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April 05, 2021


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Lovely spring flowers! All the daffodils are starting to come up in our garden and although there is snow on the ground, it's nice to have that little bit of spring(very confusing though having both!!)

I am sooo excited to see your new blanket design!!! something to look forward too in the later months! I have very recently started designing and have launched a blog called woollensmile and I just wanted to say a thank you because you have been very inspirational and I really love your work x

Kate McCurrach

Lovely to read about your Easter weekend Lucy. It did make me chuckle thinking of J's face walking around the meadow. I also thought how good it must be to have a teenage daughter who wants to spend time with you. I certainly didn't have that (I told you all at that stitchy weekend that she didn't like me breathing 😂) but now she's 18, I think she's shifting a bit more back to me again.xxx


I just made 1 of your Applique sheep patterns. It turned out so cute. I am a first time grand Aunt and want to make animals for the 1960's book Brown Bear Brown Bear by Bill Martin, JR ..one of the animals is black sheep, yours was perfect.
do you have any patterns for a bird a cat, dog, or horse, in similar size for little child to hold in her hands as Mommy reads to her?


Glad you had a lovely Easter weekend Lucy. It has been so good to be able to venture out more and see a few friends for coffee and a chat hasn't it. Have a happy creative rest of the week x


I just love your nature walk posts and photos. Spring is such a gorgeous time of the year. Lol I thought I was the only one who loved moss in the garden. Everyone else seems to want to spray it. I just love it's texture, colour and springyness.


I've just had a look at stylecraft special dk - not bought any for a while and was surprised how expensive it has got. Don't think I can afford to make a blanket any more, which is a shame.


Hi Lucy, I’ve been catching up on your blog posts. I do enjoy reading it and seeing your little corner of the world through your eyes. Thank you, I’m a long-time reader. Here’s a little trick that cyclamen have. They die down for the winter, then pop their leaves back up for the spring and summer. At least, they do here in New Zealand. In Yorkshire, you might have to dig the corm, (bulb), out and store it indoors. Another neat trick they do, is when the flower heads have gone to seed, they lean over and touch the ground. Then they deposit all their little seeds directly into the soil. Neat huh? Mum has cyclamen popping up in her garden and we know we didn’t plant them.

Lynda Robinson

oh I loved catching up with what you did over Easter and we certainly are in spring now. I loved the walks with you and all the beautiful cosy interiors, and your spring planter deserves to be in that spring edition of Country Living!

Denise Henderson

Oh my, already loving those colors and hoping it is a new granny square!

Abigail @ rosy_hill

This all looks magical. Thank you for the update! 😊

Miss Elaineous

Lovely to hear from you as always! My project bin is overflowing with ongoing and anticipated projects, including the first 20 rows or so of the Meadow Blanket. I had big ambitions to participate in real time with the CAL this year which were foiled by the arrival of our very own Little Lady, so I am catching time to do a row or two every day or so and taking it easy. Hopefully it will be done by the time your meadow is in full bloom again.

Any chance we will get the Ta-Dah post for the Meadow Blanket? I'd love some spoilers for the final look all together with the edging on. And while I am being needy, I can't seem to find a final Ta-Dah for the Dahlia Blanket either... which is high on my list of projects that make my hands itch with anticipation.

I resolved this year to always have a blanket going on the hook and so far I am keeping with it! Thank your for providing such lovely patterns and colors to keep this going.


Lovely Easter post Lucy, thank you. We’ve had quite a few light flurries of snow mingled with brilliant warming sunshine over the Easter weekend and thoroughly enjoyed our walks out in the fresh air (very fresh at times!). We too are extremely lucky to have beautiful countryside on our doorstep. I have been enjoying my take on your oaty pancakes for breakfast, can’t get enough of them I have to say! I use goats milk yogurt and gluten free oats but they still taste absolutely delicious topped with a variety of fruit. Love, love, love the look of your new blanket and can’t wait to see more. As always take care Lucy, love and hugs Becki xx


Oh my I’m liking the look of that new blanket 😉
Lovely to read you blog as always x

Kathy N

Thanks for your spring Easter post, so lovely. I was tickled this winter when I found flower-y sheets. It's been too cold to use them (flannel is soooo cozy). But it has warmed up (barely) and I was excited to lay my head on my flower pillow. Thanks for the inspiration!


Splendidly cold and clear in Carlisle, perfect weather for stitching or at least thinking about stitching as so many yarn projects suddenly look so bright and comforting. All your photos look fabulous

gloria g

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your flowers are all toxic to cats..........please be careful.....since I know you have a cat...if she eats any of it it is poisonous. Just to let you know...........thanks happy Easter and enjoy, but be careful.


Ah, they design those magazines to make you greedy, Lucy, the shop 'till you drop greed. Luckily we know we got all we need. Loads of love. No magazine can give you that ;>D enjoy the inspiration. That stack of blocks looks soooo good.


A post full of lovely things as always. I have a pot that I'm waiting to fill full of flowers as well at the moment. It just needs lining first, then I've got some little pink dianthus and a pale pink marguerite to put in it. My youngest said something to me the other day that I think you'll appreciate when I was expounding on the wonderfulness of small things - you don't need the big things to make you happy, you just need the little happy things to make up a whole happy life. I'm hoping he remembers that! CJ xx


Dear Lucy, Thank you so much for your positive words and lovely photos! Very uplifting start to a sunny (and freezing) morning!

Jenny M

Beautiful Spring photos - I did a double take when you mentioned your daughter is nearly 17! Melbourne's Autumn weather for Easter was very warm 28-30c, it felt more like Summer!


Your weekend sounds lovely and the new blanket sounds exciting.
I spent Saturday making and distributing several batches of hot cross buns to my family. Sunday was spent sitting in my daughter's garden in the warm sunshine. We had a delicious homemade afternoon tea and knitted together and watched the children play. By contrast, my husband and I went walking on Monday in a very remote and wild part of the East Yorkshire coast. The sun was beautiful but oh my goodness, it was bitterly cold, I was glad of my cosy handknits! 😃

Jackie Farrow

Good Friday we visited our son and his family. Our youngest grandchild and only girl is such a cutie but I reckon will be a little madam when she gets older. She started walking just before she was nine months, far too early! So she is already a toddler and not even a year yet. Saturday I did a bit of shopping and I think that was about it. Sunday I collected our daughter and eldest grandson (husband working....retail). Grandson will be 6 in June and full of beans. We live opposite a park (sports is played on there). There is play equipment, so took him over there for a little while. For some reason we (daughter & I) decided to take it in turns to run around that area and see how quick we could do it in. Yep, mad moment, I felt like an old woman running, not my younger self from the pass! Well I am 60, so guess I am the old woman in body, mind not so. Lol Anyway, we had a BBQ dinner and grandson was so excited. I forgot to say when he arrived at our house the Easter Bunny had been and he/her had left lots of goody chocolates. Yesterday, Monday decided it was veg out day! Stayed in my pjs all day, played games and knitted and talk with hubby! Oh and before I forget, the trees (not Australian natives) know it’s Autumn 🍂 and are dropping leaves etc but the weather doesn’t seem to know. We are still getting mid 30’s!!!!! 😫 By for now, sorry this turn out to be a long read.


Our weather has been variable for weeks but Easter Sunday was great. Looking forward to the new blanket.

Teresa Kasner

Your weekend sounded wonderful. I am looking forward to you showing us your new blanket design. I'm still working on my Meadow! LOL! Have a super week. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


So good to hear from you, Lucy! Your new blanket is intriguing...

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