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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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March 23, 2021


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Lucy McCoy

Don’t go away. I love reading your blog and seeing your crochet and other projects. I enjoy your photos as well.

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Hello, I used to read your blog years ago and I'm so happy to have found you again! You know, I think you've just made me realise how much I thrived on the whole school run routine. Seventeen years of my life, starting when I was 24! It's all I'd ever known. My youngest finishes secondary this year and I've struggled with finding a structure for my day for the last five years.
Here's to early morning walks setting us up for the day!
Natalie x

Joanne Roberts

I have been finding a new routine now that my daughter is in year 6 too. It is slower and less frantic and it is making me feel sooooo much better. Enjoy your walks. Jo

Kate McCurrach

Thanks Lucy. I hadn't read this post yesterday. Very much appreciate the mention and I've had some lovely comments. I think you're right about the gentle routine thoughts. xx


Good to see Skipton still looking great, we had a holiday up there a few years ago and love to seeing your pictures to remind me. and you are still loving it. I am curious to know what you have in your burner and what glorious smells you use to unwind.

Lynn E Claytor

I look forward to your blogs. They make me smile. I find myself reflecting on the childhoods of my children regardless of the fact that they have been adults for many many years! lol Please take care in these crazy times...it doesn't stay bad for ever!


I really enjoy reading your blog and am reassured by your descriptions of the small things in life. I love your idea of an early morning walk with coffee made at home in your take out mug - will definitely be copying this to try and kickstart my days when I’m not in charge of my grandchildren!


Thank you for the exercise You Tube recommendation! It's always nice to break out of whatever current routine I'm in.

As always, I truly enjoy your pics and Attic glimpses. Have a great week!

Sal Mitchell

Thank you for the disclosure about the toast, hot cross buns and mini eggs. I found this more encouraging than anything else as it is sometimes easy to imagine that you are a wholesome, healthy-eating, exercising Goddess which I am definitely not. In a strange way, I feel more inclined to try and be better when I don’t feel everyone else had it sorted.


Hi Lucy. I think you are absolutely right about getting up and getting on with the day, and also the importance of a routine. I’m a lolled- in- bed sort of person and although it is lovely once in a while, I think I take it too far. I was up and at it this morning too, though not so energetic as you, and I definitely feel better for it x


I love that your post was about routines. My husband and I just retired on Friday after many many years of working full time. Having had a routine for many years there will be an adjustment time to find our new routine. I look around and see all the things my husband and I have put off doing and now need done.

 Marjorie Sanderson

Hi Lucy glad you are feeling better always love reading your blogs I can so identify with you and your routine when my daughter was younger and at school everything worked to routine my husband worked locally and came home for lunch so I was always watching the clock to make sure everything was running smoothly I always enjoyed it . My daughter now has her own children and is doing similar things and my husband and I had to get a new routine when he retired we would miss our routine think I would not manage with out some sort of routine. We alter the clocks at the weekend Lucy so more light evenings and better weather on the way we hope. Thank you for your blogs and letting us see into your life and family. We appreciate them very much oh and the crochet . MARJORIE xx

A Jo For All Seasons

I'm all for routines and feel so much better when I have one. I'm wondering what I'll need to put in place over the Easter holidays without having to get up and get Kitty to nursery school for 8.30am. My current routine, this week anyway, is taking a few minutes out with a coffee to read your daily post. Bliss! x


I love my routine as well. I used to think that it would be great when I didn't have to do the school run any more - no more rushing around to get ready and going out of the house in the cold and the wind and the rain first thing. Then we got a dog and so I have kept doing it, and it is the best thing. I do my twenty minute workout as soon as I get up, then all the shower and house tidying things, then after the children leave I walk the dog, so by the time I get back I feel as if I've done all the virtuous physical things I need to for the day, although I do do another dog walk later. I also find that routine cuts down on decision fatigue, which is important for creatives. Making loads of micro decisions is draining over the course of the day. Barrack Obama was big on that sort of thing - knowing what clothes he would wear etc. in advance so no need to think about it. CJ xx


You feel so much better once you have done it. I have recently started following LWR after reading about her on your blog. The short workouts are great. I also follow Leslie Sansone. My health kick began at the end of October, giving up crisps and biscuits completely and I haven't cheated once. I even gave away my Christmas sweeties! My treat is a small piece of proper dark chocolate. I now walk out most days for about 4 miles, I live on the coast so I can walk along the shore when the tide is low. I feel so much better. Spring is just around the corner. X


Hi Lucy. Another really good blog so happy that you've got into a routine I have found it very difficult to get motivated. To give me a little bit of encouragement have a good day.


I am like you, I have been doing the school run continuously since Jan 2005 and it will end in July 2022, and I have wondered recently what I will do without that routine in my life. I guess I will have to find myself a new kind of structure to my day. I always have a little list going each day of small jobs I need to do or phone calls I need to make - I find it keeps me calm and stops me feeling over loaded. I think this is the first time I've commented on your blog although I've been following for years.


An early morning walk is such a nice start to the day, it's so refreshing!

My bed is also my place that I like to go if I need time and space,its just so comforting which is what we need right now. I've even set up a tea station next to my bed and brought all my yarn and crochet upstairs so it feels super cosy! Only trouble is I never want to leave I have everything I need in there 😅

Sissi Goodman

Hi Lucy, hello from Sweden, being married to a londoner and once lived there, I'v loved reading your blogg, I have followed you for more than 10 years often reading late before bedtime, to late to write. This is the first time, but I really wanted to say thank you for sharing all, nature, food, cooking, art and your feelings and family life. Encourage me so much, so often. I just love all colours aswell and you inspire me so much. I have done a few CAL,so kind of you to give us lots to enjoy. I remember your caravan very well as we use to have one. Thank you again for giving of you time and colourful life to us all. Love from Sissi


Lovely post have been having words with myself and got up this morning and changed my supermarket delivery to more healthy food. Now to sort out excercise!! Then next is get the hoyse in order since him indoors has been on furlough my usual house cleaning routine has gone to pot so I will sort that out and more excercise and hopefully like you my moid will lift. Thankyou your lovely blogs make me think oh and i so enjoy your photos.


So nice to catch up again Lucy. So many years have gone by while I have followed you ❤🌻 Will check out Kate


It's so good to read your daily posts! I love it when I can take a quiet few minutes and sit down and read about your day. I wouldn't survive without my lists and my phone "dinging" me all day, reminding me of everything that needs to be done at work and at home every day. I had started walking when we had an early few weeks of nice weather but now it's back to being cold and windy. We always get wind in the Spring and I really don't like it! Possible snow tomorrow :( but hopefully soon we'll have some real Spring weather and I can go for early morning walks also. Thanks so much for sharing your life Lucy! You're an inspiration in so many ways!


Hello from Maine, USA, Lucy! I love your canal, and the idea of walking into town to run errands. Not really something to be done in most of the US. I am lacking in a solid routine as well this year, and I miss it. My oldest is off at college in his first year, which has made the house seem a bit empty, and my youngest is 100% virtual learning which has really changed things. And throwing in topsy-turvy work as well, and 2020-21 has not been like another year. I see hope in vaccines on the horizon though, and spring seems to have come early this year, for which I'm thankful.

April V

I love your blog and read it religiously! I don't comment often but just wanted to say how much I enjoy your writing and photos. And of course all your crochet goodness. I'm on the border of my Cosy Blanket and have the Meadow kit here ready to start next! Thanks for such a great blog.

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