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March 24, 2021


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I too take to my bed, to crochet, chat on the phone and generally relax- it’s my little haven too ( mum of 3 boys!) and I’m enjoying filling my home with pretty crochet since finding you last summer - all my very best wishes 🌞nice

Wendy Rance

Love, love, love your new dress. The new cotton yarn looks interesting. I too find crocheting with cotton difficult, might have to get some balls of this and have a try. Thanks for the inspiration Lucy.


Ya know, when I'm trying to be good a little square of dark chocolate helps keep me on track. Just enough to satisfy that craving. Lovely new dress!


Lucy - I am so glad you have resumed blogging. I was worried about you when you didn't post anything for a while! I must tell you I am a knitter, not a crocheter, but I love your blog for the beautiful English scenes in your photos and your reflections on family and nature. I enjoy seeing your crochet projects, also, especially for the colorways you use. It's good to read you again after a few weeks of absence

Noelle Sweeney

Lovely post Lucy! Love all of your photos and your writing, it makes me feel hopeful! Finished my first Cosy Blanket, I'm thrilled, now on to the Meadow.. And I do like routine as well.


Lucy, that dress is so cute. I'd love to see a picture of you modeling it with chocolate in hand! The Stylecraft cotton yarn is lovely. Cotton is my very favorite fiber due to our extremely hot weather, but I prefer fingering weight. Do you know if they make it in fingering weight. Sport weight is even too heavy for us 9 months out of the year now.

Drusilla cleary

Great to see you're feeling better. I buy all my clothes from Seasalt. Love them. Love colours of cotton you're now working on.


Hi Lucy,
so glad you're back and feeling better. Spring has arrived here in Munich, too. Last week we had snow, now it's 15°C and the birds are singing.

We've been in some kind of lockdown for five months now, and your blog really helped to keep up the spirit as it's such a cosy and warm corner of the internet to turn to when I need to escape it all.

Thank you for all your lovely posts, beautiful pictures and teaching me to enjoy the little details that make life enjoyable. :-)


Good to hear about the cotton yarn. Like you, I always find it very harsh on the hands.


The dress is lovely and I can't wait to see your decorated branch.


I can't wait to see your little tree, it's going to look lovely! And the yarn does look beautiful, I might have to treat myself too and get some once lent is over. I gave up sugar and buying yarn for lent as they're my too favourite things that I splurge on too much! But I miss buying yarn the most 😅 I love your sunny log cabin blanket and I think that's on the list of next purchases. X


Ooo, I love Seasalt - I bought some fabric from them a little while ago & managed to crank up the sewing machine & make a skirt!! All those colours look fabulous from Stylecraft. Serious photo envy too :) xx


The crochet flowers in pastel shades look gorgeous. I too have difficulty keeping my sweet tooth under control

Teresa Kasner

I'm looking forward to seeing those sweet pastel flowers on your branch. What a brilliant idea! The bread also looks delish. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


Hi from midwest USA. I've followed your blog for many years and am delighted to see you blogging every day this month. Love seeing your pictures of the beautiful area where you live no matter the season. While I've had to give up crocheting and knitting for a while due to osteoarthritis in my thumb, I would love to get my hands on that swoon-worthy yarn. Sure wish they sold it here.


Hi Lucy, I love reading your blog. Beautiful yarns and I look forward to seeing the final project.
Greeting from Macau 👋🏼


I love reading your blog Lucy :-)

Winwick Mum

Those are such pretty crochet flowers - they look like the sugar ones that you can buy as cake decorations! xx


What a lovely post! The canal with the boats always fascinates me--it's just so different than anything in the world I live in!
Thank you for writing!


Another lovely blog - I do enjoy reading them.
Just looked up Stitchykate and realised she lives in the same town as I do !


Another lovely uplifting post Lucy,thank you. I love the dress. 😃


I got the email from Sheepjes for Stylecraft’s beautiful new organic cotton yarn and my first thought was, “I wonder what Lucy will make with it?” :-)

Helen Lou

So lovely to be reading your blogs again Lucy and your comments about feeling unsettled with loss of routine have really resonated with me - I’m enjoying being back in routines, I need a purpose to get up and dressed and have enjoyed going to work instead of working at home, selfishly I’m not ready for the Easter break despite working in school (admin) and I know my teaching colleagues are more than ready, I too take to my bed, to crochet, chat on the phone and generally relax- it’s my little haven too ( mum of 3 boys!) and I’m enjoying filling my home with pretty crochet since finding you last summer - all my very best wishes 🌞


Thanks for another happy post & could you send a little of your enthusiasm my way too. Hope this comment appears as I seem to have trouble getting the comment to take so haven't been commenting lately. That new cotton yarn looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you do with it. Love seeing your walks along the canal as we may never be able to come across again & it scares me terribly. Take care, stay safe & hugs from down under.

Kate McCurrach

That sourdough looks really delicious. We have a similar bakery type place in Whistable that I haven't visited since Lockdown 1. I'm tempted to return there now. The Stylecraft yarn also looks perfect for some festival bunting I'm thinking....!xx

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