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October 10, 2021


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Slowly catching up. Need to get up and do lunch, but there is a kitty asleep against my leg. She is a howler so best not to disturb her. :-)
She makes a terrible ruckus when she is unsure what to do. ie when tired, needs a drink, etc Just like a small child.
My chemist told me off for not taking vitamins while I was on chemo.
Read my chemo notes. Oops! was supposed to be on a multi supplement.
Was on second bottle at the time of reading, so grabbed both bottles (different brands)and compared the content to what was in the chemo notes.
Hmm, need to take the ones that explode if humidity touches them. {I had loaded the first lot into my weekly dispenser, ended up with some funny looking capsules as a result of them expanding when affected by humidity}. :-)
Speaking of which time to take them & kitty is awake.

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy I take Vita C, D, B12, & a Calcium Magnesium blend. I eat all the food groups, tending to stay low carb where sugars and breads are concerned. Seems to keep me healthy enough. I like you, luv my coffee, strong roast with cream...oh yum! And if it comes all frothy...delish! Luv the fireside photo and comfy socks...and with something hookiness in hand...that's the life, eh? Hugs, MO


I take vitamin D all year round too, after daughter's MS nurse said there's a connection with low vit D in women. In the Northern latitudes we don't get enough sunshine at any time of year to make enough ourselves apparently. I also take a multivitamin with probiotics; after years of cystitis it was recommended by a consultant, and cod liver oil with glucosamine for my joints.
I'm pleased you enjoyed Newcastle. The toon is lovely any time of year!
I'm almost finished another sock but not wearing them just yet. Trying to hold out for a few more weeks.

Astrid Jansen van Beek

Yes I use vit when R is in the month. My start in the morning: Hot water or tea ,some lemon (fresh) juice, a small spoon of honey,inluded a spoon of vit.C powder.
It was an advice after influenza it gives me back my energy.My partner and I enjoyed the sunny yesterday. with beautiful autumn surroundings.


I really must encourage mine in the kitchen more. The youngest loves making those little oat pancakes (we got the recipe from you) and he also often does eggs or fish on toast for breakfast, but we could do with expanding the repertoire a bit. He's doing school cookery at the moment which is good. I take Vitamin B12, which someone told me is called the sunshine vitamin (not unlike Vitamin D). Also a multivitamin, iron, because I was found to be low in iron a little while ago and Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc (a combination tablet) and Starflower oil and Flaxseed oil. It sounds a lot now I've written it out :) I believe there is a relationship between Vit D, B12 and iron - I think low Vit D can affect B12 uptake and if iron is low as well it can mean poor sleep - but don't quote me on that. CJ xx


Sounds like a perfect Sunday Lucy and it does look very cosy indeed in front of that fire. I haven't even dug my handmade socks out yet I'm trying to kid myself that's it's still summer haha. I take cod liver oil caps, magnesium because of my insomnia, garlic which I really do think help with immunity and vitamin D have a lovely day. 😊 Xx

fiona waldron

forgot to say-Withnail and I is our xmas tradition-we watch it annually-love it

fiona waldron

love your blog-I grew up in Saltaire and Bingley so I really enjoy your pics of the canal when you post them.I was severely deficient in vitamin D when tested a year ago, O.T.C doseage didn't help and eventually my GP prescribed some 20X stronger than available to buy-this improved my mood and fatigue and I feel much better-I would definitely recommend you continue taking the vit D all year round as well, as per the previous comment.


Oooh toasty socks !!!
Dont think I have ever watched withnail and I?
I take oil of evening primrose def helps my mood,turmeric to help arthritus not sure as a new one and selenium ace which i thinks for immune system? But I want to add vitamin D as I hear is good.
Its lovely now we feel safe enough to meet up again!I
I also suffer and get tired this time of year but live to settle down with candles and fire also wooly endeavours.
Thankyou for lovely blog

Julie Round

Love your blogs. Thank you. Having broken my leg in 'not a million pieces' i discovered that my vit d was very low. That, post menopause and poor diet in the past means i have severe osteoporosis. We need vit d and k2 to absorb calcium. Please take this very seriously. Thanks again you number one inspirational person xxxxxxx


Looks like you had a great weekend. I have always wanted to go to Yorkshire, but don't know if this will ever happen ... but you have to dream :)
Here in southern Sweden, we have had a wonderful autumn weekend with lots of sun. You get so much energy from such days :)
I have started with a Yuletide Blanket, but with the colors of the Hydrangea Stripe Blanket that I absolutely love. It looks already fantastic after 21 rounds :) Thank you for another wonderful pattern! Hugs from Anna-Karin in Sweden


I take vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium and Ashwaganda.



It's so lovely to read your blog Lucy, I to have begun to wear my knitted socks as its a bit cooler. We to take vitamin D from October until April. Thank you for all your lovely pictures too.


Love that you are wearing handmade socks. I've just knitted my first ever pair and I'm so pleased with them.


Feeling decidingly chilly tonight so seeing your socks and warm fire has made me feel much better. Thank you Lucy.
Always a good thing for young people to learn some independent cooking skills. Hope Little B enjoyed his pasta.

Corinna Mazzotta

I take a lovely peppermint flavoured vitamin D spray - much easier (& nicer than tablets or capsules). I've been taking it throughout Covid as it helps with immune system as well as seasonal blues. Now we're into cold season I also take slow release Vitamin C with added zinc. Currently also on folic acid & B12 supplement but those are at request of doctor after them being low in recent blood tests. I struggle with low iron levels so am regularly checked for various levels & especially now menopause is looming large!
I think I might be making myself porridge for breakfast tomorrow having read this. Hubby has taken the day off (it's my birthday) so no early alarm and that means a more relaxed start to the day! Have a great week.


Sounds like a perfect day.
I take Vit D all the year round plus cod liver oil and turmeric for my ageing joints. Also magnesium to help me sleep. We've had a beautiful day here in Harrogate.


I've heard Vitamin D possibly helps to stave off covid along with Zinc, Vitamin C and elderberry. I've taken those every day for a year and a half now and so far so good!
Deb, Wisconsin, USA

Sue Hockley

I take Glucosamine every day for arthritis, as recommended by the hand specialist, plus omega 3,6,9, Evening Primrose Oil and a multivitamin. I notice the difference when I take a break from them!


That film is one of my favourite ever films. So funny. What a lovely weekend you've had Lucy. Mine has been pretty dull in comparison but I've got a busy week next week so I've just pottered. I'm enjoying your blogtober posts and they will keep me company next week. Xx


I second Pixiemum, go to the doctor, and ask him a once-a-week dose of vitamin D, for year-round. I have gluten intolerance and Hashimoto autoimmune disease (and some more nice ones) and take them all in high doses. Keeps me going. Love to hear J has a lovely and close family. Very unique these days. It is THE time to teach little B to cook, I learned my kids to cook from 11 years on and all are great cooks. So important. Those socks and warm fire <3


I take vitamin D, magnesium for muscle relaxation, and 10mg of melatonin for sleep. I think that's it. I am enjoying your Blogtobering!


Ah the vitamins. A couple of years ago when my body decided to start playing tricks on me (apparently it was the beginning of perimenopause), after a chat with my GP and some tests I started vitamin D, vitamin B, and a probiotic containing Lactilus ramnosus (which is a little gut bacteria linked to anxiety). And gradually I started to feel more myself again. Recently I've also started a collagen supplement drink and vitamin C as I've noticed my skin aging quicker than normal. Will it work? Not sure yet!


I have started taking well woman multivitamins to help with tiredness and hormones in a mess. Scenery is gorgeous in the autumn sunshine


May I suggest that you don’t stop taking vitamin D in April but continue all the year round? Given the lack of sunshine in the Summer some years, sometimes lack of time to be outside or like red headed DH not liking to be outside, it is a form of health insurance. Every time I am checked up by a health professional I am asked not only about Covid and flu vaccinations but also whether DH and I are taking Vitamin D, which we are, I take antihistamines all year round too.

Hope this is of help for you.

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