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June 27, 2021


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Debbie Harding

Hi Lucy, I went into menopause after a shock death in my family about 2 years ago. I thought I was losing my mind, I froze over making decisions that I would normally not even think about, and started having panic attacks, where I was convinced I needed the toilet that second, made worse if I was nowhere near a loo. I have found HRT very helpful, and a low dose anti depressant, helps me sleep. I think we are getting better about talking about it here in the UK, and it really helped me to tell my family, so if I suddenly felt wobbly, they didn't think I was being rude or being funny with them...


I was going to write in support of the last two messages but I feel you have probably read all the messages of support and still don't feel strong enough to write a little message. Whatever you are going through, please remember......the majority of us have been through hell and back with various things that have happened over our lives so just know that we are all checking in because we love hearing from you, no matter how brief. x

Anne Cooke

Do so agree with a previous comment,that it would not be difficult for Lucy to post a short message on facebook, (or ask someone to post one on her behalf if she is ill) She is receiving so much understanding, reassurance, thanks, praise, promises of prayers etc, from the loyal fans who have bought her kits in the thousands and voted for her in the British Knitting and Crochet awards. One short line of thanks for all our concern would be only polite.


Wouldn’t it be helpful if Lucy just posted a quick line to say she was taking a break for 6 months, or whatever? This would stop the tittle tattle once and for all. I totally agree, everyone needs a break, but it wouldn’t take much effort to post a line to stop everyone checking in every day.


Hi lovely Lucy, I hope you are doing ok and really hope you and your family are enjoying the summer holidays before Little B starts his new adventures at secondary school. Time flies by so quickly doesn’t it and it is a very precious thing to be cherished when you can. I too was a late follower but your blog was a breath of fresh air (I had never followed anybody before, so it was completely new to me!) and you and your wonderful, many photos (thank goodness for them) taught me to crochet. I have made many of your blankets, for myself and other family members and take great joy (and pride) in learning the new skills you so very patiently and clearly show us. I met you at Yarndale too and really treasure the memories of actually meeting you! and just the fabulousness ( 🤣 not sure if that’s a word but I like it!) of it all. I bought many wonderful things there. I look forward to when you are ready to blog again but only when you are ready and can’t wait for the Yuletide blanket CAL, it’s so pretty. Please take care and sending lots of love and hugs to you. Becki xxxx 🥰🤗🌟


Love the colour block blankets in your little garden, which pack is that from? Would love to make my own


Lucy, everyone needs a break from whatever. You will be back posting when it feel right for you. We all miss you.


Hi Lucy,
I couldn't agree more with the sentiment stated by Jude yesterday. I cannot understand anyone wanting to stop following on your blog, and as Jude said, perhaps selfish people. Most of us realise that having a teenage family, and being the school summer holidays will be a busy time for you. I have been following your blog from the beginning, before Little B was born, and I won't be stopping any time soon. Please take care Lucy, and we're happy to see your next post, whenever that will be. Hugs, Val

Katy S

Hi Lucy, I just felt compelled to comment. I was recommended your blood for crochet pattern about 6 years ago by a friend when she taught me to crochet. It has been my go to for all things crochet since. Just this year I started following your blog. And just this past month I went back to the archive and started at the very beginning and I'm now up to your 1 year anniversary of the blog. I am annoyed I am so late to the party but honestly it brings me so much joy and has encouraged a lot of positive good habits, flower posies baking and purchase of beautiful ceramic tableware! Thank you so very much. I hope you are all well and take some comfort in the joy you have spread, and will continue to. I still have years to read, so excited! xxx

Jill Kennedy

Lucy thank you so much for the joy that you have brought to so many people with your gorgeous crochet projects. For me it colour therapy and my happy place. I am almost half way through your sweet pea blanket and have my next 3 projects lined up .... Coastal, moorland and dahlia blankets. You will keep me smiling for months. I hope you and your family are safe and healthy xx

julie king

i hope you and your family are ok xxx


Hi Lucy, hopefully you and your family are all well and enjoying school holidays. Just want to say please totally ignore/delete the very few but particularly nasty people and their selfish comments, who imagine they are loyal followers. It is their loss if they wish to stop following your amazingly generous blog - you don't need people like that. Big hug x


Hi Lucy, I do hope all is well..will there be a Christmas blanket to look foreword to making ? Im thinking that as your channel has grown it maybe has become a little overwhelming? I lived seeing you flowers in your little jug, what you picked up at the shops, and of course your latest creations.Sometimes for me ,simple is best..Take care.

Janet Woodward

Hi Lucy..really miss your posts. I am praying for you and your family. You are such a blessing to many people! May the peace of God cover you. The world is in crisis but we can stand together and overcome evil. I pray wisdom and strength for you and your family.


Thank you for the comfort you and your patterns have given over the past 18 months. Hoping that you and your family are well and enjoying a rest over the school holidays. They must be your priority, we can wait.


@ Anne

Same here.



Dear Lucy,
Praying all is well with you and family.
Take care and God bless,
Anne ❤️


Just hoping that Lucy and family are well. 🌈🌈


I give up. Not following your blog anymore. You could at least let your many thousands of followers know what is happening. Loyal fans just being ignored very disappointed in you.

Charlotte Pountney

Hello Lucy, do hope that you and your family are all OK.
There's a donation gone to Paypal for a coffee...maybe you can enjoy it in your lovely courtyard. Charlotte xx


Your little garden area is absolutely delightful. I am going to have to see if there is anything I can do in my yard to make a cozy corner.

Tracy Bache

Hi Lucy,
I was a bit late reading this. Actually it's the 2nd of August.Did you pinch out shoots of your sweet peas? My garden is set over tiers and North facing but I try to include as many flowers as I can. We have salvia's and lavender that are covered in bees.
Thank you for your posts. They always pick me up.xxxx


Do hope everything is alright with you, such a long time since you posted on social media and I miss your posts ☹️



Ellie Williams

Hi Lucy,
Hope you and yours are all well.
Just finished another blooming flower cushion, family and friends love them
Thank you for sharing the pattern

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