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March 29, 2021


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Tracy Bache

Hi Lucy,loved your little doll. Is there some where we can buy these?

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کپسول آتش‌نشانی نوعی دستگاه برای خاموش نمودن آتش است. این دستگاه جزء خاموش‌کننده‌های آتش قابل حمل دستی بوده و با توجه به نوع آتش ترکیبات مختلف مانند آب، پودر و گاز، گاز دی‌اکسید کربن و بیورسال را با فشار بر روی آتش می‌افکند.

Kerrie Kean

I really enjoy your blog post, and I would like to subscribe however when I click on the 'subscribe' heading I get sent to a page with computer language.
I thought I would try to find a 'contact me' heading but couldn't find that either.
I thought that I would try sending a comment to ask if I could be subscribed to your blog.
I really love your colourful crochet patterns and items. They add a lovely bright note of joy for those of us looking at the photos.
I hope that you are able to subscribe me so that I can receive the blog posts when they are released.



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Lesley Drayton

Hello Lucy

Apologies because this isn’t the right forum but please could you advise another way to contact Lynn of silverypaws. I don’t subscribe to instagram because I don’t have a mobile phone but would love to be able to buy one of Lynn’s lovely peg people.

P.S. Thanks for your wonderful blog and for introducing to lovely, lovely Skipton.


That is awesome.


Lucy!! LUCY!! WAVING MY HANDS TO GET YOUR ATTENTION... I couldn't find an email for you so I'm throwing my question in here.
I'm trying to figure out how many blankets you've designed and put on your blog for us to make. I'm counting 16, but that includes duplicates like Cosy and Cupcake... same pattern, different colors. Do you have that information available? Do you want me to list what I've found?? Thanks for answering!!


Hello Lucy,

The weather in the Eifel is absolutely wonderful. Yesterday 22 °C and after work I spend some time in the sun while working on my crochet easter chicken. The violets in our windowsill survived the icy time and are looking just as happy as yours in your wall basket.
Thank you for sharing your day. Until next time.

Sending you Eifel spring greetings,


I know what you mean about the mornings being dark again. I really love the early light mornings and in winter I actually enjoy the early dark evenings. I think I'd like to try one year of no daylight saving time, just to see what it would be like. Mind you, I also have a hankering to go to that place in Alaska where there's no actual dark night so maybe I just have some weird preoccupation with light mornings and dark nights? Ah well.

Lovely photos as always, Lucy!


I hope you slept well after all that walking! I suffer from the odd sleepless night too, last night in fact, it's not great. Sweet peas are something I always like to grow. I found some orange seeds (Prince of Orange) as while back which I am trying - I am going through something of an orange phase with flowers at the moment. Not overdoing it, just interspersing them here and there. They are taking their chances on the patio at the moment. CJ xx


Lovely to hear about your day & hope you aren't feeling quite so tired, but then you certainly did a lot of walking. We are just about to finish daylight saving on Sunday, so we'll probably feel out of kilter next week. We are told to plant our sweet pea seeds by St.Patricks day, though I've never known why exactly. I'd like to plant some in a "very" large tub with a tripod in the middle, but haven't done it so far. I will give it a try after I find a large plastic tub, which won't be so heavy once filled with soil. Thanks for sharing, take care, stay safe & hugs from down under.

Janet Burns

What a joy to see Van Gogh prints on your mantel as today, March 30, is his birthday!.


I love Spring. I think losing an hour knocks out of kilter for a little while. My garden has been tired for the past couple of years. I've just bought some Beebombs, they contain wild flowers to attract the bees, just hoping they all come up this year.

Sally Spragg

What a lovely day yesterday was! Sunshine, warmth and 2 grandkids to keep us busy! A trip to the park was on the cards. It was lovely but very busy! No lovely canals nor woods to walk around. I walked more than I have in a long time and today I feel leg weary! Trying to slowly build up physical activity, so it can be sustained! The spring flowers and plants are just lovely! One grandson stroked a beautiful tulip! It is so nice not to get totally wet! That bakers certainly opens early! Glad we haven’t got a bakers near to us! I would be larger than ever and my purse would always be empty! But it would be such a treat every now and then! Enjoy the slow flow of everything before all the hustle bustle returns!


That blossom hedge is gorgeous - it's lovely at this time of year having a walk in the sunshine and seeing all the lovely plants coming to life. I'm going to do some pottering in my garden over the Easter weekend and have some nice walks.

Nicky Slade

Hi Lucy, I think your favourite blossom hedge is the same as a tree in our garden which is a copper cherry plum. It's always the first to come into blossom, then provides us with beautiful dappled shade all summer - we love it!


That spring tree peep is s0 cute!! And all the lovely flowers make me feel so spring like. I would like to have a go at planting some flowers too,these are some good tips to try! Thank you 😊


Mum has planted her sweet peas that way for years and I have too for the last 10 years, it works really well.


🤞🏼For successful germination. Followed by a yard full of sweet peas. X


I went out into the back garden today, first time in ages, to see and photograph my Mother's Hyacinth and Polyanthus. Blue skies above, a Robin singing very loudly in the Apple tree above my head and a Pheasant calling in the distance. Really nice. And later I saw a Brimstone Butterfly. Properly spring!

Pip Haynes

I hope your sweet peas are successful. My last attempt was very disappointing. I think I've read somewhere that you need ericaceous compost (not even sure I've spelt that right) I might have another go with the loos roll idea, so thanks for that. Good luck Lucy, and will look forward to a report at a later date. x

Paula Miller

I love reading about your days, Lucy. I had never heard of the toilet paper roll trick for sweet peas. I've already planted my not-sweet-peas in the garden and am waiting for them to emerge.


Such simple pleasures Lucy last a lifetime...sleep well. The day is just beginning for me in NZ, bit late but blame the coffee!! A day of sewing prep for me...

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