward to reading it each day xx

charlotte m.

I have a crochet question...what is the best way to join granny squares together? I am making my Flora squares and I am thinking about how to join them. I would love your thoughts.
And I love all your posts. Your life my seem very boring or same ol' to you, but to me, here in the US, it sounds wonderful, and slower and just dreamy.


Oh Lucy. Your daughter is so lucky to have you as her mom.

Nadine G

Ma chère Lucy, chaque année j'ai hâte d'être en Octobre pour vous retrouver tous les jours, j'aime tellement partager vos journées. Bon weekend.

Charlotte Pountney

I know just what you mean about some weeks, or even some days. Yesterday was my friend Cynth's birthday, we went for a lovely drive, a beautiful walk, high along Offa's Dyke, and had a reviving stop for tea and cake in Clun on the way home. Then I decided to put the last coat of paint on the hall ceiling. Yes, it was a great day, but like you, I was done in!
You really do live in the most gorgeous little town (!), and I'm pleased you found it was worth the effort to prise yourself out of bed, and share it with us.
Your Blogtober posts are really enjoyable (I don't follow any others), and will miss you when things are back to normal ;(


Yes, the fresh, cool air in the early morning, the nature without people, streets with noises from inside the houses... a wonderful time and worth getting up early.



Such loving and perfect advice and support for your little lady.
This has been a hideously hot week where I live - 38-42C since Wednesday - and many long end of year school speech days and assemblies to sit through! Was finished by last evening. Thankfully cool this morning.


Good advice to your girl Mama. If my mother had said the things you said about unconditional love and support I think my life would have been very different. You're doing great!


Hi Lucy, I am enjoying your sameness. Sail on! And I do have a question. You put so much time, love, and effort into the making of your blankets... I wonder how you deal with the accidental yarn picks and pulls from your kitty and/or your peeps. Does it freak you out to see your blankets, uh, injured in this way? xxoo, Maureen

Ann Marie

I don't crochet...but I love watching you come up with such lovely designs....and I enjoy seeing your town. my husband will look over my shoulder and ask when we are going to visit.


Are the mill buildings still in use? Looks like unbroken glass in all the windows.

Margaret Longden

You have such an enjoyable and easy writing style, a lovely natural voice and the ability to make everyday life endlessly interesting (which of course it is, with the right approach!).


I love old towns. I'm stuck in the boring newer burbs of a big city so I love seeing all the photos you post of your town. I look at the 3 and 4 story buildings in your photos and wonder if people live there, are they businesses, & I imagine what the town looked like hundreds of years ago.
I remember when I was the Little Lady's age. I felt it wasn't fair to strive for and then have to make a choice about career and uni. I wasn't ready! I wasn't sure! So I used that experience with my older son a few years ago. I told him that whatever he chose now didnt lock him in for life. Uni isn't about getting THE qualifications for THE career you have to do forever. Uni is about acquiring life experiences. And you can change your mind. Or take a gap year or two until theyre ready to get started. I hope she feels a little less stressed soon. I didnt go to uni until my mid 20s. And I was old enough to really have the mindset that I knew what I wanted to do and to enjoy the whole uni experience!


There's something very comforting about "sameyness," definitely not a bad thing. We all appreciate the sameyness of Attic24. A creative sisterhood, a respite from our own lives. I think we all unpack our sighs and smiles as we drink in your countryside, your projects, your heart. Thank you for sharing yourself.

Linda from Boston

It’s been so mild here in the Boston area this October it’s hard to believe the end of the year is coming. Say it ain’t so!! I’m on the border of the Yuletide blanket and can only seem to manage one row a day!!! So long!! What is that wave blanket in the picture?? A sneak peek of the CAL?? Can’t wait. Have a good night.


Glued together eyes here this morning too. Something about the change of seasons makes me extra sleepy. Loved seeing your old lanes. Such a beautiful town with so much character. Always love reading your posts and empathise with your daughter at the moment. Teenagers are expected to make too many decisions at the most difficult stage of their lives. It’s good that she has so much support. Thank you for giving me a mention. I’m loving blogtober too. B x


Dear Lucy, sending you love from Australia. I adore your blog. You have inspired me to crochet again after my children have left home and I was feeling a bit lost. Hope Little Lady is ok with all her decisions, always a bit stressful.

Ann Lawrence

Dear Lucy, I am fairly new to your blogs and your lovely Attic 24 site. I would really like to know how you started your 'crochet career'. How did you start your shop within Wool Warehouse? When did you start crocheting and designing? Where did the name Attic 24 come from? Just interested to know how it all started for you. All the best xx

Fiona Tims

Urgh the dreaded msg thirst. You will be peeing all night now ;p

Roz Peel

Hi Lucy, it’s so good to read your blog. Lots of love and hugs to you and Little Lady. It really brings back memories and my little lady has turned out to be a wonderful grown up lady. Thank you for your wonderful blankets. Yuletide is keeping me sane while we go through the stress of moving house! Take care ……


I couldn't wake up this morning either and it's been a bit dark all day after all the sunshine we've had lately. Can't believe there are only eleven weeks left of the year, yikes. It does fly by. Thanks for the mention, and I love the idea of an ask me anything, I shall look forward to seeing if you do it. Hope you have a good and restful weekend. CJ xx

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