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March 30, 2021


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celeb networth

Thank you for the great information you shared. I hope to see more updates from you!


Happy Easter we have made no plans either just go with the chocolate and hot x buns.

Yes please for a heart garland. I

Lovely blog as ever we were promised 2 days of sun but got 1!!! Luckily it was on the day of our first visit since october of one of our grandchildren yay.

Kate McCurrach

Ooh you've reminded me I've done no chocolate egg shopping at all. Oh dear. I think tiny hearts would be really cute as a garland. Everything you do is very cute. ♡♡♡

Sue Floyd

Joy, joy, joy! That what I feel when I read your blog. Thanks so much. I feel like I'm walking with you while you chat. I wish you that same joy when you share all the Easter treats with your family!
All the best this spring! Yay! It's finally here...even though they're predicting snow tomorrow...I've seen the daffodils & hyacinth & I believe it's here!


agree with others, its blackthorn, much appreciated by honeybees etc as one of the first things to flower after snowdrops etc. we get a tad miffed when the farmers have massacred the hedges !

Easter if you celebrate it as Easter is associated with early flowers, primroses, chicks, rabbits/bunnies and eggs, so how about a garland with all those things, you know you like a challenge.
the blossom hedge is a prunus, the next bit is something like cist......I have forgotten more than I know. we have grown it as a shrub, it gets to around 4 feet high or so, a form of cherry.
a pleasure to read your waffle and ramblings, right back to the knitting, I can crochet but am busy with umpteen summer knitted tops. all the best


I'm so impressed with all the walking you do. I like a cold coffee as well, but no fancy milk here, just ordinary coffee drunk cold. I washed my bedding yesterday and line dried it - scrumptious. Working my way through the household now. Let's hope the warm weather lasts long enough. Enjoy the weekend. CJ xx


I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets bizarre levels of joy from being able to peg washing out to dry. Line dried is fine dried.


YES ...... a crochet hearts garland would be lovely.
I’ve so enjoyed reading your blog every day, it cheers me up no end.
We’re not having such nice weather up here in the Scottish highlands.......raining today😖. But it’s nice to see your lovely blue skies and the hedgerows blossoming already in your neck of the woods.
Have a lovely holiday weekend.. (Great idea 😋to have chocolate mini eggs for breakfast over Easter 🐣)


Ah, your posts always bring a smile to my face, and known more so as when you're prettifying and faffing. I made the mistake of stopping those activities, years ago, mainly as I realised it was all for my benefit- that, and dealing with family stresses. However, if there's one thing a pandemic teaches you it's that life is too short not to fill our lives with love, joy, and happiness in all it's forms. 🥰

Love and stuff XX


I love waking up to this each morning and having my cuppa in bed reading it, today the rain is falling and it's very relaxing watching it all tucked up. I love your seasonal mantles it's so nice to decorate for each season, I only currently have a few bits to decorate but I'm working on more. I'm not a coffee drinker but your coffees do look amazing! I saw a recipe for mini egg cookies the other day and they looked soo yummy, that's definately what I'll bake for Easter! X


Love reading your blog! Thanks so much for the pictures and daily reflections. They have added a bit of sunlight to these long pandemic days.

As foe the seasonal garland - hearts are always lovely. But what do you think about a garland of Easter eggs? You could be so creative with cheerful, colorful designs and patterns. Just an idea :-)

Either way, I look forward to whatever it is you decide to make.

Sue Walton

It's so lovely and inspiring to read your blog Lucy thank you. Today my sister brought my mum over for a cuppa in the garden, the first time we have seen each other since Christmas, it was so lovely and warm. I am finding mini eggs hard to find this year!


I am enjoying your uplifting daily posts Lucy and envy your walking. I am currently having a flare up of arthritis and can't go far. Spring time is so beautiful, I love to see things waking up after the long dark winter. The blackthorn is out here too and the hedgerows are looking wonderful. I am a little further to the east than you, near to the East Yorkshire coast. Your posts have inspired me to crochet spring flower garlands to string across my front windows and I am going to add some crochet rabbits and eggs for the Easter weekend.
Take care lovely lady.


Haven't been in Attic24 land since 19th instant.
My you have been chatty since then. :-)
Lots to catch up on.
I love how you celebrate the seasons with different guff on your mantel.
Been following your blog since you were pregnant with Little B.
Keep going Lucy girl.


The hearts are great still, exuberant decoration for Easter. Choccies look good too, not sure if we have them here in NZ or maybe I just no longer have to entertain children - mine seem to be on diets all the time and the grandees are in BC so too far to secrete some into a parcel. I am sure the postie would enjoy them tho...have a great weekend Lucy & Co.
PS: I remember too that blackthorn is the first to flower in the hedgerows, so good to see.

Jackie Farrow

Mini eggs are the best! They are certainly my favourites. Woke up to a bit of rain, well a few droplets 💧 We are in Autumn 🍂 but it doesn’t feel like it. I’m off this morning to meet a friend for a coffee, it was her birthday on Sunday. We don’t do presents anymore as we are both 60+ now. Well I turned 60 end of Dec last year. So instead we go for coffee and maybe some cake 😊 Slowly sorting things out in our house plus washed down the walls in the toilet ready for painting. This is well over due. It should have been done back in late 2019 ready when family from UK came to visit. Last year, didn’t want to do anything to be honest. We do these things in the cool months, but COVID 2020 stop me, well that’s what I think. I didn’t have it, just felt like not doing anything. Now I want it done, then can move on to the next decorating project laundry and hallway! Happy Easter 🐣


Different coloured hearts for different seasons? Mini egg colours for Easter? I’m loving your daily blog posts. X

Ann Troy

Loving your blogs as always lucy, thanks for sharing your days with us. On your tree blossom, you mentioned Hawthorn on bloom or flower, it is in fact Blackthorn. Hawthorn blossom flowers in the month ofMay.

Fiona Tims

We have dug up half of our small front lawn and sprinkled wild meadow flowers/grasses and are letting the back garden lawn grow wild. The most pretty little weed flowers and nettles are coming up and will be great for the bees and butterflies.

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