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March 18, 2021


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So many people have had the "lockdown depression". Doesn't help that it was in the darkest time of the year. I'm so happy that you're feeling better. Know that you are not alone & that there are thousands of your followers who care so much about you! Welcome back! ❤

Debbie  MacKenzie

You are an amazing person. I get such pleasure reading about you and your family.
Dark times are difficult and I am so happy you are coming out of it. I had a terrible time going through the big M. There were years I couldn’t do anything. Time passes
and things get better. Living through it is the hard part. Is sounds like you are doing everything right to take care of yourself. ❤️

Debbie, Cape Cod Massachusetts USA


Sending you the biggest of hugs. I wish there was a way to send you the kind of sunshine and joy that your posts and crochet bring to so many people. I was racing through my meadow blanket to get to the border and then decided it was a real waste to rush it so I have slowed down now but I am looking forward to its pointed loveliness.

I hope the spring flowers spring through and change in seasons passes some energy on to you and you start to feel more yourself again as the weather brightens.. winter and February months are always tough. xxxxx

Crochet from Cotswolds

You are precious.
Welcome back.
Little things are the most important.
I'm off to get a coffee ......


So nice to hear that you are back and life is returning to our new normal. Here in California we are all still wearing masks and being extra careful especially in grocery stores. Restaurants are mostly operating with take out only or outdoor dining but all is very limited. Many businesses have not survived and will be gone forever. Most students are still attending school via Zoom and most office workers are working from home via their computers. Currently, the vaccines are being distributed and that has brought us hope. We try to stay safe and make each day as normal as possible. Take care and hopefully keep writing your blog!


Gosh, this could have been me writing about how I have felt over the last few months. Take comfort in the fact that you are not alone Lucy. I have felt so stifled these past few months. Like I just couldn't breathe at home. There was nowhere to turn in our tiny house that gave me peace and quiet. Wherever I went, someone followed me to chat. I am a person who needs time on my own with my own thoughts, and to constantly be surrounded with noise and people was almost too much for me. Years ago, the house was fine with two adults and 3 small children. Now it's five adult sized people living under one tiny roof. Generally it's fine, as usually at least one is out somewhere, but all of us cooped up for such a length of time has just been so hard. There is light though now at the end of the tunnel. Glimpses of beautiful spring days truly have lifted me up to such highs. It's glorious! It's all looking better Lucy xxx

Julia Bannon

You’re such an inspiration to so many of us, Lucy, all over the world. So glad to hear you’re feeling better, still prioritizing you and your wellness journey. Thank you for sharing so much with all of us!

Linda from Boston

I’m so glad to see you’re ok. I too was concerned about the closed comments. I SO wanted to tell you how much I loved the border on the CAL. The last bobble row just makes the blanket!! This pandemic has gotten everything out of sorts but hopefully we’re on the end of it. My husband and I are getting the vaccine on Tuesday. Keeping my fingers crossed it all goes well!! Take care. ❤️


Lucy, we’ve never met, nor are we ever likely to, but I love following your blog so much....and I couldn’t be happier to see this lovely post. I live a long way from you in the U.S. biut Spring is Springing here as well and it is just what the doctor ordered!! Wishing you every joy today and always, take good care and know you are thought of here in Wisconsin, with the highest regards. K

Gill Compigne-Leaney

So glad you are feeling better Lucy. I missed your blog, I only found you a couple of years ago but you do brighten up my days. Keep up the good work on your health and look forward to what Summer can bring.
Love Gill xx


Welcome back Lucy I have really missed you and your wonderful blog. Sorry that you have found life more difficult lately. Winter seems to have been so long and drawn out with all the restrictions but sunshine and hope are becoming brighter.
Your Meadow blanket is fantastic and I love the colours. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to next. Take care and look after yourself x


I'm happy that you are back! :)
A big hugh from Granada (Spain)

Gaby Meares

Thank you for your honesty. I hope you’re seeing the sunshine now. Your posts and wonderful crochet patterns, with all their glorious colours have brought me so much joy. Take care of yourself dear Lucy as you are much loved.


So sorry you've had a few difficult months, I'm glad you're feeling a bit better now. I really hope you have some very excellent months to make up for it. I have been struggling with focus and productivity a bit while the children were home. The last week I hit a wall. I think it was the constant distractions, the constant pulling away of my focus. Back to it now though. I know what you mean about the same walks. The dog is wondering why he never gets to go anywhere exciting any more. But hopefully it won't be too much longer. I'm sending a hug and some positive spring energy. CJ xx


So glad your back I thought I was missing something when I hadn't seen your blog for awhile, glad your back look after yourself and keep well.x

Jenny Brown

Thank you for your honesty, your words echo my own experience of the children home and the lack of space to settle. Good to hear I wasn't the only one. Jenny from Wigan


Hi Lucy, sorry to hear life has been such a struggle for you recently. The coming of Spring is such a relief isn't it! I open my roof window to look out first thing every morning and just thank God for the sky, the colours, the leaf buds on the trees, the feeling of hope it all gives! I'm struggling too with crazy hormones and all the draining effects of lockdown. Your Meadow blanket was a delight to work on, and that border is just beautiful! I decided to choose different colours for mine, faffed about for ages then realised that the ones you had chosen looked so much better I just went with them - glad I did! So thanks,take care & God bless x


Thank you for your honesty and you are certainly not alone in this! Your colorful work always brings joy to me.

Lynn H

Hello! Lucy your blogs have been so inspirational and I was sorry to hear that you've been low. After a 45 year break you and your beautiful postings inspired me to restart crochet! Having been diagnosed and treated for a rare cancer at the start of lockdown last year I was desperate to occupy my mind. I completed the gorgeous meadow blanket and have made blankets for residents in my Mum's care home and for our 1st brand new grandson born 1 week ago. I am hundreds of miles apart from my family and sometimes you can't see the light for the darkness. The light comes through eventually. Stay strong and keep crocheting🤗


Thank you for your honest post Lucy. I struggled having the children at home these past few weeks and I couldn't quite find the words to express how I felt, which of course makes it all feel even worse - you have summed it up perfectly! They are back now, and for my most easy going little girl the transition has been a tough one, but we will work through this.

Thank you x

Chris Swales

Lovely to have you back! I've suffered from terminal lethargy since the first lockdown and didn't touch a needle of any variety for the better part of a year. The only thing that kept me sane has been a new puppy - now 15 months old. He's a delight and given us so much fun. Just got back to some crocheting - one of your blankets of course! Stay well.x


Woohoooooooooo & yaaaaaaaaay!! Virtual hugs ((<3)) xxx


Hi Lucy, glad you are feeling better. I know how you feel about being unsettled and not knowing how to relax. Good to see spring is on the way and we can meet up outside soon

Diane Kelsey

So glad to hear you are feeling better. I don’t drink coffee, but a friend of mine highly recommends M&S decaf for in the home. X


so glad you're back, i missed you!!!!

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