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September 14, 2021


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I ordered 2 kits at 8 am this morning, 3am US time . Can’t wait to get started Should be delivered before the weekend Another great pattern Lucy

Thank you


I am of the school of thought voiced by Arne and Carlos, that any colours can look good together when there are a lot of them and that people should go ahead and freely pick those they like. After all that is the person you need to please isn't it. Our souls all get drawn to different things, there is no aesthetic that is best.

I think it is nice to have a learning curve too, so appreciate a little stitch challenge thrown in. Easy is excellent to begin with but to grow in a craft you need to stretch yourself just a little sometimes. You will always be a beginner if you don't give yourself things to think about. I do think people might at least try to find their own 'random' colours out of a chosen set. I find it interesting to see different ways of how colours interact than all exact replicas. I hope people enjoy using their packs and have fun with their imaginations.


What a fantastic blanket! Absolutely love it! No need to say that I had to purchase the yarn pack at Wool Warehouse. Can‘t wait to get started. You are such a talented crocheter and reading your posts is pure pleasure.

Winwick Mum

I love this blanket, and the colours are just right for those dark days of the year when the nights are long and in front of the fire is the best place to be! xx


The colors and pattern are beautiful.

Ann B

I'm a quilter...but this almost makes me what to crochet!


Thank you for this. It is so clever to create spikes and hearts from simple UK trebles and your colour combinations and there interweaving is inspired. I prefer this to the traditional red, white and green as I think these are colours that could be loved and used all the year round.


Ordered my kit from Wool Warehouse this morning, I felt like one of those people that queue up outside a shop for the latest computer game release 😆. Had an email to say it has been dispatched so hurry up Royal Mail show us what your made off📮, customer waiting in anticipation. Hope you are feeling better now and the success of your gorgeous yuletide blanket gives you lots of positive vibes.


Kit ordered - can't wait to get started 😊😊😊😊


It looks awesome ! To be frank, I am not the christmas type either, but I can't wait to try this pattern with different colours.. It is lovely, thank you !

Sarah Matthew

Another lovely blanket; the richness of the colours conveys the seasons so beautifully. My order is in :) (ofcourse!)


It's lovely as always Lucy, so festive, you've made a beautiful job of it. CJ xx


It's sooo lovely! Cannot wait to get started.
Thank you so much for all the work you put in to bring us such beautiful things, not forgetting J and Little Lady too! x


So excited to see all the support for another great Attic 24 project. I am so lucky to secure this as an early Christmas gift to myself as they were selling like hot cakes - I calculated they were selling one every 3 seconds - incredible! Well done Lucy. Keep up the good work.

Lucy J

I have just ordered Yuletide yippee!
I am going to my local crochet group tomorrow where I'm pretty sure yours will be a hot topic.
Thank you so much for all your hard work and beautiful blankets and blogs.

Janet Redfern

Bought your pack from wool warehouse at exactly 8am.Thankyou it is beautiful I can’t wait for it to be delivered and get started.I have made a few of your blankets now and find the patterns very easy to follow .It is because of you that I find crocheting so enjoyable.I’m sorry you will not be at yarndale your stall was always inspiring.And such beautiful colours.Your online tutorials are amazing and they must take hours of work.Your posta about making the blankets are so enjoyable to read.Thank you very much once again.x

Margaret S

Thank you for this gorgeous pattern. My order is in and I’m looking forward to the box arriving….

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