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September 05, 2021


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That was a lovely read. You are right, holidays change as your children grow, but you have a lot to look forward to! X


Thank you so much Lucy for sharing your heart. I can feel your heartfelt loves and aches on so many levels as they chime with mine, it brings tears to my eyes (in a good way!). Lots of love Esther.


Love your pictorial photo journey, Lucy❣ I'm going to try to match colours to your first few pebble beach pix, to do a large granny square rug... that is, large SQUARES, not large rug! 😋👍


Your photos looked familiar as I just finished watching Broadchurch on Netflix. Upon googling, the show was filmed in Dorset. If I ever visit UK again, I may need to venture out that way!! How beautiful it is.


Aren't you sad that your big kids didn't want to come to see their grandpa?

Susie smith

Lovely photos - I’ve always said the sea makes my heart happy and I know exactly what you mean. We went camping to Dorset in May half term with our two girls and visited most of the places you mention- a favourite of theirs was looking for the sea glass at Charmouth funnily enough, and we found some red!
We really did have a wonderful time and I can see why you love it so. I hope you get back in Autumn x


Having been a silent reader of your blog for many, many years I remember when you visited one of our local seaside towns, Saltburn. Saltburn promenade now has a row of fantastic brightly coloured beach huts and I can’t help but think that the aesthetic would please you greatly: https://www.picfair.com/pics/09269208-saltburn-beach-huts
Even more pleasing is that each hut has its own name, Mary, Thomas, etc
Hope you enjoy!
Take care and much love


I just saw this & thought of you:
May 2021 x-stitch "Sandy Toes" "Salty Kisses"
Thank you Lucy for everything you share,


I wonder if you'll ever return to live by the sea. I didn't expect to ever come back to Wales but I moved from my Hampshire home earlier this year and now walk my collies on the beach every day. Home is where the heart is! I can't believe I actually live in my childhood home again - such a feeling of peace and belonging. You can see my home (now fully renovated) in a recent blog post...


Thanks so much for the lovely pictures on Dorset. I would love to see it for myself one day. I so enjoy your blog! I’ve made many of your patterns and love your color selections.

Take care,



Thank you so much for all the lovely photos and your thoughts and experiences of Dorset. I was born and bred in Bournemouth but moved away at 23. I have loved taking my girls back for family holidays - I totally understand the emotions you felt going back as I recognise the same in me. I am privileged enough to be taking early retirement at the end of this month after 30 years in the NHS and health services and the plan is to retire back to Dorset hopefully next year. It is so great to know that others feel the same way. Thankyou for sharing


Bournemouth girl, left home for nurse training at 18, and I completely identify with the coming home and grounding with Dorset thing, Dorset is my happy place, where I always felt I belonged, although the death of my mum and the loss of my Bournemouth base has left me feeling orphaned and like an outsider for now!

Mavis Hewitt

Hi Lucy, loved this post, it was like a step back in time to when we lived in Poole, Dorset for 13 years, both our girls were born there. Having moved from Birmingham, but being a Country/seaside girl at heart, this time proved amazing as we explored so many beautiful areas, including West Bay, which was a favourite of ours. I remember being there in April one year and Mom and I were sitting on deck chairs outside a caravan sunbathing one minute and half an hour later, it was snowing. Mr M and my girls were down on the beach and thought it was great. Such wonderful memories. We now live in South Wales, where the stonework and landscape is much darker, which took a long time to adjust to, but fortunately we are only 5 miles from a beach, so I still count my blessings. Thank you for this trip down memory Lane xxx

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy Thank you for taking us with you on your holiday to Dorset. I too, do luv the sea and am so fortunate to live a 5 min drive from many different and varied beaches. There are typical walking on the beach areas, forested trails, and some areas that have both. One beach has, I would say, maybe 100 or more of the rock cairns that people have deposited and added to each year. Most stay if not too close to the wintery thunderous waves. Lil B was maybe a toddler when I first starting visiting your blog...my, how the time goes by. Hugs, MO

Winwick Mum

I loved reading this post! You can feel how much you love this place and I hope that you'll be back there again before too long xx


Hello Lucy

I've been enjoying your work for a while now, but have not commented before. Your lovely photos give me great pleasure - the colours! - and the little glimpses of patterned plates, mugs and other cheerful items in your home. I knit a lot, but am not much of a crocheter. Your blankets are delightful; I particularly enjoy your discussion of how you arrive at the themes.

Covid and other issues have caused us to remain in Greece since March last year. Yes, I know - no great hardship, still...Anyway, I've been collecting sea glass, and would like to send you a photo of what I've done with it, but haven't a clue how to. Computer savvy I am not. If you're interested, perhaps you could tell me how to send
it to you.

Thank you for the pleasure your blog gives.

With very best wishes.



I, too, grew up by the sea; and, I too now live inland. At times, my soul fairly aches for the beach -- for the smell of the ocean, for the sound of the waves and the gulls and the foghorn, for the early-morning fog that envelopes everything in a hazy mist, for the tidepools and the cliffs, for the sand between my toes. I do not visit often. It is not the same, carpeted with wall-to-wall people and bumper-to-bumper cars. They truly did "pave paradise and put up a parking lot." I content myself with memories of my idyllic childhood and in creating my garden. You are lucky to live where rampant over-development is not allowed and open space is cherished. Thank you for sharing your peace.


Lovely blog post as usual. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Greetings from Australia.

Nora McGrann

Truly enjoyed your
blog Lucy..you have a great way with words..could just picture it all in mind's eye..
Terrific photos as ever..great you had such a wonderful time and a heap of new memories
Thanks for sharing..x


I got carried away this morning and ended up going and lookingvat the balancing stones and there i went down the wormhole.
Just remembered I hadnt finished your beautiful blog, so lovely Thank You x


I really enjoy your Dorset posts. Your photos have me hoping to visit the area sometime in the future.

As for the challenges of navigating family holidays (as our children age), I think you'll find that everything settles down somewhat as they becomes adults themselves. When my children were small, they were definitely easier to amuse during vacations. Now, they have strong opinions about how to spend vacation time, lol! I've had to compromise more than I liked on a few occasions but it's all worked out in the end. It's also helped that my husband and I occasionally take trips without our children where we have focused more on the things that interest us.


Home for me is where the people I love are, so although I miss where I was born and lived for many years, I am happiest by far where my small family are.

My preferred environment is more urban and park led and beautiful woodlands rather than the sea (not actually that keen). I am currently very rural, and strangely miss the nature (urban foxes, squirrels, lovely gardens in full bloom). The country landscape seems very barren in comparison. Not something I expected at all. I do enjoy the relative quietness though and most of all the close proximity to family, so feel glad to be here.

Nadine G

Voilà un récit de belles vacances même si la météo était capricieuse. J'aime vous lire et à bientôt de vous retrouver dans votre blog. Bises


Thank you Lucy for the memories you have given me. I went to Charmouth camping when my children we 5 and 8 (53 years ago) and went back for alot of years. You certainly have a wonderful way with words thank you so much Lucy I have been very down lately and now I have felt so much better after reading your post. Hazel c uk

Marilyn Walton

What a delightful account of your trip to Dorset and 'home'. I had a rather peripatetic childhood as a Forces child, never staying anywhere for more than a few years and always knowing I would be moving on, so I have no connection to a place I call home in the way that you do, but I love the way you evoke the places you love and your affection for it all shines through. I also love your positivity, even in the face of dreary August weather! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. xx PS There are plenty of advantages to truly 'grown up' holidays, and one day they may well choose to rejoin you, perhaps with additions!

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