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March 22, 2021


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Lynn Roberts

Hi Lucy, really love your Spring twig tree and have made one too. I've added a couple of your crochet meadow butterflies to mine. Thank you for your fabulous ideas.

Suzanne Corrado

I’ve really looked forward to reading your daily blogs over the last few days, thankyou so much for sharing xxx


I love picking the branches before they are in blossom on any tree and bringing them in and watching the blossom open ,no blosssom here today we are in northern Queensland and the temperatures is 33c hot and steamy at7pm we are finding it hard to cope with we are on holiday and my husband is hating it.


Lovely always to see your side of the world Lucy Here we are going into Autumn so getting colder and clocks go back again soon. Having a van trip away hope the rain keeps away lol

Kate McCurrach

The blossom looks gorgeous and the allotment makes me imagine The Secret Garden with everything springing into life. A lovely light and spring like post Lucy. Xx


I love reading your posts, thank you

Anna B

I've messaged you in Ravelry as I have a question about using your very lovely patterns with a group.
When you've got a minute, please can you let me know your thoughts?
Thank you so much!


Ha Ha two minds think alike, I also picked blossom today to bring home and put with some daffodils from my garden. They brighten up the kitchen perfectly especially when the sun shines through the windows..
Enjoy x

ann clawson

i'm so glad you are blogging daily! i would much rather read your news than the worlds news. thank you

Nora McGrann

Lovely mantel , Lucy

You are always able to put things together so well

Like us all, you are looking forward to longer, warmer days..

Thanks as ever for lifting our spirits

Nora 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

charlotte m.

Another lovely walk. I wanted to say that I too loved the border on the meadow blanket. I love the whole thing, but you have a way with borders for sure.

Arlene Bomback

I found pleasure in your post... so it's a good day!

Take Care Lucy


Another post to lift the spirits. I think that the twigs are cherry plum as I can't see long vicious thorns, blackthorn would be uncomfortable to cut and carry. I know the dangers as my late father enjoyed a nightcap of sloe gin in his nineties

Rainbow Junkie

To the person who said it was Hawthorn-May blossom. It is Blackthorn. Hawthorn isn't out yet. May blossom! the clue is in the name. The leaves are different too. Blackthorn leaves are oval, Hawthorn leaves have many lobes.


Yes, I'm full steam ahead into spring planting and sowing here, so very much hoping the coldest weather is behind us. I wonder if the blossom is plum or greengage or cherry plum or damson. Might be some fruit later in the year if so. It's the right time of year for those, they are all in blossom here. CJ xx


Prunus Spinosa isn't it lovely. I believe the British call it Blackthorn Anglais. Fond of it as it is, together with the Prunus, one of the first to bloom abundantly. My house is filled with home crocheted blankets to warm all. Makes it so homely. And the first Jasmin <3

Mary Lloyd Jones

So nice to have your blog everyday now Lucy,feeling rather low as my husband died on the tenth of this month so you are brightening the day,colour is much needed. Keep well and keep safe.

Corinna Mazzotta

Thanks for sharing another lovely post. I'm desperate to find some wild Garlic around here. The Council cut down the trees in the only place I knew it grew a couple if years ago & haven't been able to find any since!

With regards to the blossom tree it's difficult to tell from the photos which tree it is but here's how to work it out:
- does the tree have well grown leaves as well as blossom? If so it's Hawthorn.
- if the tree is covered in blossom but not leaves then you need to look closer at the flowers as it could be one of two things from the same family):
a) if the green sepals on the back of the flower are lying flat along the petals its Blackthorn (Sloe)
b) if the green seals are folded back on themselves it's Cherry Plum.
Also if you can look at the tree - on a Blackthorn new twig growth will be brown & hairy but on the Cherry Plum they are bright green & smooth. Plus of course Blackthorn & Hawthorn will have spikes, the Cherry Plum won't.
Hope that helps!
Really enjoying your daily snapshots of life in the Attic. xx


What a lovely post, I love seeing all the spring things. I'm enjoying a small pleasure this morning having a cup of tea in bed before I get ready for work.


Blackthorn not Hawthorn?


Morning Lucy!
The tree is a hawthorn. The blossom is called May.
I love the garlic.


What a luxury to have glimpses from the attic every day for a bit!

Jackie Farrow

Much cooler day for us, 25! How funny, you mentioning wild garlic. I love watching Escape to the Country UK. They picked it and used to make wild garlic pesto with pasta. Tonight’s my knit night, we get a meal there and every week it’s different. Making me feel hungry wondering what it is. I haven’t got your meadow kit, however I’m liking the look of the pattern. Maybe I’ll use one of the other kits I haven’t done yet to crochet this one instead. Take care and see you tomorrow on here. Jx
. Jx

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy, Messing around and attempting a spring cleanup in my 'craft room'. Yikes! But what did I spy? The Dahlia Blanket Pkg. Is it too early to start another blanket after the Meadow Blanket?...I think not! If it takes me into the summer to complete so be it...the colors are so bright and cheerful, I can't help myself.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful designs and for taking us with you on your walks. Blessings, MO


Your posts are making me so happy, as I'm searching for signs of spring here, too. I'm sure I see forsythia buds peeking over the fence from the neighbors behind us -- hello yellow soon!! I'm almost to the end of the stripes of your Dune blanket (colors tweaked a bit), so only darning and edging to finish! Like you, my milky coffee in the morning has bolstered me this chilly winter! However, I've just gotten some hojicha (roasted green tea) and I'm pretty smitten! I love the roasty flavor and it is very low in caffeine so I can indulge in the afternoon -- woot! I'm going to try a hojicha latte with foamy milk and see how I like that! Cheers to spring!!

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