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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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April 08, 2021


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Margaret Mary Edwards

Just finished dahlia blanket and loved it. Your patterns are so easy to follow, even for an 84 years old!
However, do you have a square pattern for a blanket with different stitch rows as I only know the grannie and spike stitch. I need this to go over a white doona cover.
Thank you from West Australia.

virginie paczek

So great job already!
Everything is wonderful and your photos are so nice.
You're such a talented person.


Hi Lucy, I enjoy tremendously your 'old fashioned blog'...I love the written word and am a reader as opposed to an viewer ie, Youtube. I thank you for the journeys you take us on, for the craft that you share, and just for being you in such a charming way. Finished the Meadow Blanket and now am on the journey of the Dahlia Blanket...the colors are so vibrant and alive! And condolences on the lost of the Prince...tis a dying era it seems. Hugs, MO


Thank you for keeping your old fashioned blog, I enjoy reading about your life (because I'm a confirmed sticky beak!) and following your crocheting adventures. I love your patterns and have made many, although I keep returning to the ripple blanket as a favourite.

In Melbourne (Australia) we are heading into winter but I don't feel like we have had much of a summer so I'm a bit disheartened about it. I'm not ready for the cold yet! And of course hoping that the authorities have got all the measures in place to ensure we don't get any further COVID-19 outbreaks and the vaccine program is rolled out efficiently. Lordy me I feel for you guys over there in what must seem like never ending lockdowns!

SO thank you for sharing your cheery corner of the internet :)


It's so nice to see all the lovely photos and I absolutely agree about having real seasons! I love reading your posts they are so peaceful and its therapeutic, so thank you x

Sylvia van Venrooij

Dear Lucy, finally I got to write you a note to say that I am a very big fan of your blog. The way you give me a look into your life it makes me feel that you are a very close friend and you always give me such a good feeling. Thank you for your honest look into your live, it’s a real joy to read. I am living in the Netherlands so when I am reading your blog it’s like I am on a little holiday, a journey that takes me away from my life. Your photos are a real joy every each season year round , soooo wonderful. I’m a crochet fan, it’s a hobby for life! I hope you’re keep on blogging and know that you have a fan at the other side of the sea! Lots of love ❤️ Sylvia


Thank you for your lovely blog, photos and all of your amazing crochet creativity. Love your kits, patterns and photo tutorials, all so beautifully put together. Sitting in my lovely old low button back, chenille fuscia pink nursery chair, enjoyinging the first quarter photos, and getting ready to choose the next colours and stitch for a granddaughters birthday blanket in July. Loving these longer days and the promise of Spring heralding Summer. kindest regards to you and your family

Eleanor MacLean

Love your blogs and wonderful photos! they cheer me up and inspire me.


I do the same, the pictures make it a lovely finish of the month. Though I use my phone and Instagram. Just wrote to a friend's father winter kidnapped maiden spring. It's still freezing cold here, though I took my coffee outside in the sun today for a nippy minute it was out. It is also good to see progress, I sometimes forget that I've done a lot even it felt like hibernating. Love your happy colourful pictures. Reading your vlog en seeing them, always is a delightful thing to do. Thanks for that.

Drusilla cleary

Thank you for your blog. Always a pleasure to read. We re all looking forward to spring and better times.

Ena Dimelow

Thank you .....I enjoy your homely, cheering blog....I have become a regular reader and it has lightened my days in these peculiar times.



Megan Lowry

such bright photos! i so want to get back into blogging but it's so hard with instagram and quickly snapping photos on my phone. also, i don't have a decent camera...i am working on it though especially for my younger kids. my older ones love going back and looking at my old blogs.


Thank you for sharing your early 2021 pictures with us Lucy, they are like little mosaic smiles x


Looking back you photos are beautiful and you've made winter look very cosy. It is oh so good to be in spring now though, it was a long haul! A hint of sun and some blossom in the community orchard on my morning dog walk just now, so good to see. CJ xx

Nora McGrann

Truly a beautiful blog, Lucy...

A feast of colour ...and already looking forward to the next quarter..

Your photographs are always so inspiring....not to mention your interesting blogs..long may they continue..

Nora 🌷💕


I love those monthly mosaics! They are so beautiful & a fabulous way of recording the seasonal shifts and your colourful creations. Thankyou for clicking & hooking!! :) x

Teresa Kasner

It was fun to think back over the years I've been your blog reader and fan. I also remember you announcing the coming of little baby #3. I'm glad you're still enjoying blogging as you have made friends all around the world and inspired thousands to crochet your colorful masterpieces.
((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Hi Lucy, like you I suffer from arthritis, I have just had a trapeziectomy,so during recovery I will be tidying up my yarn stash. Can I ask which yarn winder you use, so many different reviews, dont want to waste my money. Looking forward to the next CAL. Will be fully recovered by then. Keep on hooking.

Jenny M

I have followed you for many years, not that I crochet, but I love reading about your life in the UK and seeing your cheerful creations and photos of the area you live in. Thanks for sharing - from Melbourne xx

Carol Premack

Fourteen years---congratulations! I'm happy that you still enjoy it because I (and I know many many others) enjoy reading it so much, and I love your photos! Happy Spring!


There is a light at the end of that tunnel. Life of some sort will return. Thanks for sharing.


A lovely & thought provoking post Lucy & your blog was the first I was ever shown & being an oldie & not knowing much about "techy" things, I was quite blown away & finally joined the ranks of blogging too in 2013. I've loved your musings on life, hearing about your family and crafts & seeing photos of my beloved county of Yorkshire. A big thanks & of course it was wonderful to meet you in 2019 & was hoping this was the year we would come over again, but alas, it won't be. Enjoy your favourite season & look forward to seeing you bounce back with life. Take care, stay safe & hugs from down under.


It's amazing how quickly the years have passed. I remember when you surprised us all with your pregnant tummy when BabyB was expected. You have helped us pass the seasons with joy and I never tire of seeing all the beautiful things you show us. My blog is in hospital right now and I'm hoping to get back into writing again soon as I miss it, even if it is old school! I hope to be reading many more of your blogs as the years pass. I'd like to see us go into old ladies writing and reading our blogs! Well, I'm an old lady now, but you certainly are not.


I have been reading your blog for many a year now, Lucy, and love it. I’ve been delighted to see your March posts and I’m so pleased you’ve enjoyed putting it all together again for us. Lovely round up photos, too. And yes! it’s so nice to see the lockdown beginning to lift and the fact we can go further afield, coinciding with the longer days. Life isn’t looking too shabby at all!

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