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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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June 09, 2021


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Welcome back Lucy. Lovely to read you in the middle of a sleepless night ( une nuit blanche) in the heat of southern France. That Yuletide blanket is fabulous and has your usual superb colour combinations. Something to look forward to in the darkness of winter.


No need ever for explanations, we're all dealing with crap in life and some months/weeks/days are worse than others. I think I'm like most people who have been reading your blog for so long, it's just nice to see the pictures of other places and indulge in your crochet. We are more invested in you being happy than reading your blog.....your blog is lovely x


I would love to see the before and after pictures if you would like to share them! It always gives me some hope for my own messy home, to see what others have done :)

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy, Nice to hear your voice again. No need for apologies,...life happens. The Christmas Blanket is looking very gorgeous, with color and texture. I am also on a mostly gluten free and sugar free way of eating and it does help a lot for my health and pain levels. But I too would love a ginormous piece of really chocolate cake with cream cheese icing...only in my dreams. LOL Your shelves look marvelous...I would like to just snoop and enjoy all the color and items you have there...a feast for the eye it is. Get's me motivated. I have many dear friends in the form of books that I too need to downsize. Time to gift them to others for sure. Take Care, MO

Winwick Mum

It's lovely to have you back! xx


Your shelves look brilliant. Yes, a peep inside your pre decluttering cupboards would be great...inspiration for me to do the same. Take care, super to see you back to blogging.

Pamela G

Hi Lucy. Delighted to see you back. Your blogs are so honest and colourful. I think the reason I like them so much is because they ring so true. Love your Christmas blanket and can't wait to see what you are planning next. Take care.


Yes, the blog is ours and we don't need to explain ourselves ... beautiful pictures that you show, the flowers are great ... I also have them in white and purple in the vase. And strawberries, of course :-) delicious :-) on the weekend I go to the field to pick - for myself - jelly cake, puree and freeze, maybe even jams and a lot of fresh eat strawberrie :-)) Greetings to you. Have fun with your wool - I'm currently sewing ... and in the forest every day. Joy. Viola

Brielle Pearson

Hi Lucy!! Just thought I'd leave you a quick message, as the past month has been a bit "wobbly" for me, as well. I've done all the self-care and R&R I could, so I'm finally feeling like myself again which has been amazing. I just adore reading your blog and you have no idea how much it helps me relax and feel at peace. No matter if you bless us with a post everyday or every month, they are all truly a gift. Thank you for sharing, always.
-B xxxxx


Welcome back! It brightens my day whenever I discover you have posted (and when I need a lift, I will return and re-read some entries that really resonated with me; your posts are so uplifting it doesn't matter if they were written months ago). The advice you gave your friend is excellent, for all of us who may have dropped the threads of communication with friends. May June be an improvement on May, in every respect!


I love reading the ins and outs of your life. It always makes me feel like I am coming home and hearing all of the beauty and changes of life. I do miss England so much even after 20 years and your photos are so warming to my soul. Looking forward to your next news and hoping that you get on well.

Linda Rattie

Loved reading your blog. Isn’t decluttering great!?

Linda Lemcke

Wonderful to see your blog today. All the beautiful colors and de-cluttering are so inspiring. Be kind to yourself in June and enjoy your lovely summer.


Great to have you back. Love seeing your pictures. I've also had a big declutter (must be something in the air!)and am feeling more upbeat and very pleased with myself- so give yourself a pat on the back.


Glad you are back. I'd love to see before and after pictures of decluttering. I find that it inspires me to see that tackling clutter can be done.

Anne Agar-krill

So happy to read your post today.Photo's are a joy to look at.


Thoroughly enjoyed reading you blog today 💚 and happy that you feel bright enough to be back sharing and chatting again!

Gillian Compigne-Leaney

Hi Lucy, so glad you are begining to feel better it helps so much that the sun is beginning to shine. I have so much stuff all over the house I wouldn't know where to begin to declutter and I know if I threw something out I would need it the next day. My kids will need a big skip when the time comes!!!

Wendy Maartens

It's lovely to have you back in Blogland. There is no need to explain your absence, just know that you were missed.


Decluttering keeps being a must. I try hard and make slow progress and yet each time I feel so much better! your cupboards cannot have been as full as mine.
It's so good to hear from you. You make me feel alive and I find myself always full of energy after reading you and watching your photos. Yes, I read first and then enjoy the photos.


Good to see you back here again! I hope all is well. I am very much looking forward to see the completed Yuletide blanket (but take your time finishing it!).
And I would love to read more about your decluttering-adventure, because I struggle with it too. You are so right saying it's a daily full-time job! Some places just seem like magnets to clutter...


Great to see you back! I also hope June is kind to you - and that the rest of the year is too, for that matter! I think many of us are feeling it at the moment, one way and another. Yes please to the messy pics - they give me hope! xx

Roz Peel

Lovely to read all your news. We’re in the process of moving from Bedfordshire to Norfolk so we’re decluttering big time. It’s surprising how many WIPs I’ve found of all kinds. Looking forward to the Yuletide blanket. I’m sure it will find its way in to the stash. Take care and enjoy the sunshine xxx

Trudi Partridge

Morning Lucy, I was only talking about a declutter earlier this morning, mmmmm, Only talking about it mind. Perhaps seeing your before photos would give me some motivation! I have a similar blue garden pot, doesn't it just make the green sing? Anyway no explanation needed or apology. Your posts always seem like a jolly postcard from a friend to pop a bit of colour into the day. Keep well, keep safe x


Welcome back Lucy, it is lovely to hear your voice again! I would certainly enjoy seeing your cupboards before and after and hearing more about your decluttering. I'm about to embark on this myself. I love your shelves, they look so tidy and yet so busy and homely and real. I want to enter a more considered phase of life in terms of the things that I have in our home but I'm not sure I really could do minimalism or feel I should get rid of things to look super trendy or have a particular style. It is so nice to see real homes that are lived and loved in! Enjoy the sunshine, isn't it glorious!?! Although I think we have your muggy heavy day in London today! x

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