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April 17, 2021


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Tanvir Ahmed

Hi Lucy,
Can I use this Wild garlic in saute?

Milagros Baldomero

Wild garlic soup and Pesto! Fantastic. :-)


Ooh, that wild garlic soup looks so good! I'm lucky enough to have some growing in the garden.

karen price

I've been eating wild garlic, nettle and spinach soup all week. Wild garlic cheese scones are amazing. Your post reminded me about them so will make some tomorow to go with the wild garlic pesto. I have a lot of wild garlic near me!


Oh that pasta dish looks delicious.


I am totally envious of your access to wild garlic - it doesn't even grow in our neck of the woods. The pesto and soup both look delicious!

Sue Hirst

Lovely recipes Lucy & beautiful photographs, thank you. Try adding some nettles to the mix to reduce the garlicky-ness - wear gloves! I like to see whether I can get them past the family without them noticing - “oh it’s just Green Soup” 😋👍. Have a lovely Sunday, love from sunny Essex, Sue xx

Mami Made It

I love Wild Garlic pesto too. I love seasonal vegetables. You eat so much of them and then it's OK till next year. Same with chanterelles :)

Alice Le Mero

Oo yumm!! We use to live near loads of wild garlic but I haven't seen any up here in scotland, maybe I've just not been looking hard enough, I might need to go on a hunt for some wild garlic!


You better watch out with those delicious recipes, Lucy, now all of us go foraging the woods empty. XD Looks delicious all.


I was given some unknown seeds and sowed them, along with some other unknowns, round the pond when we finished digging it out. I look forward to seeing my little patch of green and white in the back corner every year. Don't think I could reach them to harvest some leaves though.... that soup sounds delish!

Eve M

I used to live in an area where wild garlic grew prolifically and it was known as Ramsons locally. One springtime I was lucky enough to be given a Giant Puffball. If you ever get a chance to try one of these amazing fungus they are especially delicious sliced about half an inch thick and gently sauteed in butter with some chopped Ramsoms.
Thank you Lucy for sharing your pesto recipe, and for all your beautiful crochet patterns.


My whole family love wild garlic on pizza and in dough balls. I have I BS so can’t tolerate normal garlic, wild garlic if fine 😁. So this time of year is a real treat, I substitute wild garlic in pretty much everything l. I hope this is helpful for someone else too. Thanks for sharing Lucy,


I just made some basil pesto using the basil from our garden. So fresh.

Teresa Kasner

It all looks delicious, Lucy! You're getting to be quite the chef! Have a super week.

((hugs)), Teresa :-)


We are lucky enough to have it in our garden. I tear the leaves and the flowers into salads, delicious 😃


Although allergic to garlic, I loved reading about your foraging & playing in the kitchen. Seems you had some fun and an enjoyable day at your friends catching up with others too. Take care & hugs.


Mmm, it all sounds delicious. I do love a bit of foraging, there's something very reassuring about finding your own food in the wild. CJ xx


I adore Wild Garlic pesto and your soup recipe sounds yummy. My husband was just asking me what I want to do tomorrow and I think now I have my answer. Foraging!

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