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August 28, 2021


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Shirley Chambers

What a lovely way to start the day...love spending coffee stories with you ...... thanks.

Jackie Wright

Sweet orange and geranium...some of my favourite scents!
Love your posts too.

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy! Sweet peas, luv them muchly...I inhale deeply at all encounters with them. Glad you were able to get a wee holiday. I love the sea as well and we might go on another 'storm watch' retreat in Oct. We did that last year for our anniversary. The mighty waves pounding and crashing are truly awesome. We get all our rain/storm gear on and walk on the beach. Then back to out room to sit in front of the fire with something warming. Awe....yes, I'm thinking we might repeat this holiday this year too. Take care, hugs MO from Vancouver Island, BC Canada

Nora McGrann

Hi Lucy
A lovely post..always enjoy your comings and goings..with beautiful colours..Your Yuletide blanket looks absolutely GORGEOUS....
Take care..thanks for your blogs..Nora x


Pretty pics Lucy. Thank you for sharing.

Love from across the pond!


The Yuletide blanket is amazing can’t wait to start it.So glad you are feeling a little better

Julie Mutchler

Thank you for sharing your days and moments Lucy....I can't wait to get a Yuletide kit sent and begin! It's lovely!

Marilyn Walton

Thank you for a lovely uplifting post, and I'm glad you were able to have your trip to Dorset. So much of life seems to be on hold at the moment. I love the colours of both blankets, but the Yuletide has just hopped onto my birthday wishlist! Enjoy the rest of the summer, Marilyn from SW France.

Merry Barfield, Huntsville, Alabama

The photo of sweet peas brought back many memoires..one of my earliest is of the arbor covered with sweet peas at my Grandmother's house in the country (Tennessee). I try to keep mine alive every summer but they do get scraggly. Loved your latest post. You are so creative! Glad you feel like posting again.

Winifred Waite

Lovely post and great photographs.

Ah bless that first day at secondary school is such a big thing for your children and then the grandchildren!

Glad to see you posting again & those blankets look lovely.

Wendy O’Connor

Hey don’t you think it’s becoming a bit autumnal now and school getting a bit nearer?
I really love the gorgeous cotton colours so bright but don’t feel I can invest in the cotton yarn although how much more defined the flower squares are!
I was wondering if you had any ideas for some darker colours for your lovely blankets as I have made all them now a few times over and have even got one over in Dubai where my son and his wife and kids snuggle under the air con in one 😎 my favourite is the Moorland blanket 🤗
I am rubbish at putting colours together but would love some greys mbe and additional blending colours which make us think of sea mbe in winter 🤔🌊🌊🌊
Thank you for allowing me to pick your brains x

Elsie Hughes

Glad you are feeling better now. The picture of the heather takes me back to my early days growing up in Scotland. The Yuletide blanket is beautiful and I can’t wait to purchase the kit. I just finished the Summer Harmony Blanket. The most colorful one yet . You are an artist with yarn.


carol partridge

Lovely to read your news.Glad you managed a holiday before Autumn comes.We have stayed at home for the last 2 years.( husband has health issues) But we have been longing for a day trip to Skipton when its a bit quieter. We came for the first Yarndale in 2013.The town was so busy!.If you remember the puppet festival was on the same day. The new blanket looks so cosy.Hope to see more soon.


That coffee looks delicious. Is it a cappuccino? The Yuletide blanket looks very cosy!


I agree it's always good to be out in local countryside while the weather is dry. The heather and sweet peas look beautiful.

Gill Compigne-Leaney

Hi Lucy, a lovely post and I am glad that you are feeling better now. How I envy you your trip to Dorset, I have family there and hope to see them next year. I have had my children and grandchildren here to stay for the first time in a year, I can't tell you how wonderful that was. Looking forward to Christmas now. My heather is in my garden and whenever I look out of the window it reminds me of the moors.

Ellie Williams

When we were on holiday a good few years ago now, when our kids were small, we went to the Yorkshire moors, and it was so peaceful there, the colour of the heather and the only sound was the humming of the bees, beautiful.
Enjoyed your post as always, looking forward to the next one and your new blanket!


Sweet peas are always a delight aren't they. Mine are straggly now as well and a few are covered in green fly, which I leave as part of the wildlife food chain, but just a few flowers and that lovely scent are worth holding on to. Glad you had a few days away. I am just back from a week in the Lake District, which was lovely. Re-entering normality now, which is a bit of an icy shock to the system. CJ xx


A lovely coffee really sets you up for the day.
We were in Dorset for a few days the week before last. We have done three short camping trips over the school holidays but only taking the younger two girls with us whilst the older two have stayed at home. Really takes some getting used to not having everyone with you x


It is always so good to read about your daily life and the adventures you share. Thank you. soak up the sun while you can. Meanwhile I am enjoying the tail end of our very mild subtropical winter.


Just re read my comments and noticed the miss types - apologies for that !!

Christine Rogerson

I was thinking of you you and then you post popped up! I love reading your blog and seeing yur pictures. We haven't been able to come to Yorkshire particularly for ages where we like to fish, particularly in the dales. We usually stay at Kilnsey and fish on the river Wharfe, and frequently visit Grassington and love to go to Skipton when the market is open. We have so missed that trip. You sound better and it good to hear that in your blogs. Stay well Lucy.

Lois Snn Shatpe

Thank you for your wonderful note about your vacation. I can imagine how wonderful a six week vacation would be. But then I remember that I am retired! I can go and stay somewhere too. Glad you are refreshed and enjoying your trip. Can’t wait to hear all about it as we get into fall. Happy you shared with us! Lois Ann from Oregon. USA

Lauren Oldmeadow

Hi Lucy,
What a lovely post to brighten the day here in lockdown Melbourne. Thank goodness for crochet and colour and dreams of next projects. It keeps a person sane in these times. So glad to see you made it to Dorset for your holiday. It’s such a beautiful part of the world, that’s for sure!
Sending hugs to you from down under xx
Lauren 🤗


That coffee looks delicious! I might go make one. We're in a strict lockdown here in Kangarooland but I have just returned from a lovely walk (with a little bit of rain) and soaked up the sweet scents of early Spring wattles and their vibrant yellows. I adore how your Yuletide blanket is looking. So Christmassy! Thanks for blogging today. It's marvelous to see your lovely photos.

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