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May 06, 2021


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It is sooooo cold, is it? My surrounding green environment is 4 weeks later than usual. Orange blossom is my favorite scent, I even have perfume with it. Perhaps you will love it too, Two eternities of Walden and Aromatic Elixer of Clinic. Eco and allergic-free. If I spray it on me in the morning I am so happy. Decluttering, after three years of health problems and moving kids dumping their stuff I am in need of decluttering big time. I've more time in the future, inspire me with your closet of doom pictures XD Thanks for the vlog again, Lucy.


Just watching Goggle Box tonight and spotted the Dune Blanket on there along with possibly some more of your beautiful patterns 😊


Thanks so much for the link to Lucy Wyndham-Read's site. It's great to find more exercise videos, and her English accent is lovely!


I'm very sorry to hear the sad news about Teresa Kasner, she was indeed a huge fan of yours wasn't she? I know she often commented here, and her enthusiasm and kind comments will be missed by readers too. Best wishes and sincere condolences to her family and those who knew her personally.


It snowed today in Berlin; this weekend it's supposed to be 23?! While I think most of us are ready to leave the early stage of spring behind us, it has allowed all the spring flowers and flowering trees to hold on for over a month, much much longer than usual. As the days get longer and brighter, there is a natural urge to clean and declutter. I have recently fallen down the YouTube rabbit hole on this and can recommend the no-clutter decluttering method explained here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNZCzQF5i7U Basically, you never create another mess by trying to clean up your whole mess at once -- you just work bit by bit so that when you're naturally pulled away by other things, you leave the space you were working on better than where you found it without disrupting anything else in your home. The video I linked is the most succinct explanation I found on her channel, but you can watch a number of other videos where she puts that method into action if it still doesn't seem clear. Thanks for sharing your colorful days and fragrant memories with us!

Gill Compigne-Leaney

Hi Lucy, decluttering is a bit bit of a non word in my house. I set out with all good intentions and then its "oh yes I know why I kept that" and "I must use this in my next project" etc. One day I'll actually get round to removing something from my pile!! My Lilac trees are just begining to flower, the purple one is a bit ahead of the white one but both look good for a nice display this year. The garden is becoming overgrown with bluebells and I should thin them out, my mum planted 6 bulbs 50 years ago and now they are everywhere. x

Nora McGrann

Another gorgeous blog Lucy..always beautiful photos..
I can empathise with you regarding TOO MUCH STUFF!! ..and am constantly having a clear out..But will get there..one day??
Have a lovely weekend with your family..🌸


I don’t think I have missed one single blog post since I started reading your blog many, many years ago! I love reading it, it’s like visiting your country. And I LOVE all the beautiful things you crochet, I’ve made three of your blankets. Right now it’s tulip time in the Netherlands, it’s an explosion of reds, yellows, pinks, oranges, blues, actually all the colours of the rainbow and more! If you have the opportunity to see it one day, don’t hesitate to come, you will love it too! And maybe you will get inspiration for a new blanket ;-)

Penny Park

We had our first train journey in 16 months to Skipton yesterday. Rather cold with sunshine, rain & hail but mainly sunshine. It was lovely to have a proper day out. We walked from the station along the canal into town. Life is slowly getting busier. Enjoy your walks. PP


Lucy, I'm a friend of Teresa Kasner's in Oregon, USA and I know she was a great admirer of yours. She was always crocheting one of your blankets. Her husband Dayle has asked me to let her blog friends know that she passed away today unexpectedly as a result of a recent illness. Thank you for reading her blog at times and commenting. It meant the world to her.

Dominique loesch

Orange trees ! Always a wonder for us, Northeners!


Hi Lucy Enjoyed reading your blog as usual and the pictures are always so soothing. Decluttering...yikes! One area, or room at a time. Right now, the only clutter free space is my bathroom. Blossoms are everywhere here too, but the winds are already causing ‘petal storms’, so the soft beauty will be gone soon. But I do love the abundance of greens spring holds…the countryside is lush right now, with every shade of green there is, I’m sure. I walk everyday, sometimes forest trails and sometimes seaside, or both. The wind was a bit brisk today, so I opted for the forest trail today, which was calm, but you are right, birdsong can be quite loud…the forest was full of it, sometimes interrupted by the call of eagles, and a busy woodpecker today too. Enjoying nature is what makes me happy. Be well, and wishing you and family all the best. Hugs, MO


I was just thinking of you and your walks as I was out on mine! I do mine in the evenings rather than the mornings. I'm afraid I am not a graceful riser at all. But I do take inspiration from your daily strolls to remind myself to look around and find things in my neighborhood that are beautiful to look at, even when I am at my grumpiest and most reluctant. Today I noticed that the wind up in the top of the alder trees by our little stream was making them actually creak as they swayed. And all our lilacs are just coming into bloom, so of course I couldn't resist stopping for a sniff.

Jenna Johns

i just wanted to let you know that my grandma, teresa kasner passed away today. i was looking at her blog and noticed your account popping up several times.

Jackie Farrow

Once again Lucy love reading your daily life. I too have slowly but surely de cluttering but till have someway to go. Most go to charity but I have been selling quite a bit on marketplace place etc. All the money goes towards something else we might need, my knit night every fortnight with a punch of ladies. Really enjoy those evenings, as you can guess we knit or crochet something and have our dinner and dessert which is made by our host. We here in Perth WA have had a mini lockdowns and mask wearing recently. I don’t mind the mini lockdowns, it gives me time to recharge my batteries. I’m on a loss weight challenge (self challenge that is). Doing ok, not falling of but it’s on the downward slide which is good. I’m also doing a walking challenge and if I do the kms by the amount of days I set I receive a medal. There are different ones in different Countries. I chose London, so looking forward to get the medal it so cool. Busy knitting cardi’s for Granddaughter and No.1 Grandson. When they are finish will start No.2 Grandsons jumper or cardi. Loving our cooler weather and can’t wait to be able to wear beanies and scarves, plus my new coat from one of my favourite clothes shops in UK Joules. I ordered it on line. Anyway, today we have our jabs and in 2 weeks hopefully our Covid vaxs. Take care Jackie

Norma Bullen

Thanks Lucy. I love to read your booog of simple happiness. It reminds me do much of growing up and living in Scotland. The tree blossom andc especially bluebells make me very homesick.
Here near Melbourne Australia, it is now mid-autumn and our liquid amber tree is all sorts of red & brown with a touch of yellow, so beautiful. It always amazes me that the new buds arrive a few short weeks later. Nature is so mystical. Thanks Lucy , take care, Norma xx


Hi Lucy! I do enjoy your posts, thank you for another delightful visit.

I've never considered Portugal as a destination until this week when a friend mentioned it, but Faro sounds lovely.

I don't speak Spanish or Portuguese; is it difficult to get around in Faro without knowing the language? I would of course learn a few phrases but the older I get the worse my aural comprehension becomes!

(I was in Glasgow Airport a few years back and had an awful time understanding the Customs official, which was quite embarrassing as she was speaking English, just very quickly! We had a good laugh over it once she slowed down though)

Lisa Lancaster

Lovely to hear from you as always Lucy. Thanks for sharing. It’s tidy up time this weekend for us. My Papercraft stuff is out of hand and needs a good tidy. I always had tidy up time with my two girls when they were tiny. That’s a nice memory. Xx


Thanks so much for your newsy catchup post and hopefully this comment won't go astray again. I don't know what happens when I push "publish" sometimes as they just vanish. Love seeing all the Spring blossom & hope it warms for you soon. Our weather is very strange here too. Thick fog this morning, so hopefully a nice sunny day even if cool.
I must declutter, but it's not easy is it? Take care, stay safe & hugs from down under.

Melucha Santos Silva

Hi Lucy,
I love reading your blog and so often "envy" your beautiful daily walks though I get to enjoy them a little through your photos.
Your last post is special to me because you mention how much you enjoyed visiting my country - Portugal. Thank your for you kind words. Next time, maybe you can visit the area where I live - Sintra.
It´s May and the weather is already wonderful here...


Someone dec luttering always makes me want to start! I have the Marie Kondo book and apart from some daft advice, I really like it. I think I encountered three seasons in one day as I walked along the shore this afternoon, I started out in the dry cold, met with a winter shower and on the way back, the sun was bleaching down.

Kristine S

A new blog, or episode, of I ❤ Lucy - well, that's what I call it! I enjoy every bit of your blog as it helps me get through my day each time I read it.
Thank you for taking the time to let us know how, where & what you're doing. The images of your spring are special, just when we're losing our sunshine & warmth... It's been raining in Sydney - which brought out the leeches. My poor puppy had a bleeding paw & I didn't know why until I found a huge leech - on the bedroom wall!!! TG it wasn't in the bed! EEEK!


A bit of decluttering is wonderful isn't it. Although I am rather too scared of some of the cupboards to even attempt them right now. The orange blossom melts sound wonderful. I love essential oils, but using them in a burner they can evaporate very quickly and leave a bit of an odd smell. I shall definitely give the wax ones a go. And orange is one of my absolute favourite scents. You do find some lovely things. CJ xx

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