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August 13, 2021


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Bioidentical compounded hormone cream helps me tremendously when regular HRT didn't. Good luck!


Crocheting flowers is the best way to lift your spirits❣️ Crocheting them into a granny square is even simply wonderful. Wishing you happy days ahead.👋🇦🇺


A problem shared is a problem halved, good advise if you have someone who will listen to your problems. I too have been struggling with the start of menopause, so many of the things you are experiencing I am too. I do not have anyone to share my symptoms with, but just knowing so many other women are going through the same thing makes it all a bit easier to cope with. I am so glad you feel ready to share your life with us again and am looking forward to future projects from you.


I love your new Flora granny square and those beautiful organic cotton colors! Thank you for posting your instructions today. I also love that colorful doily underneath your flower vase. Do you have instructions for it?

Denise Raine

So pleased you are back Lucy, I've missed your blogs and sorry you've been having a rough time of it.
Your new granny square looks fab, can't wait to have a go at it

Jo Kneale

The menopause is a bit of a pain, isn't it? It hit me full blast last year, and so far I'm not absolutely enamoured with the thing! Thank goodness for crochet, vitamins and a hefty dose of laughter.

Your yule blanket looks gorgeous. The stitches that look like hearts are 😍!

Roll on Autumn, I say, but that's mostly because I have a new scarf and I love wearing my comfy scarves at work.


Hi Lucy.
Lovely to hear from you again. Although I have hit menopause yet, I am approaching that age where it won’t be too long till I do. I know many people who have or are experiencing it and it seems to effect everyone differently.
I don’t know if it will help, but a friend of mine set up her own blog about her journey after surgical menopause, which you can find here: www.whatuterus.com
She has managed to use her experience to change her whole life direction, and is now works with MenoHealth to support others.
Take care and thank you for sharing your beautiful granny square-I will try and find the time to make one or two on Sunday.
Take care


It's so nice to read you again.
I am looking forward to discovering this new granny pattern. Thanks a lot for sharing.

Kristine S

Looking forward to both flowery granny square & yule blanket patterns xxx hugs 🤗

julie ann king

lovely post with some great pictures, i'm glad you feel a little better xx

Diane Thomas

Your posts are always so sweet and informative, I’m glad your getting back your mojo! I’m looking forward to ordering your Xmas blanket, it’s so pretty and I love the colors. I’m also looking forward to your floral granny squares. They are darling, I look all your colors that you choose you have such a nack for putting colors together! I wish you a quick recovery and am anxious to get your Xmas blanket. Thank you for all your creativity and inspiration. Much Love ❤️ Diane from Newbury Ohio vincidt@ yahoo.com

Nancy in USA

Thank YOU for writing so honestly and openly! I am going through a similarly rough patch, and while I would never wish this on anyone, knowing that I am not the only one helps a little bit. And your writing about peri menopause helped me to recognize that this may be part of my troubles too. Don’t underestimate the impact of this global pandemic that we’ve all been living with for over a year, even if your family hasn’t been affected as much as some. You are not alone. Thank you for helping me feel less alone, too.

Winifred Waite

Glad to hear you're feeling a little better and hopefully getting back to normality.

Take things easy (not easy to do with a young family) and look after yourself. God bless x


Hello Lucy,

My menopause was some 11 years ago and I can't remember much of it anymore.

You write: "I managed to find my creative mojo which has been missing for quite a while" and that I experienced a few years ago as well. No creativity whatsoever, no joy in doing anything with wool or paint or wood and I felt so miserable and depressed.
But also, that has past, Thank Heaven, and I’m overflowing again with ideas. Wonderful. Now it is: some many ideas, so little time 😉, but hey, I am not complaining 😊.

For now, thank you for the beautiful pictures, colours and giving another look into your life.

Warm greetings from the Eifel, Germany,

Rita King

Hello Lucy, I love the flora Granny square! I love your choice of colors!
I haven’t been crocheting at the moment, it’s been more about the cross stitch for me. I have a lovely fall granny striped blanket that keeps calling me to finish. I just can’t bring myself to pick it up! Granny strip blankets are sooooo addictive! I end up with crochet elbow every time I pick the thing up! Granny strips and audio book = trouble.
I love it! My next crochet project is going to be some pumpkin pillows for my sofa. I’m talking, full on Big round pumpkins with stems and leaves! I think I will add a removable pumpkin face. One Problem I need a pattern. SO how about designing one and a granny strip blanket, you could make a kit and pattern of it for next year. I have started house hunting, and my pumpkin pillows can wait. I love the idea of big fat pumpkins siting around waiting on me to take a nap on them lol! Under my fall blanket, resting my crochet elbow! Lol
I am Sending you lots of calm, fun, energetic energy, to enjoy your weekend. Your garden flowers are beautiful. I’ve decided to put sweet peas on my list of seeds for next spring for my new garden. Your pictures over the years of these gorgeous little wonders, have made me fall in love with them... now I’m going to have to find a cross stitch chart lol! Lots of love, big hugs, from Turkey creek, Kentucky USA


Best wishes
I have gone down the homeopathic route for menopausal symptoms as I didn’t want HRT and it’s working for me.
It’s good to know that I’m not alone as the menopause isn’t often talked about.


How can i find your crcohet mandala on your instagram page "The Chateau Mandala


So glad to hear your world is starting to right itself! This living can be rocky at the best of times! I look forward to more info on HRT since this has become an interest of mine also in the last few months.
Sending a (hug) and positive thoughts to you♡

Clare Myers

What a cheering post - glad to see you are getting back in the saddle.
Love the granny square. I will be checking in tomorrow for instructions. Having thought I was past all the horrors of menopause I have found that my 2nd Pfizer vaccine gave me pretty nasty menopause-like symptoms. Don't know if that is just me, but I did wonder what the combo of the vaccine and the actual menopause would have been like.
Keep happy - and thank you for all the happiness you bring us xxx


A bit of a creative break is no bad thing. I have been the same on the fiction writing front, but very ready to get back to it now, as soon as I have some time. I am in the same car situation, and currently have a very old car that is gradually falling apart. Fingers crossed it will deal with a couple more big and testing trips. It really would be so helpful to hear about anything helpful you discover re menopause. I was speaking to a friend a while back who said, 'No-one talks about it', which is quite true. It is a complete unknown quantity to me. I had a bit of a tricky day yesterday, REALLY irritable and everything went wrong. Ended up shovelling sugar in during the afternoon, after a few weeks of being (fairly) good. Of course probably not the best solution, but it was all I could come up with at the time. CJ xx


Lovely to see the pretty colours on sweet peas and flora granny squares. It would be useful to hear your HRT experiences as lots of are suffering or about to. Glad to hear you're feeling better.


I think it’s a good idea to keep the ladies updated with your menopause journey. Mine has been so difficult - physically and mentally the worst time of my life. I didn’t feel I could talk to anyone about it, which makes it an even harder burden. I didn’t go down the HRT route, but I wish I had. I’m 59 now and feeling more balanced with the help of antidepressants, but still have hot flushes - when will they end!

It’s great to see you back Lucy (if and when you feel inspired to do so). X


Dear Lucy ,so glad to see your posts and things are Better for you ,I too had a bad time with the.menopause and I was also battling cancer of the breast too,but here I am at 62yrs old telling my story ,and I also stopped crocheting during that period,but I have been back crocheting for a few years and I am even mored addicted now .I love seeing where u live makes me feel less homesick,thank you for all your lovely posts and projects best wishes from Sicily from a Surrey girl 🤗♥️

Lucy J

I am so so pleased you are starting to feel a little better, its a wonderful idea to keep us posted on your journey with the menopause, us ladies of a certain age are all at sea with this topic, the Menopause is a big deal and has a huge impact physically and mentally.
I too am an owner of old cars, my latest makes odd noises that on hearing I turn the radio up!
I hope you make it to Dorset next week its a beautiful part of England the cliffs are stunning, we are heading down to Durdle Door on Monday, we live about 2 hours from Devon and Dorset we are taking our holiday in the form of day trips down there this year, I feel very lucky to have this on my doorstep.
I love your granny squares I'm looking forward to your tutorial, I feel skilled enough to make one now, I'm currently working on your Dune blanket it gives me a lot of pleasure after a hard day at work.
Your photography is stunning it inspires me to be creative, you have taught me to crochet in lock down so thank you from the bottom of my heart you have helped lift my spirits in a very tough year.
I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer (on a side note my youngest son has really wide feet I have learnt not to look around in shoe shops, we just ask what they have in an H fit, sometimes we are lucky and get a choice of three!) take care it's lovely to hear from you.


You absolutely do not ever need to apologise for taking some time away from blogging. You give such a lot of time, energy and love to your posts and online community that we can handle you going quiet while you manage your own well being.
I think 2021 has been harder than people expected, health-wise, grief-wise, adjustment-wise. We spent 2020 in a state of continual, if low level, fear and it’s going to take a while to come down from that. I really do think this is the year of recovery.
And that’s even before you add in hormone fluctuations! Mine are so much worse since my hysterectomy, and I’m trying to muddle through those, chronic conditions and grief. This year is a murky soup. I say this not for sympathy but to show empathy and understanding for what you’re going through.
Take the time and help you need to re-find yourself. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

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