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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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June 09, 2021


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Lynne Stankard

Welcome back Lucy - you have been missed. Lovely to hear from you again and the 'sneak peak' of your Yuletide blanky is gorgeous! I can appreciate your cupboard of "Doom" - at the moment I have a Room of Doom (to long to explain!) all I have to do is get a bit of energy,not too good at the moment. Loving your shelves - the colours are wonderful. So pleased you can get your capaccino again - it's the little things isn't it? Take care Lucy xxx

Lesley Shaw

Lucy, I would never in a million years have known that you lived in a terraced house. Your pics always give me the feeling of space. So beautifully do you fill your space with your crocheted 'stuff' that one thinks it's a huge area. The new 'back-yard' is gorgeous and the colours on the rugs are divine. Wish I could visit you. I'm in Wellington, New Zealand. Love your page and will visit your blog soon.

E T Hewitt

Lucy, Thank you for your update! Your writing spurs me on! If only I had a cupboard of doom....I have an entire room of doom that needs going through with most of the stuff re-purposed, but oh well...the gardening needs to be done and the house cleaned instead. (Would rather be outside anyway) I pulled out the fried sweet peas this week in the 95+ degree heat. Think I only got about 15 flowers before the heat got to them. Not much crochet going on, but I miss it. I would rather be hiking in the Arizona desert or Mogollon(muggie-own) Rim in the pines, but alas, too far away! Love the pictures of your treks.

Emily Durling

I’ve missed you Lucy. Kept checking in and whilst I loved those blossom trees they came to make me a bit sad because it meant you hadn’t been back since.

Anita Davies

Welcome back Lucy 😊 Love the look of your Yuletide blanket! When will this pattern be available?


This made me laugh- I too have a cupboard of doom! You were very brave to de clutter, well done. Lovely to hear your stories 💝

Kristine S

❤🥰 hugs lovely Lucy❣🤗

Jools Morgan-Jones

It's great to have you back, Lucy :-)

Michele De La Cruz

Welcome back friend, we've missed your smile in your words. Blessings to you and your family from Sunny California, hugs, michele

Lynn Dee Butler

So great to have you back! Good advise you gave your friend. Your blog friends are just happy to hear from you when you can! Life sometimes gets in the way of plans. Not necessarily a bad thing to have happen.

I would personally love to see before and after pictures of shelf doom! My reasons are selfish. It makes me feel better to know that I am not the only one with clutter and piles. And I’m encouraged to neaten and tidy my piles when I see your organized shelves. I know I have too much stuff, but it’s hard to let go isn’t it?!

Love the colors in the Yuletide blanket. Can’t wait to see your new project. I am just starting the Hydrangea blanket for my cousin. I finished the Meadow blanket in May as a bday gift for a friend. She loves it! I’m missing my nightly crochet so I’m really excited to have something started again. I so happy when I’m in the middle of a project. Your blankets give me so much joy, happiness and squishy color love. Your blankets are really special! Yes I do the crochet but the color story and pattern is all you!

Thankies for you! Lynn

Serena Lewis

Hello from Australia!

Glad to see you back...I had a 6 month break from my own blog so I get what you're saying. It happens.

Lovely photos...beautiful Yuletide blanket. I remember learning how to crochet the ripple blankets from you quite a few years ago. I still love to do them. :)

Enjoy the rest of your week,
Serena :)


Your tidied space looks beautiful! I imagine it brings you joy every time you see it. I enjoy Before and After photos of spaces if you'd like to share them.

Kate Brown

Hello from North Carolina in the US. Love reading your blog posts, they give me such inspiration. Also adore your color selections and crochet patterns. Eagerly awaiting the post for the Yuletide blanket. - Kate


Love to read your blog posts when you feel able to share your thoughts and pictures.
Hope the Sweet peas keep growing for you, they do look very healthy. I always tell my hubby that I'm going to check on my garden babies too. What am I like!!
Have a good week Lucy wherever it takes you x


Lovely reading your blog, thanks for the beautiful photos and chat. Just finished your Neat Summer Ripple, a joy to make such a lovely rhythm and jolly colours. It’s all ready for my July granddaughter. Thanks again love your blog and your amazing designs, along with your brilliant step by step photo tutorials. Kindest regards Amanda

Nora MxGrann

Loved this blog Lucy..
Your home looks wonderful and I am sure you must sit back and admire all the beautiful things therein..
Everyone needs time out..you deserve yours, as you are always so generous ..
Continued happiness..and a big THANK YOU! 👏🌹🌹🌹🌹

Kathy Anderson-Scott

Hiya Lucy...good to hear from you! Like most people I am just glad to know you are getting by and doing what you can to get through these difficult times.
I think most of us are in the same boat one way or another. Too much comfort food, middle age (flipping horrible hormone decline)and clutter seem to be a recurring theme in many of our lives!
You continue to bring joy and colour to so many lives on a daily basis with your crochet patterns scattered around homes across the world. My husband commented tonight that the best bit about going to bed in winter time (we're in NZ) is snuggling under the granny stripe blanket, my very first Attic24 creation.
Of course we would love to see your 'before' pictures!! :-D ..my house is very much still there and it would be great to be inspired by the transformation.
So happy for you that you are back in the better weather and that is always good for the spirits.
Just know you are very loved and appreciated, post when you feel like it, your followers are surely like good old friends who will always be around regardless of the length of time of contact. Take care of yourself xx

Winifred Waite

Lovely photos Lucy thanks for sharing them.

I love stocks, wish there was a perfume for that gorgeous smell.

Don't worry about breaks in the blog, as mentioned it's yours, so post when you feel like it. People are just pleased to see you are fine.

Enjoy the summer!


So happy to have a new post from you! I love your photos and the peaceful and lovely outdoor spaces you share. Your organizing project may nudge me back into some decluttering….I loathe it, as I ponder and often fret over each item I consider discarding. But I love the “after”!
I wish you a wonderful June!
Be well!

Charlotte Pountney

Good to have you back, Lucy! that feather looks as though it belongs in a raven's wing; beautiful! Sugar and wheat have that effect on me, too...and I find chocolate irresistible, too...it surely has something addictive in it. It IS hard to stay on top of decluttering. I was doing really well in my kitchen, until a recent invasion of ants. Now the contents of the cupboards are strewn over the worktops, as I struggle to remove their pheromone trails. It feels like War of the Worlds!

Drusilla cleary

Great to read your blog again. Kept me going through lockdown


Been reading your blog for years here in US.

Anything you post is welcome. Of course we want to see your before and after tidying.

I,too, have had to give up moist gluten and sugar due to joint pain. Very sad and hard!


Glad to see you are back! All the color in your photos was lovely to see this morning.

kate bates

Cheer us up even more than you already do...show us the DOOM! xx


We have a field behind our house, and recently, somewhat inspired by you, I realised I should be properly calling it a Meadow (which sounds so much nicer!) and examining it more closely. So I did, and took some wonderful close up picture of flowers and bees (was hoping I could post a pic but not sure I can).

Anyway, thank you for that fun exploration, and very glad to see you back.

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