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March 19, 2021


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Sandy Roethler

Thank you for sharing yourself with the world. Your little Attic endeavors bring me so much joy. Can you please tell me where you got that cute little patchwork painting in the top left corner of your mantle photo? I noticed you had a similar one for your spring mantle. Thanks very much.

Cathy Dutnall

lucy I have arthritis in hands and all over my body. plus I have the menopause. it is hard at times but I found hygge a great help. look it up. your life is full of hygge. it helps me. hope it helps you.


I love to decorate for the seasons too, I've got a lovely little easter tree I put up in the spring and lots if daffodils too! I need to get on making your seasonal Garlands as I love these and they would make a lovely decoration for the seasons


These are beautiful winter photos, its my favourite when the weather is cold and sunny and all the frost is lit up, it's so beautiful! We had a very snowy time of it here in Scotland, coupled with strong winds we couldnt go out and enjoy it much but it was nice to look at and stay tucked up cosy indoors.


Wonderful post Lucy! Jessica's word resonate with me too, for years now my friends all know that I'm not up for social visits during winter and that I'm hibernating. I love that they understand that I need these few months to regenerate and be a complete introvert in my own little cave and that I'll be back as soon as the ground starts to warm. As I enter my hibernation in Australia your spring and summer posts will warm my creative little heart. X


Wonderful post Lucy...

Diane from West Wales

We all need to be kind to ourselves and one another and I too just love the joy of a bunch of daffodils 🌼 sitting in the window. Take it gently and slowly 💕

Cathleen C Walker

This is the most beautiful thing I've read in a very long time!
Thank You.
Happy Spring.


I love how you respond to the weather, the temperatures, the changes of season. I do too, and it grounds me, even living in a warm climate. (We have our cold snaps, too.) Happy Spring!

Miss Daisy

Fall and winter are my favorite seasons !!! Maybe it's living in the south where our two seasons are spring and summer.

Lily Veenendaal

Hello Lucy, I love your winter photographs! In The Netherlands we had some winter but not as much as you had. Tomorrow, the first day of spring is the birthday of my daughter. On 21 March, 2021. she will be turning 21! She ws born on the first day of the first spring of a new millenium, I love that so much!!


Have you read 'Wintering' by Katherine May? It's a beautiful book and highly recommended.

Kate Buckley

I'm so glad you're back.

Jools Morgan-Jones

It's great to have you back, Lucy! And I am glad you are wise enough to make self care a priority - your example will help a lot of people xx

Jane Va'afusuaga

Thank you for sharing Lucy.
I love your blog ❤🌺🧶 And I love your wintery photos both outside in the freezing temperatures and inside too when you're all cosy by the fire and surrounded by your beautiful crocheted blankets.
I'm from NZ but have lived in Samoa for many years and one of the things I miss the most is the seasons. I miss them all - winter, summer, spring and autumn so thank you for all your seasonal photos 🌻🌺🌞🌸
I follow you on social media because I'm inspired by your creativity and love of colour and although there isn't much call for crocheted blankets on my island home, I've made made your spring garland.
I love your Instagram posts but for some reason I can't post a reaction to them... I'm not sure if others have the same issue or its just me? Hut please know I love all your posts and would post a ❤ on everyone if I could.
Sending you love and sunshine from Samoa 🌴🌺🇹🇼


The way you decorated your mantel is a delight. I have a fireplace too. Where I live in California you can not have a fireplace in any new houses, but my house already had a fireplace when I moved in. I like the photos of the narrow boats, there is a romance to them.

Tracey Joubert

Such an inspiring post as always. Thank you Lucy. I take such pleasure reading about your wonderfully cold winter experience as I live in an environment where our summer is extremely hot and constantly sticky-humid, 30C plus most days with super high humidity so one is permanently a sweltering sweaty mess! I really battle with this. Thankfully we are slowly entering ‘cololer’ (mid 20s) autumn days now but I long to experience a ‘real’ frozen winter - so your post is a little taste of that.


And I always love your beautiful photos!


Thank you for the updates, Lucy. Please don't forget your "promise" about the leaf and berry garland!! I made a beautiful fall leaf one, tiny variegated leaves and I am always sorry to put it away when winter and Christmas come. I would love, love to make a leafy winter one. Hoping Big Teen comes through his injury with nothing lasting!


I am refreshed reading your post, and grateful that you have emerged from the winter at long last. We too have very long winters in Minnesota, and it is challenging for me too, every year. I love the print and quote by Jessica Boehman, it really does give a new perspective on the slow days of winter. Thank you so much for sharing it! I love your winter mantle and I am happy you have such beauty around you, it is so inspiring. I'm loving the Meadow blanket, and am still making my slow progress through it. You are appreciated! Take care, and best wishes to your family :)

Jackie Farrow

I’m lovely these Winter photos. We of course don’t get that sort of Winter. It can go down to single figure temps at night, but alas no snow here in Perth WA. So any photos I see remind me of my childhood playing outside in the snow, so thank you 🙏🏻.

Lisa from Calgary, Canada

Hi Lucy,
I'm new to your blog, and an avid Anglophile, so I look forward to reading your posts. But the real reason why I'm commenting is that I NEED to know when you decide to crochet your new garland; the nature theme sounds perfect! Stay well!


I've grown to love the Winter days also because it's my most creative time Spring and Summer finds me outside most of the time playing with my dogs and working in my garden so I need a season to slow down and just create. Love your Wintry pictures and honestly I can see another blanket using the colors of the early morning over the white, frozen meadow. You've never used white, beige or brown in most of your creations so that would be a big change, but I think you could make it beautiful. Especially if you add the sunrise colors to it!

Coastal Ripples

A lovely walk through your winter months with glorious photos as always. Hope all goes well with your son and his break recovers quickly. B x


As an avid gardener and crafter, I need the winter to plan for next spring. It was a long winter though here. 7 months of cold and darkness, longer than usual. Much colder than usual. It has been a long time ago since we had more than a meter of snow. This night will be minus 7 degrees Celsius, I covered the tender buds and plants. I think your mind and body need this period of rest too, I believe in living with the seasons. My body is much better with cold. Heat can wear me down much faster. If it wasn't for my longing for the beauty of flowers I would love cold. All the best for your oldest finger.

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