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March 26, 2021


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Miss Daisy

Ok , my birthday is April 13th I will be 66 and the Josephine bag would be a lovely gift , hint hint. Love the weather y'all are having , in the 80s here. Have a fantastic day.


You may put anything you want on that to-do list. Even that latte. I never understood minimalistic lifestyle is seen as an empty white interior. Bizarre. It isn't, minimalism is just what you want to see in it, at least no shop till you drop mentality, constantly replacing what you have to follow the latest trends. Me being minimalistic is just having a healthy, spiritual, not attached to things lifestyle. I don't have much of anything, but my crafting materials are lush and lovely. I won't carry a stash, I buy what I need. I love colours, to wear and to use in my house. No white interior for me.

kate bates

Read magazines, drink coffee, admire socks! Sounds a great weekend! x

Gill Compigne-Leaney

I read about your early morning exercise with awe, I am NOT a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. My friend and I are strictly fair weather strollers and an afternoon in the sunshine wandering through the streets we have never been down before is our extent, it is amazing what you find doing this. One thing we found was a small stretch of the oldest woodland in Yorkshire so the notice said. Who knew!!! I hate to think what my state of fitness will be when we can start to dance again! Enjoy your holiday, I will miss my girls this Easter but hope for the summer.

Kate McCurrach

Lovely to read as always Lucy! I'm sure reading magazines can be squeezed into that weekend list of things to do. We still have another week of term (with Tom in the middle of mocks and Polly in the middle of A level essays - also doing Spanish) so our outward sigh of relief will have to wait until next weekend. Xx


I thought I had decluttered to move close to our sons now we are both older with health issues. Lockdown started as we moved into a rented flat. Most of our possessions were in storage until we recently moved into our house. After almost a year we have found a lot is unnecessary, perhaps a link to simpler living. Now we need the charity shops to reopen as all deserve a chance of a new home.

I still have a stash of yarn and patterns, working on Meadow blanket, sweater for teenager and one for sevenyearold as need to suit project to mood and energy level. Throughout move and pandemic find that pacing myself, being kind to myself, fresh air and gentle exercise are essential.


Hi Lucy lovely slow reading blog just what I needed today so glad you found granny Josephine the bag I've been following her journey and had wondered what had happened to her I look forward to when she's finished can get out and about have a wonderful restful Easter holidays with your family Leigh-Anne


I love seeing all the creative things you do, I cant wait to see the finished granny Joseph, I think I might have a few unfinished things hidden away somewhere too!

Teresa Kasner

I'm downright impressed with your schedule of getting out for an early walk then to come home and exercise more! It was fun to remember how we were all excited and anxious about your littlest one's arrival. Fun that he uses his baby blanket you made for him. Have a pleasant weekend!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Fiona Tims

I almost asked about Granny Jo again a few days ago as i thought i may have missed it.


Decluttering is so therapeutic isn't it. I have a bit planned for tomorrow as it happens. I will be tackling children's books. Wind and rain here as well this morning, the dog and I and his chum got soaked. My umbrella blew inside out and hit me on the head. I'd love to hear a bit more about intentional living if you investigate it further. I hope you have a lovely weekend. CJ xx


It feels good to have a sort out and de clutter. I have become so lazy this year, because no one has been in my house apart from my son who is in my bubble, I have been putting jobs off till 'tomorrow' and as we know, tomorrow never comes. I dare not light my fire too early, because then I just want to sit by it!

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