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September 12, 2021


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I love the blanket design and the beginnings of the garland. Looking forward to seeing that finished too as Ive just moved house and all is very freshly painted white (cant stand magnolia anymore after years of renting places with that default colour). The blanket looks so cosy and the garland would cheer my place up now end. Keep up the good work as its much appreciated xx


This is where my family knows I go for a relaxing visit. When you take a break, I just read previous posts for that same “just for me” getaway. Coffee or tea in hand. Your patterns are always wonderful. Thanks for all your hard work sharing the best times and the normal times in life!

Charlotte Pountney

Another super post, thank you Lucy. It really cheers me up to see your fabulous photos of your lovely little town, and the beautiful surrounding countryside. I haven't been able to get away this year, but when I do, I'll come and buy you a coffee, and we'll walk up 'your' hill together!

julie Lewis

I am so excited for tomorrow, alarm set!!

Kate Buckley

Lucy, I'm so glad you're back and I hope you're feeling better.

Elsie Hughes in the USA

At last, the Yuletide blanket is here. I am setting my clock to get up at 3am so I can order . It looks so lovely Good work!


Lovely to see a post from you, I so enjoy the photos of your walks and the yarny pics of course. I shall try to be patient for tomorrow and the release of the Yuletide pattern and yarn pack. Hugs from Ohio!

Margaret Creek

Really made me happy to hear that Little B enjoyed his first week in secondary school. Long may it continue! Also an important year for Little Lady; I hope she continues to thrive and blossom. You are lucky to have your lovely family. x


Dear Lucy,

just want to say a huge thank you for your blog. You were the one that introduced me into crochet in the first place, your blog was linked in some forum about 8-9 years ago. Over the years it has become such a nice haven in worldwide blogland, and I appreciate the peaks into your colourful world and work so much. And, like I said before, you are a true embassador for England - the photos from your village are just stunning. So pretty.

At the moment I'm working on a Dahlia blanket for my niece and a Coastal blanket for my nephew to give them for christmas - can't wait to see their faces :) They are such a pleasure to make.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank you, tell you how much I appreciate your work and let you know about the impact you have. :) Enjoy these last summer days, I hope you feel well.


I haven't done any crochet for ages and your new blanket is very very tempting even for a relative newby in the craft. I have a few other December projects to work on too so always plenty of things in the creative basket.
We have also been taking advantage of the dry and sunny weather to get out and about and enjoying every minute while we can. This year has made us so much more appreciative of what we have around us I think.
Take care x


Love the sweet peas - they are my favourite flowers. Obviously Little B doesn’t take after you in regard to the seasons. I’m still wearing my flip flops and dread having to wear proper shoes again and I’m hating the darker mornings and evenings. It seems that this year in East Devon we haven’t had much of a summer apart from a couple of glorious weeks in July. A lot of the time it has been overcast and not overly warm. I feel cheated out of summer.


Sweet peas also hanging on here, although they are covered in greenfly, so I'm mostly leaving them on the plants to help out the ladybirds. Also holding on to the last days of summer and hoping it will be warm this week. It really has been glorious hasn't it. A big school year here as well, with one doing A levels and uni applications etc. and one doing GCSEs. I am bracing myself and also panicking rather. It is uncharted territory for me which makes me a bit anxious. CJ xx

Lisa Collins

Love the Yuletide garland makings! Am currently working on your festive garland for this Christmas 🌲🌲


Thank you for this inspiring start to the week. I'm dreading another dark winter like the last one--dark in all ways. May I ask what your morning workout routine is? Maybe I too could manage 7 mins of workout...anything to get me out of bed!

Rebecca Williams


Libby Parker

I so love your descriptions of ramblings in the countryside and the photos that accompany them. You are an artist with the hook and camera. I'm thinking it is time I ordered one of your blanket packs, and the Yuletide Blanket is perfect!

Louise G

I love the new blanket, it's so
Beautiful!! 💕💕


Does this mean over the next few months I should put up lots of Spring and Summer photos on my blog to cheer up everyone in the Northern hemisphere? I'll do my best :D
I must admit when it's winter here I really crave your beautiful flowery/ foresty/ sunny photos. It cheers me up so much!
Good luck with the launch of the Yuletide blanket! It's just scrummy and gorgeous. ! I can't wait to see the pattern :)


Another beautiful blanket, just wondering if I should make one for Christmas in July? We don't have much use for Yuletide blankets here (Melbourne), but I guess we could use it as a picnic rug or send it to my family in Scotland as a Christmas present!
Anyway, I love it 😍

Linda from Boston

I’m jumping for joy!!! Can you see me??! I’ve been waiting patiently for something new to work on. It looks beautiful. Love the colors. I can’t wait.


Life changing experience is always a sign of a new period of life. My kids all have a place of their own since 2 months. Suddenly no noise, no train or traffic. An app all is well. I miss them, but the unexpected peace is lovely. Just me and the animals. You get used to it, Lucy. Love your warm colour palette of the Yule Tide. On to the garland.


Spring and autumn are my favourite seasons, hopefully moderate and kindly to mind, body and soul.Summer has a tendency to be overblown, overcast and humid and/or hot and stuffy. I often find it uncomfortable rather than pretty and sunny and it seems to make people out and about rather hot and bothered, loud and fractious. Conversely it can be a washout.

Winter is fine if you can afford the heating to stay warm and wrap up to keep cosy and then the best thing is the magic of Christmas. So the promise and hope of Spring and the mellowness and sense of fulfilment of autumn and the feeling of bringing in the harvest make them favourites for sure.

Loving the crochet orange slices.


I'm really looking forward to the Yuletide Blanket release! It really does look different to your other blankets. It would be interesting to know which you prefer doing; rounds or stripes? I don't enjoy the heat as much as you do, but nor do I long for winter, I just wish that autumn was a longer season, imagine all those golden colours lasting for months instead of weeks!
Good luck with the launch!

Sally Spragg

Loved this blog.The blanket is beautiful. Also love the beginnings of a garland. Life does change when children go to high school. Changes again when they go to uni! Enjoy the peace in the day as it gets noisy when they return home!


Lovely photos as always! I'm so looking forward to the Yuletide blanket. I made the Meadow blanket during the last crochet along and gifted it to a friend who loves it. She says she uses it most evenings as she really feels the cold but I think I'll be keeping the yuletide one for myself, it's gorgeous!
I have to say Autumn is my favourite time of year, sorry :)
I went for a walk myself today and found some lovely plants and trees I hadn't realised were there, including some eucalyptus, I feel a winter wreath coming on.
Wishing you and yours all the best x

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