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August 11, 2021


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Tracy Bache

Hi Lucy,just catching up.I've been on HRT patches for a month. Gotta say,so far so good. Hope you have a positive result as well. Try and catch up with some friends. True friendships are healing for the soul. If I lived in your neck of the woods I would insist we had a catch up!😂We are your distant friends out here and we all wish you well.💖


HRT made a huge difference for me, though I know it's not for everyone. I am so sorry you've been low. Warm wishes for a return to a more happy and level mood.


Hello Lucy
Your blog is like sunshine for me. I discovered the Yorkshire thanks to your pictures and love it. Thank you for your sincerity, we don't imagine behind our computers that our virtual-friend can be sick or sad, and especially you, with all your colorfull creations or projects. Hope my message will send you so much hope, confidence and serenity you need to feel happy in your life, with or without hormon.
With love from France, Savoie


Wishing you all the best Lucy, as you find your way through this landmark of life. Good luck with the HRT, as so many have said, it’s life changing. We are so lucky to have that option, I think. Take care of yourself x

Jenny Boucher

Two of my dear friends are both on HRT. One has been on it for many many years, but the other one has finally realized that she needs it and is so grateful that there is something to help her. I am so grateful to know that my very dear friends are, and the one who has just started on HRT, will feel so much better very soon. I will be praying for you Lucy and thinking of you always. I suffer with depression and on the days when I feel at my lowest I know what it is like to have that dark cloud hanging over me. Big hugs and much love, Jenny xxx

Chris Swales

Great to hear from you again! All I can say about HRT is if it hadn't been for it I wouldn't have been able to complete a three year Acupuncture degree with all the studying and keeping 2 children and my husband supported. Good luck! X


Sending much love and hope for an early return to feeling a whole lot better xxx

Tina Bertram

Hi, as someone who's been through it and now my 3 daughters are going through it, you have our sympathy. Enjoy the good days and your beautiful flowers. One of my daughters is taking sage tablets which helps with the hot flushes. Thanks for all your lovely patterns which have been a Godsend during the last couple of years. Take care, stay safe Sends hugs and best wishes XX


Much love to you Lucy. I can empathise with this. Xx

Maggy. Red Ted Art

Keeping fingers and toes crossed that the HRT does the trick! Nature does play a cruel game with us women! :-( Lots of love to you.


So sorry to hear about your struggles. My mum had it bad too, especially the sudden hot flushes where she ended up dripping with sweat. Not very comfortable at work. So her GP put her on HRT too. And after a while it all stopped and she was feeling much better. She stopped the HRT after she had stopped working. By then the worst was over.
I'm just glad I don't even have half the problems my mum had. Phew!
Take good care of yourself ((hugs))


You are loved. ❤️

Angela-Southern USA

You are not alone, so many of us are in the same boat. I can tell you once I started HRT it has been better, I wished I'd done it sooner. Wishing you all the best!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Thank you Lucy for being brave and honest. You are definitely not alone! Coincidentally I also decided last week to contact my GP and have an appt booked with her next week to discuss HRT options. I’ve really been encouraged by all the lovely positive comments above, so thanks too to everyone who has shared their story x fingers crossed for you and me and any other HRT newbies that we will see an improvement very soon xxxx

Jill Ken

Lucy you are still making us smile. Fill your own jug first and take the tablets and as others have said you will be back to yourself in no time. I felt like I had lost myself - i had a list of people I couldn't speak to who were good friends. Your blog and crochet patterns got me through ... And medication!!! Big hugs xxx

Lynn Clere

Hello Lucy, I seldom comment but I always read and enjoy your posts. I am a older than you ( 58, in fact, today is my birthday 😀) But I still remember what you are going through enough to say it doesn't last, you will get through this and feel tons better...tons better, free, happy and calm. If I can dare give you advice, it would be to think of yourself, care for yourself, give yourself time. All will be well, and one day you will be as old as me and able to tell another lady that life is good, so good post menopause xx

Meredith Morgan

I don't normally comment her as you usually have so many comments it is hard to keep up. I took a fall like you into hormonal angst in my mid 40's. It took a huge, huge toll from me and I barely functioned day to day. I take HRT and frankly it has saved my life. Things still need to be tweaked here and there all these years later, but for me it has been life changing and life saving. I was taking care of my ill mother, taking care of a son with sever anxiety and trying to work, it was all so much. But with the right combination of hormones your life can get back to a new normal. I wish you the best. Just keep checking in with yourself and how your body feels, it takes time but things can level out so you feel more like you again.

Amy L

Lovely flowers. Thanks for being so vulnerable as you navigate this time. Saying a prayer for you this morning. <3


Hi Lucy thank you for speaking out and sharing, the volume of comments shows how many people are affected similarly. I too reached a low point this year and after much research and uncertainty have commenced HRT, still negotiating first few months but so so much better generally and especially my mood. The ‘numbness’ the flat feeling of no joy in life has gone and feeling back to my usual self. I notice another post recommended https://www.menopausedoctor.co.uk/ it is a website I revisit to answer questions I have. Totally not for profit just to inform and not influenced by pharmaceutical industry. I am taking oestrogen gel and micronised progesterone and using it vaginally to cut down side effects plus vagifem for vaginal atrophy given vaginally as well.
I really hope you can feel the benefit soon and start to feel like your old beautiful self. Taking the time to restore yourself is so important, sending you loads of positive vibes and much love xx

Miriam Evans

Dear Lucy, take the time and space you need to feel able to write your blog. We all need to 'step off the merry-go-round' sometimes. I hope the HRT soon has you feeling better x

Diane Ruel

Dear Lucy, so good to hear from you. I so know where you are coming from. A few years back I too went through a tough time with the menopause and after some deliberation my female doctor put me on HRT and in no time was back to feeling like my old self. I am not on it now and cope very well with the odd flush or two very rarely. Take care and look forward to hearing from you when you feel well enough 💕💕

Victoria Burgess

Hi Lucy
Lovely to here life is jogging along. I have crocheted for many years but recently got into Tunisian crochet . 🧶 I was wondering if you have any plans to explore tunisian hooking yourself and would be very interested to hear what you make of it.
Stay safe in this still slightly crazy world 😀


Lucy, thank you so much for sharing such a personal experience. I’m 53 and I feel your pain. What you’ve done here is to get all these wonderful ladies sharing their experiences too. This has given me hope, which I hope you feel too. You have opened up a whole world of joy for me with your fabulous patterns and tutorials. I’m not exaggerating. Crochet has got me through some painful months. Know that you are special and will get through this. Sending love 💕

Libby Parker

Lucy, I hear you and understand that menopause can be a real bear for us. I went through it relatively easy as my doctor suggested I stay on a low dose of Prozac I had been on for depression. He said it would help and it must have. I had hot flashes, usually brought on by embarrassment or unease in social situations. Know that we who have followed your blog for years are in your corner and that however depressed you feel, you always have our love and support. You'll get your mojo back when you feel more like yourself again.

Joya Roy

I so appreciate you sharing this!! I am watching and listening closely to help me understand what is surely right around the corner for me. So truly, thank you for being a light post and for illuminating the way so there is less mystery around the inevitable change of season in our bodies.

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