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May 06, 2021


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The deep ache might be related to Polymyalgia Rheumatica. I’m sorry you are suffering with pain.


Hello Lucy, how good to read your blog, I always enjoy it so much.
I know about leg pain & menopause, too, and I started to eat red meat (beef & lamb) of very good quality regularly a while ago. I know this is absolutely not a popular thing to do nowadays but I am writing it anyway, because it helped me getting rid of the pain entirely. Nobody told me to do so, I just guessed, and it worked when nothing else did. 100g 2 times per week are enough. xxx Inga

Marlene Cavaretta

Hi Lucy, you make me happy with all of your beautiful & colorful patterns. Hope you & you're beautiful family are safe & in good health!

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy I also am concerned by not seeing a writing from you in awhile. I can relate to debilitating pain and am going thru an episode myself right now. Praying for your recovery m'dear and do what you need to do for yourself. Summer warmth and the blooms will soon work it's way with you. It does wonders for the soul. Take Care, MO

Pamela G

Hi Lucy. Sorry to hear about the pain you are suffering and hope it has eased. When I was in my 40s I had debilitating pain in my hips (radiating to my knees)for a few months. The GP prescribed anti-inflammatories, which were very good at dealing with the pain but caused problems with my digestive system - so I would advise you to steer clear of anti-inflammatories if possible. I found that coffee which I love!) added to my pains so I stopped drinking it but should have weaned myself off it gradually rather than going cold turkey because I think that contributed to the pain.

That was about 20 years ago and I find that I have the odd pain in my hips but I just use gel (for example, Ibuleve) and find that it really helps.

Hope this is useful. If not, feel free to ignore it. I do hope you get some relief soon as I know how exhausting constant pain can be. x


Hi Lucy, I’m so sorry you’ve been feeling low, I really hope you’re starting to feel more like yourself again. I know I have been finding it hard but am hoping to feel more like myself as time goes on. The glorious sunshine certainly cheers you up and we have beautiful countryside to walk through which helps lift your spirits too. So many pretty flowers, animals and birds to see and wonder at. I’m loving your decluttering it looks really fantastic and it does make you feel so much better when it’s done, even though it can be very emotional! Take care and looking forward to another wonderful post when you feel ready. Lots of love and hugs to you. Becki xxx 😊🥰

Dawn Clark

Hello Lucy. You haven’t posted in a while and I was missing your posts and photos. I hope you are doing okay. Dawn


I have missed seeing your posts and hope you are doing okay! Thank you again for an uplifting and enjoyable blog :)


Hi Lucy first time commenting but long long time reader of your post. It’s been a while since you posted I hope you are doing well. Been a tough year and I’ve come to rely on blog for a touch of the outside world and your great look in life! I’ve learned crochet from my mom as a teen. My first project with her was a granny square bed spread. Finding your blog inspired me to pick up my crochet hooks again and I have made 5 or so of your blankets and have loved every minute of it. Thanks Lucy!

Amanda Smith

In my house decluttering seems to go on and on. I have just got to be getting to the end of it soon! All my own fault though I shouldn't be such a hoarder LOL! What would I do without walking...it so helps me let off steam. Those blossom images are so beautiful that and all that gorgeous green landscape does make me feel a little homesick though! It has been raining no end here in Alicante...most unusual but our new park is reaping the benefit of all that water. Keep well Amanda x

Tracey ogden

My word Lucy I had the same pain and annoyance with my right thigh that came and went and came back again. Realised reading your post that it is less now : so hopefully post menopause: We too are trying to reduce the stuff we have : my aim is to have a calm space :

Linda Ruth Nichols

Lovely post. Thank you. You may have inspired me to start exercising.


Oh Lucy, it's been a while since I've popped by, but I'm so glad I did today. Your blogs are like meditation. The blossom here in Suffolk is going over a bit, but our bramley apple tree is just opening up its blossom and it's divine. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos and positive thoughts. Keep well xx

Claire Birtles

Hi Lucy.
I love tulips but rarely buy them as cut flowers as they droop so quickly. However I was recently given the tip of putting a penny in the water. And it really does work. The blooms had started to shed their petals and they were still upright. I was amazed. Don’t know how it works but it did for me.
Lovely to hear all your news.
Claire xx

Kim McBirnie

Hi Lucy, I'm a runner(and menopausal) and when I get leg pain like that it is usually because my magnesium levels are low - you need to top up, especially if you're working out in multiple days. I get magnesium and zinc supplements from Holland & Barretts and they do help.


What a lovely newsy post. Good luck with your decluttering. When you’re done, you can pop over to my place. LOL I love the scent of orange blossom too. Once we were travelling on our motorcycle and as we approached an orchard area we could smell this amazing fragrance on the breeze. It was the orange blossom. We could smell it before we could even see the orchard. Down here in Oz we are in the opposite season to you. We live in one of the cooler areas, with lots of European trees. The colours this last few weeks has been glorious. The best we have had for a few years. We had our first run of frosts a couple of weeks ago, which was a bit of a shock to the system, although it has warmed up a bit just recently. Our fire is on each evening now. Time to enjoy being in the sewing room and crochet by the fire.

LYn Zalk

Lucy I suffer with crazy foot pain at night.... I use a mentholated cream and it works wonders on them as well as leg cramps!! I wonder if it would give you some relief as well: "MagniLife DB Pain Relieving Foot Cream. I live in the US but it may be available in the UK. Do a Google Search!!!


A lovely thought provoking post and some nice ideas too. Away from the hectic, almost manic atmosphere of the Monday to Friday office vibe i am finding solace in smaller crochet projects as I seem to lack any sort of drive at the moment. Your posts resonate with me being of a similar age and a northern gal who appreciates the reawakening signs of a much anticipated warmer, lighter season. There is special pleasure in the beautiful buds blossoms and blooms which are bursting into life just now. I feel more positive for the first time in forever and optimism for what awaits. Love your posts, Lucy. Always a charming little lift just when it’s needed. Toni xxx


Great post thanks. I love the bunting on the mantle, could I ask for the pattern please?

Jane Dorfman

I trust you have been to a doctor about the pain in your thigh and they he/she has ruled out blood clots.


Thank you for another post of brightness!

Nancy Swank

Thanks, Lucy! You've inspired me to try the Lucy Wyndham-Read 4 week challenge - even though I'll be starting a week behind. :)

Charlotte Pountney

You live in a lovely spot to be 'same-samey'! Looks like a wonderful holiday destination to me, and without the oppressive heat of faro in the summer! Co-incidentally, I have been decluttering, too, encouraged by videos from The Minimalist Mom on Youtube (but I probably won't go that far!) Like you, my house is filled with piles of 'stuff', and I and being quite ruthless. It feels wonderful when you have a space back under your easy control. The point which struck me most was that all the possessions you accumulate take energy to curate and clean around; it's true, a bit of calm, decluttered space feels wonderful!
PS, A dog would enhance your walks even more...Tilly would soon lick a puppy into its place!


Walking is so glorious isn't it? We're very much autumnal down here in Kangarooland but I've been out walking with Chuck Norris the naughty pugalier most days. It's so good for my mental health but as I'm also starting to go through that perimenopausal blah, I'm really hoping it helps me to not become an old fat lady on the otherside!!
Your spring blossom photos are so glorious so thank you for posting them!
Without meaning to hijack your blog I have also just heard the terribly sad news of Teresa Kasner. We found each other through a love of your blog and I do hope her family open up a condolence page on her blog so we may offer our love and tributes for Teresa to them.


To be honest I haven't been feeling too great recently. I suffer with anxiety and it's been a lot worse over the last week. I did hear a Chiff Chaff for the first time in two years last Saturday which I was very pleased about, and today we had two Collard Doves, a Male Great Spotted Woodpecker and, as an even bigger surprise, a Male Blackcap in the garden! I do love seeing the birds, especially the rarer visitors, so that has cheered me up a bit!

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