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June 23, 2021


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Staycation is the new motel. What an incredibly fun portmanteau! A perfect little gem visibly hidden in language.

Tracy Bache

Dear Lucy.
Thank you so much for that post. It's done my soul good. Lots my Dad in January to the awful covid. Not been great as also going through the menopause.I have 2 Boys 22 and 23 and for a long time they have lived separate lives to myself and Hubby. To have a Daughter must be awesome. You know the saying a Daughter will be a Daughter for life! Thanks again,you have no idea how you have cheered me up.xxxxxxx

Kristin Eoff

What beautiful photos! I especially love the one of the wooden gate at the green pasture. It's so lovely!! I also love your cute little courtyard with your pretty flowers on the top of the wall. You have used every inch of your little space perfectly!

Cheryl Meyer

Dear Lucy,
Thank you for sharing your staycation news. I am currently on holiday myself. Like you, I enjoy the flowers along the path. You have given me some ideas on how to photograph the remainder of our trip. You have a great eye for detail and the big picture at the same time. Blessings to you and yours.

Lynn Dee Butler

Love your spontaneous blurb post! It’s authentic and I think you write beautifully. You don’t need to edit or go back over your words. That’s a gift.

You had a lovely staycation and thank you for sharing it! I can’t wait to read your post about the Yarden. I never fully appreciated how soul filling flowers and growing things are until lockdown. This year I added more bird feeders to our back yard. The antics of the birds and seed stealing squirrels have made us belly laugh and provided much entertainment for our 2 indoor cats.

Stay safe and take care!


Wow, you really seem to have made the most of the time you had! And the countryside you have up there is lovely, no wonder you enjoyed it! Not sure how you managed to fit it all in. Many thanks for your comments on my blog, it means a lot:)


Lovely post as usual. Thanks for the updates on the children. I can always remember your post of a pregnant belly with Little B. The excitement of seeing your news. Attic 24 blog is always a tonic. Hope you get more sunshine to enjoy your yarden. Penny


It sounds as though you had the best week - I am quite partial to a list and I particularly like yours! Mine usually have ‘change bed’ and ‘’iron uniform’ included somewhere along the line, so I think I’ll follow your lead here and start adding ‘go for picnic’ and ‘sit to watch the evening bats’. Lovely to have you back. I know your town, as we have holidayed there quite a few times over the years, and I can envisage the places as you write, which makes it so real. Have a cracking weekend X

Joyce Mullis

Every time I read one of your posts, I want to come visit. The area where you live is so beautiful and peaceful and how wonderful that you and yours enjoy it so. Thank you for sharing your staycation.

Jools Morgan-Jones

I do love your photos, Lucy - and you're inspiring me to visit Silverdale! One of the girls I work with in the library here in Blackpool goes there a lot, and extols its virtues often, so between the two of you I will just HAVE to go!
I'll take my Coastal Ripple blanket and a decent picnic, and think of you enjoying it with your family as I do the same with mine 😊


It sounds like a lovely staycation. Thank you for sharing with us.


Hi Lucy,

I love reading your blogs and enjoy your pictures so much, especially as I have so many good memories of our caravan holidays in Hebden Bridge. We stayed at the local Caravan Club campsite twice. It was quite scary to cross the bridge with our outfit, though! We especially loved the walks along the canal. Once when we were looking for the local yarn shop we got to see a performance of the Morris men.

Willemtje, from the Netherlands


Dear Lucy,
Such a wonderful post again. Thank you very much, it feels like I took a holiday 😊.
And, I much say, the most wonderful for me is Tilly. In our shed sleeps a cat quite similar to Tilly.
This evening, slightly outside of shed, we’ve put down some food and water for her. I really hope she will adopt us 😊!
Warm greetings from the Eifel in Germany,


What a wonderful staycation you had Lucy. So lovely to have your children choosing to spend time with you, however old they are. My young people are coming up 28 and 30 but it is still so good when they pop round to see us. Love it.
Beautiful pictures and memories. Thank you for sharing x

Lynne Stankard

Me again Lucy - rambling on so much I forgot to say. If you're looking for comfy chairs for the yard and maybe a coffee table - have a look on Freegle sites they are marvellous and everything is free! I don't know if your on FB but the Marketplace is also great for bargains in good furniture. Love Lynne.

Lynne Stankard

Hi Lucy - Beautiful Blog - thank you so much. Memories of Arnside just opened my memory floodgates - as a little girl my Mum and Dad took me and my sister to Arnside every year(at that time we lived in Salford - very dark and the only green was in a park!) we had the most wonderful times, staying in the same 'boarding house' each visit. The Knott, walking through fields of flowers - watching the train going over the bridge! - trips to Kendal which always included drinking hot horlicks in Mums favourtite cafe - a week of glorious freedom. Thank you for refreshing lots of memories when I was small - old doddery lady now!!

Jill Turner

Would love to know when you posted your first blog. It seems you are the only blog you still going. Jill

Jane Whalley

Gorgeous blog Lucy thank you for posting 💕💕 we did the costal path walk at Arnside the other week which included a visit to Arnside Knot and Pepperpot monument and had simply stunning views.
I know you treasure your time with your children it truly is precious times and you want to bottle it and keep forever don’t you?
My eldest son is 27 and moved out almost 2 years ago and was lucky to have him home for a long time. I did struggle emotionally and felt I had a big hole in my heart, but I did get used to it as my youngest son was still home. My youngest is now 22 and since lockdown has been working from home and we’ve become incredibly close and he is such good company. He is now in the process of buying his own home which will only be half an hour drive away near Preston and I’m so incredibly proud and happy as he begins to fly towards his new life BUT equally my heart is breaking into a million pieces as I try and come to terms with the end of an era.
I’m trying to remain positive but my pesky emotions are literally all over the place but I do know I’ll eventually adjust and new routines will form.

Please take care Lucy and keep posting
Lots of love Janexxx


Beautiful photos, as usual, Lucy. Thanks for sharing your walk with us and telling us all about the family. The flowers look great together so I'm sure they will be stunning once planted up. My dad has snapdragons self seeding all over his garden.
I thought of you at the summer solstice as I know how much you love this time of year, and sent a quiet prayer for you and your family.

Corinna Mazzotta

Thank you for sharing your staycation with us Lucy.
I so relate to your life as I too have a soon-to-be 19 year old living at home who spends very little time with us and a 17 year old who is still happy to comes for walks & trips with his parents (for now at least).
I love the simplicity & joy your posts invoke and you often inspire me to appreciate the little things more. Every time I read your blog it's like sharing a cuppa with a good friend, despite the fact we've never met,so thank you for just being you & sharing your life with us.

Charlotte Pountney

What a super week. You couldn't have had a better time if you'd jetted off somewhere, and think of the time and effort saved in all the packing of suitcases and things for caravan or holiday cottage, and worse, the unpacking and washing when you have to come home. Gorgeous photos - thank you for sharing your holiday with us! And you had time for a seaside trip and a garden makeover, too. I'm VERY impressed!

Amanda M Corbet

Thank you for sharing about your lovely holiday week. It sounds like you did your staycation right! I must say, I was surprised to see the photo of the boats just sitting in the mud. Is the water really that shallow when the tide comes in? I'm from the US in Kansas (no oceans). I know there is a tide, I just didn't realize it was quite that extreme.


Thank you so much for sharing your lovely staycation photos. I really have my heart set on coming to your neck of the woods some June - the long, bright evenings are an utter delight and we don't get them where I live. Granted, we enjoy slightly longer winter days as a trade-off, but the long summer evenings are magical.

I love that you and little lady are close. My mom is one of my closest friends and it was when I was around her age that we really started to connect as adult friends. It is sweet to see that it is the case for you too <3

Linda Rattie

Loved your post. We live in Canada and our scenery is definitely different than yours. I love seeing all your pictures. Love the picture of all of you sitting around with your crocheted blankets on. Beautiful.


Lucy... so appreciate your 'open' blog! Loved all the staycation threads; living life fully. God's blessings for ongoing lovely living throughout the summer, Tina-Joy

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