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June 27, 2021


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Esther López

Dear Lucy, simply wonderful!!, a hug from the south of Spain.


It was exciting


Love it! I've just read Arthur Parkinson's new book and I think you'd love it. He gardens in a very small concrete front garden so his is all in pots, there are some great ideas in it.

If you have space on the other side of your wall for pots you could put some rambling roses out there to sprawl up your wall.

Gail Knapton

After years of living away from the UK I'm not sure I could go back to having neighbours so close - cute space but no privacy .


Love your garden, Lucy! You have worked wonders. Don't forget security... Write your house number and postcode somewhere out of sight on your new items with a uv pen.


What a creative design of your space! And, dear Lucy, you ABSOLUTELY deserve your lounge chair :) and I agree that the storage box is a perfect dual purpose piece. Wishing you many happy and peaceful hours in the sunshine.

Tracy B

What a little oasis you have created. Make sure you are deadheading your petunias properly, so many people don't. My Mom had grown petunias that have tumbled down 5 feet and have a 3 foot circumference with proper deadheading and regular fertilizing.


Excitement motivation


Thank you for sharing your little courtyard garden Lucy, I think you have done an amazing job with it.All those lovely pots of flowers bring a smile and it all looks so cosy. I love being transported from city life to somewhere that seems so much more tranquil and always look forward to reading your blog.


Great piece of work there.

Karen Ahmet

Absolutely beautiful little haven of tranquillity! As we all know size doesn't matter, it's what you do with it that's important :-)


Your tiny garden is lovely Lucy. You have already packed a lot into the space and the new lounger is great. Hope you get time to enjoy it as much as you want in the next few months.


Such an inspiring post, Lucy! I'm planning to move back to Cornwall from France (haven't seen the family for two years now...), and know I won't be able to afford much of a garden, if anything at all (I have a big one here), but seeing how lovely you have made your little courtyard has cheered me up no end, thank you! (And no, I didn't keep up with the exercise videos you recommended, I'm afraid...).


Very pretty area Lucy. It looks like the neighbour has some pretty pots too, in the last picture? Does it get nicely competitive and colourful along the row?

Lynn Dee Butler

Love your garden. A beautiful splash of color and sunshine. Sigh! You did great! I think the lounger is perfect for the space. I love how it’s nestled in with your plants and flowers. It looks private. Enjoy!

Robin A.

Love your backyard makeover!

Katherine Brown

How lovely is that. I'm quite envious!


You can’t imagine how I love your backyard since I first saw it in one of your posts, all your plants and flowers. You made me learn this word. I needed to see this space today full of colours. Thank you,

mirjam houweling

Hi Lucy. I loved reading your post and seeing all the changes. When you said you are still looking for chairs, I thought of our chairs. They have the perfect mix of lounge and seating quality (though perhaps not for tall people but we are a tiny lot). And it has perfect armrests for a cuppa and book. And ofcourse, last but not least. They come in lovely colours. I found a english seller (as I am holland bases but the chairs look very similar). They seem out of stock on this page but it will give you an idea. Theyhttps://www.therange.co.uk/outdoor-living/garden-furniture/garden-chairs/dolomiti-garden-chair/

Jo Edge

Your yard looks lovely,so colourful, there are downsides to having a large garden too,it's such a lot of work even if it's mostly grass and trees but the privacy is nice, our old house just had a yard and we attached trellis to the walls for more privacy with yellow climbing roses.

Susan Mason

how about a little astro turf on the concrete Lucy, or a couple of outdoor rugs?


Wow! Lucy such a pretty courtyard garden. I really love the choice of flowers you’ve used, such gorgeous colours, and I bet it does catch the warmth of the sun beautifully. I absolutely love the smell of sweet peas but the naughty slugs and snails think they are a particular delicacy and keep eating them!🙄😂 Still I keep trying! Thank you for such a lovely post and enjoy your sun lounger. Take care love and hugs Becki xx


Hi Lucy, Luv it. Would like to come visit your garden, and sit with a cuppa and have a crochet time together. My garden is a glass balcony off the living room, so I just fill it with pots and pots of color, a couple of chairs and small tables voila, and there it is. Pretty simple. I used to have huge gardens and orchards and enjoyed them tremendously, but now my wee balcony suits me just fine. We are having a heatwave 41 (105) here on Vancouver Island...unusual and record breaking. It should pass in a few days and get back to more norms. Everyone out and about looking to be oceanside. Could those be magic beans?! LOL Hugs, MO

Michelle West

Awesome job Lucy. Looks cozy and inviting.


What a lovely little haven. Well done Lucy.

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