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April 29, 2021


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Irene H Thomas

Hi From EL Paso,TX :)
N u have a new TV to me getting email address n stuff like that I worked at the Hospital n working delivering stuff from the Pharmacy, groceries and fast food we wore gloves and face masks to stay safe and I crocheted well I was here at home and then we down time at work look at patterns make blankets from yar norf using a sewing machine it seemed like we were never going to get out again I'm so glad we are out again, and back working as a Security Officer, I enjoy reading her blog and I've learned so much love your patterns for crochet.your life is so quite n peaceful no big changes :)

Mavis K Hewitt

Lovely blog once again Lucy. You are a lady after my own heart with your love of Spring. I especially love the leaves on the trees before they darken and the Spring flower colours. Our bluebells are almost finished here in South Wales, but you can still find a few clumps here and there. Understand the need for the Spring Clean, but miss your little knitted? Houses that were on the mantle. Hope it warms up soon too, need to thaw out xxx


Hello Lucy,
your blog always manages to lift my spirit. It's such a wonderful source of strength to me. I realized something when I read your sentence "I'm aware that this post is not showing you anything new or exciting,... daily routines are extremely repetitive after more than a year in place." I understand what you say and that it feels like this. However, for me it's still so exciting to look at your lovely photos and learn about everyday life in the UK.

So you got me to think about what in my daily routines that are ever so repetitive (=boring) at the moment would be interesting to others and how I could learn to appreciate my routines and get a new perspective.

Your blog has tought me to look at the details in life before, and with this thought even more. Thank you so much for sharing your world.


Loving the sunlight and shadows of your walking pictures and glad your favourite cafe has been able to open al fresco for you to enjoy again.

Lynda Robinson

Oh I love the idea of slowly waking and taking some time out doors to myself first light...I have a tight schedule to keep to in the mornings and I like my sleep too much to get up any earlier than 6.30am! but maybe when I retire. I love your blankets and I really must finish mine that is hidden somewhere in my very untidy workroom. Thank you for sharing your photos and ideas xxx


Loved your new blog Lucy, have missed your little part of the world. It’s been wonderful to catch up with all you’ve been doing and your beautiful photos and am really loving your Yuletide blanket. It’s looking very intriguing! Take care and thank you for your uplifting blogs, love and hugs Becki xxxx

Charlotte Pountney

There is really nothing 'ordinary' about your lovely morning walk and special cup of coffee...you are very familiar with it, but to us, it looks like a fantastic escape into a rural idyll!
At least the April temperatures have been fitting for your yuletide blanket!


Oh! How funny that you should mention the color work granny today! I've been contemplating a similar blanket, and I'd wanted to reference yours as I put together ideas in my brain, but I simply couldn't remember what you'd called it so I didn't know how to find it. And now here it is! Lucky me!

Kristine S

Love your chatty blogs... looking forward to more to come❣🤗⚘


You have reminded me how good it is to get up early and see the world in that low slanting sunlight. The frost and mist certainly add so much to your photos too. I’m a bit of a slugabed these days :). Have a lovely weekend. B x


We are all on the same boat, lockdown routine is something we have to do with and your experience, wise style of life and philosophy are so very helpful. Thank a lot for sharing.


Good morning from Wisconsin in the US! We are definitely feeling Spring here, too, but still have chilly nights and some brisk mornings. I am currently working on a Summer Ripple blanket, with the gorgeous cotton yarns from King Cole. Oh MY I love these colors! I think this may be my favorite color palette of all time. Thank you so much for this pattern and yarn selection. I am making one slightly smaller than your pattern, as a toddler-sized blanket for my granddaughter. At almost two, she will be growing out of her crib soon, and I felt she needed a special blanket to celebrate her move to a big bed. :) I have two other blankets in the works that need my attention as well (including the Meadow blanket, which I joined in quite late in the CAL game).
I am glad for you that some of your favorite spaces are reopening! It is the same here. I love the creativity shown by our local coffee shops and restaurants, the embrace of al fresco dining with accompanying fire places, fire pits, and patio heaters. Everyone who gathers seems to be so cheerful and happy to brave the colder weather (and often, come prepared with a lap blanket).
Just wanted to say hello, wish you well, and thank you for all the yarny projects and inspiration! Stay well and enjoy the coming season with your family, in your beautiful spot of the world!

Gill Compigne-Leaney

Lovely tranquil post Lucy I love your part of Yorkshire. I was a bit unsure of your yuletide blanket at first (I am not a 'Red" person) but the more you do the more I like it. At the moment I am trying to go through my stash of wool and other materials to make less for my kids to get rid of when the time comes so I look forward to your next scrap blanket! I don't know how you manage to blog so regularly it takes me all my time to do once a month, please accept my admiration. x


For me, making something always involves a lot of dreaming about when it will be used, so I can well imagine the lure of a happy scrappy picnic blanket. I know what you mean about canal towpaths, there are lots near here and they're not always the most inspiring walk. The early morning photos are very beautiful though. My eldest is quite into photography and we've looked at some glorious dawn pictures lately. He got up for sunrise when we were in the Lake District in August (so pretty early) to try and capture the light. We were really inspired by this article as well - an English travel photographer who took photos near his home over lockdown: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/05/travel/sussex-bicycle-portraits.html?referringSource=articleShare Hope you have a lovely weekend Lucy. CJ xx

Rainbow Junkie

Just a thought! but when you don't manage to resist the urge to make another granny blanket you might like to give it another look by putting the squares at an angle. here is one I made https://rainbowjunkiecorner.wordpress.com/2020/11/09/yay-the-final-blanket/ doesn't give the full idea of a multicolour blanket because I was including a pattern. Lots of possibilities though.

Jacqueline Gorman

Lucy I just love your walk along the canal I would love to live in a barge so exciting and off course love all your crochet too x


Lovely to hear about how you rework and redesign blankets before they are finally announced


Your bread bragging has my stomach growling! Lol! I really think I could live in a small village in England. It's just so picturesque. I would love to be able to walk to little shops (and bakeries!!!) The Yuletide blanket is drop dead gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing part of your world with us.

Bonnie Brocklehurst

Hi Lucy, you always make me so happy when I read your blog, your love of nature and the simple joys of life is so lovely. I really love the Christmas blanket but am also excited about you thinking of another granny square blanket.

I am also trying to exercise on a regular basis with walks and working in the garden, our weather is similar to yours but we are slowly getting past winter and looking forward to nice sunny days.

Thank you for being you and sharing your world with us.

You inspired me to learn crochet and it has added so much to my life💕.

Bonnie from Newfoundland

Kathleen Menzies

Loved seeing Little B's chubby little hand holding on to the "Patchwork Granny". 8 years do change a few things! Your blog makes me smile and be thankful for the small things which make up a day!


I love hearing from you, Lucy! What a lovely life you live in your idyllic little English village. It's so foreign (literally) to us Americans and so captivating and charming.

Eleonora Coastal Crochet

Gorgeous blog post Lucy! 🥰🥰💙


I put blankets aside earlier in the year as I'd become very frustrated with the one I was working on, and started an amigurumi project instead but, I had to stop that as well because I couldn't concentrate on it properly in the living room. Now I'm finding that I'm being pulled back to blankets just to give me something to do!

Loving the blue of your Grape Hyacinths!


How I've missed your blog post I look for them everyday but I understand that you need time off. I am over excited I've seen the colours coming together of your yueltide blanket. Love your beautiful photos. Take care of yourself in your Cwell-being

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