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September 14, 2021


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Vicky Crosby

Hi Lucy
is there a way of doing the Yuletide blanket in the same pattern of the stripes.but not making it a giant square? Thanks Vicky Crosby


Hi. I began the Yuletide blanket but think I may switch to a striped version instead. Where may I find the random stripe sequence you mentioned? I did purchase the Yuletide pack. Does anyone have a recommendation for the best striped pattern to try? Thank you.


I am nearly finished the Yuletide blanket. I just have the border left to do. I reversed the blanket after every row (which I always do on granny squares) and this helped keep the blanket straight and gave it a nice texture. The three pattern rows worked out fine reversing every row. I was also able to add 15 extra rows from the yarn I had (excluding the extra balls for the border) and I still have yarn left. The colours have been much admired even by friends who are not into crochet.


I’ve just finished my blanket, it’s been a dream ❤️ Thank you for such a gorgeous pattern xx


I started the Yuletide blanket but would like to make a pillow. It seems to me that for a cushion, it would be necessary to take a smaller hook. What do you think?


I am enjoying working on this blanket. Like some others have mentioned here, I am finding a bit of twist. Im wondering, do you think starting the next row from a different corner starting point would help this? Does having the start of a round always from the corner maybe cause the twist?

Joan P Johnson

I’m wanting that eucalyptus tree in my backyard!

Beautiful blanket
It’s on my list of to do’s. Probably start next year so I’ll have time to get it done.


Thank you for your good website


Ordered my kit this morning. I can’t wait to start! Wool Warehouse is the best. I’m hoping that the next pattern is a Yuletide bunting or wreath. Thanks for another wonderful color way & pattern.

louise Porter

I'm so pleased with the ease of the pattern, I like the large photographs as I find pictoral patterns easier than worded. It grows so quickly and the wool is so soft, I'm looking forward to seeing what you are making with the leftovers


It looks beautiful Lucy, I love how different your blanket colours are from each other! X

Rusty Reynolds

You’ve outdone yourself with this one, Lucy!

Sarah M.

This whole pattern and blanket are completely smashing. LOVE! Thank you again for making these projects available to us and so kindly sharing your knowledge with the rest of us! I once was a newbie crocheter and your blog and tutorials were (and still are) a haven. xx

Corinne Schillinger

Dear Lucy...thank you for your wonderful Yuletide Blanket pattern...I LOVE IT, and the colors are truly "delicious"....!! I remain concerned that perhaps NOT TURNING the square at the end of each round may make the center, especially, look a bit "wonky"....My questions to you then are these:
1. If I choose not to turn the blanket at the end of each round, how do I keep the center looking even and not veering off at an angle?
2. If I DO turn the blanket at the end of each round, will that spoil the look of the pattern in any way?
3. If I block the blanket when it is completed to correct any "wonkiness", will that blocking last indefinitely, or will I have to repeat that each time the blanket is gently laundered? Thank you so much, Lucy for your time and willingness to answer my questions...I appreciate it very much!!

Erika in Florida

My yarn arrived today, all the way to Florida in two days! The colors are beautiful and the pattern is easy to understand. It looks so intricate I expected the pattern to be more fiddly! I guess it's all in how the stitches and colors are put together. Thank you for your work on this - it's really going to be lovely and relaxing to work on.


My pack arrived this morning after only been ordered yesterday at 8am, Wool Warehouse are awesome.
I so looking forward to starting this gorgeous Christmassy blanket, I love all the little 💜 ♥️ and I like the fact it’s a square rather than stripes for a change.
Thank you for all the hard work you put into your blankets Lucy.
You have made my life so colourful, thank you so much.

Charlotte Pountney

Lovely blanket and convincingly Christmassy photographs!

Nadine G

Bravo à vous, Lucy ! Oui des petits cœurs sur cette nouvelle couverture, comment ne pas aimer ? 🎨😘


My Yuletide parcel has just arrived, well done Wool Warehouse and Royal Mail for the speed of delivery. Just sitting down with a cup of tea and looking through the instructions, Lucy it is presented wonderfully and the picture on the front is fantastic, it says everything about the feeling the blanket will give you, warm, cosy and such rich colours when put together. My fingers are itching to start.

Thank you for putting this together, your a star.

Lise Sostack

It's beautiful, Lucy (✷‿✷)


Such a masterpiece Lucy. I just need to finish the cupcake blanket kit which I am working on then this might be after that. Thank you Lucy for all you do. Clair x


Great post, and the Yuletide Blanket looks amazing! I can't wait to download the pattern! It makes such a change to have a Christmassy pattern which isn't red, white and green! And for some reason I can't help thinking of gingerbread when I look at it? I haven't done much in the way of spike stitches before so I'll definitely have to practise that part of it. I just hope I have enough colours knocking around to make it up!
Thanks for sharing this with us all. Take care!


Think I'll order this pack as I really need a crochet "pick-me-up" at the moment with all these ongoing restrictions here in Oz. Feeling low, so this will give me a much needed boost heading towards a possible lonely Xmas again without family. Thanks so much for all your work & effort to bring this to fruition for us. I've some catching up to do too with blog reading. Take care, stay safe & hugs.

Linda from Boston

Kit is ordered and will be here Friday. Love Wool Warehouse. Got a color card set up and did a tension sample to get familiar with the pattern. So I’m all set!!!! Thanks for all your hard work. I love being part of this global crochet community. 🧶


I ordered early this morning and received a notice that it is on it's way! Looking forward to this pattern and using some colors I haven't tried before.

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