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April 15, 2021


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Dear Lucy, it's always a breath of springtime when you blog. Thank you for continuing to do so despite the challenges.

We had 6 inches (more than 15cm) of snow this morning here in Northeastern Ohio (USA) and it was a real shock to the system, having been 80 degrees F (27 C) last week!

Congratulations on receiving your first vaccine! My first hurt going in and left a very sore arm, but on the second I was told by the doctor that *spreading* the muscle before injection is much less painful for the recipient, and it was true. I didn't feel it going in at all, and my arm was only slightly sore afterwards. Sharing in the hope that will help you or someone else.


I absolutely adore your blog and photos. We're heading into Winter here in Australia but looking at your photos I feel like we are all finally one and the same (hehe). I'm in southern Australia so much colder. We spent Easter in the North of Australia on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef and it was so hot and humid. I loved our holiday and feel ever so grateful, I always try to look at the positive side and the change in weather where we live is a good thing. I don't think I could stand it being that hot all year round.
I can imagine your 'reflief' with the kids returning to school. Ours have only just had their break with two weeks off and I was more than happy to wave them goodbye this morning. Take care.


I don't mind waking in the rain, as long as I'm dressed for it (wellies, raincoat, etc) & I can get dried & warmed as needed when I get in. I really minded walking to work in the rain in the distant days before children - I had to walk along a road that is always windy, whatever the weather, so rain would just hurl itself against the pedestrians! I soon learnt to keep spare clothes in my desk...!

Your hills look so beautiful in the snow!

Alice Le Mero

So lovely!! I love a good magazine too!! I've now subscribed to 3 crochet magazines!! I think I have a problem 😅 your posts was relaxing and uplifting as always and I cant wait to see your new design!!

Ariadne Desarro

You have influenced my life in so many ways. I found the monthly cross stitch kits from Cotton and Twine from seeing your work. The paintings of Annabella are my new favs and have received one and am waiting on my second. She should design fabric! Love when she uses water colours as her medium. And of course your beautiful blankets in their lovely palettes. Colour helps me smile and feel happy. Thank you Lucy!!


Lucy - I always love your posts, but this is one of the best, and the photos are beautiful! I love the color palettes of your projects - if only I could crochet! I am an avid knitter, though, and dream of someday creating something similar to your projects with my knitting needles. Right now I'm happily knitting little animals from patterns that are also from the U.K. They are such fun to make, even though they're a bit "fussy." Glad you have your first shot. Here in the U.S., we've had ours for a couple of months now, and it's a good feeling, even though we still mask and stay very careful. Looking forward to seeing the next project with those lovely Christmas colors!

Corinna Mazzotta

Oh yes - The Simple Things is one of my favourite "me time" treats & I've been a subscriber for several years. A seasonal magazine that is actually published just before the month it relates to rather than like every other magazine I've seen which has you reading about Christmas in October, Spring in January and summer beaches in April! Love, love,love it! I always keep mine until the 1st of the month (May's arrived today) before I start reading. Enjoy your copies.
Can't wait to see your new blanket- I need a festive one and haven't seen a colour scheme I like yet. Your teaser looks perfect. 😊
Thanks for sharing more of your everyday. I enjoyed spending part of your Easter holidays with you - our eldest 2 are the same age so everything resonates so clearly!


Hello Lucy,

Wonderful pictures again. Sunshine and o… suddenly winter. That happened here as well. I wanted to plant the leek and lettuce outside, but then it started freezing again, so the kitchen has temporarily turned into a vegetable garden.

At long last I started to crochet a blanket. Looking for inspiration on the internet, I finished – of course 😉 – at the Attic. Now I’m producing colourful granny squares which will end up into a lovely and cosy blanket.

But staying bit longer on the internet, I came across the website of HanJanCrochet and saw: https://www.hanjancrochet.com/the-coffee-shop-wrap-free-crochet-pattern/. I immediately thought of you. The way you show us your delicious coffees and the way you write about them, I could imagine you very well in this Coffee-Shop-Wrap 😊.

Warm greetings,

Linda from Boston

Can’t wait to see more of your new blanket. I sprained my right wrist a couple of days ago and I’m SO sad that my crocheting is on hold for a bit. Hard to do everything left handed!!! On top of that, it’s currently snowing!!! Snowing on hummingbird feeders and budding lilac bushes! They’re not happy. What a topsy turvy time.

Mary W

Beautiful color choices for a new blanket! Love the teaser and it stirred all kinds of imaginative ideas.


Snow on the ground here this morning. Springtime in New England can be very tempermental. Azalea bush all in bloom and pretty daffodils with snow on them? It makes my eyes blink twice to believe what I'm seeing!


Hi from the Netherlands .looking forward to seeing your new blanket .love the colours already.🌷


Love the beautiful countryside and teaser of new blanket colours


we readers are all so very grateful that you share your unique creativity so generously. Every instalment is a joy. You teach us all how to live well wherever we find ourselves. Big thank you!


Thank you so much for your posts! I enjoy reading about your home and crafty things! Do you have an email where we can contact you?

Teresa Kasner

I'm intrigued by the color board of your new project. I've actually been wanting a blanket that is Christmas colored to put out when the house is decorated for the holidays! Exciting!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Oh, such a lovely post for me to read whilst having my brekky. I admire you for taking a walk first thing in the morning, something I should do, but now that winter is on it's way, it would be a little later I think. We had our first jabs on 27/3 & also had a headache & I got the shakes for a short time, but we are OK now. Enjoyed your photos of where you walk & that you got to the cafe to pick up some goodies. I can still see it all in my minds eye, the cafe, canal & Bolton Abbey. One day again, maybe. Look forward to seeing more of the new project. Take care, stay safe & huggles.

Mags Wilkinson

Enjoyed your post as usual, thanks for sharing. We are staying in the 'van at Niffany just now and the nights and mornings are very chilly. Sorry to see that Cooper's is still closed, have enjoyed their coffee in previous years. Take care. 😁


Our willow artist makes gorgeous things, does she? Love her work. I admire your routine, perhaps, one day, can manage it too. How sweet to bring magazines. I miss our library because of that. Me, getting books and reading some newspapers and magazines. It really was a shock to see all white again. My tender plants are still under blankets at night, minus 5 last night, brrr. Oh, a new blanket <3 Hope to see it in the near future. Thanks for the lovely post.


Another fabulous posts. Has the weather been unbelievable. Seeing your photos brightens my day I live in a busy built-up city. I was very excited about your new blanket I have a feeling it's going to be very christmassy but also quite autumny. Still curious to know what happened to josefina bag have you finished her yet have you used her have a good week

Nora McGrann

Another great blog Lucy....

Always look forward to reading your day to day happenings..

Thank you as always...

Nora 🌷❤


I love that you're emailing the willow sculptor, no doubt that will make her day. Also that you have the lovely magazines from someone who knew you would appreciate them. I can highly recommend walking in the rain. It makes home feel very lovely indeed afterwards and it's really invigorating. In fact, I enjoy it more than the dog does - he sometimes tries to get me to give it a miss when it's tipping down. CJ xx

Birgit Rosenberg

Thank you for your blog posts. Your musings from across the pond are welcome here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


I love reading your posts and am excited about the new blanket and the teaser you provided - imagining the colors.


Super excited by the glimpse of the wintery project but also really pleased we've got the joy of spring, summer and autumn to enjoy in the meantime x

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