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March 18, 2021


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Colleen L Mason

I, too, have had a very hard time this winter. I don't think our restrictions here in the U.S. have been nearly as severe as the U.K., although they probably should be. But just the dark and cold, and inability to get out for socialization, made it very tough. Our February got unexpectedly cold and included snow and ice a number of times, not fun at all! I got myself a light therapy lamp, and I do think it helped. We now have been vaccinated, and I am so hoping for a gradual improvement of conditions. So glad you are feeling better.

Nancy Swank

It's lovely to hear from you again Lucy, and I'm so happy to hear you are feeling better. I'm glad you prioritized your health and took some time away as needed. It's comforting to hear your honest reflections of both the good and difficult times as many of us experience this, and it's good to know you're not alone. Much love and well wishes! Nancy in Indiana, USA


Oh Lucy, how I've missed you. I loved the blanket edging and it finished it off perfectly - thank you so much for sharing. I love the finished blanket and use it almost everyday whilst sitting on the sofa on the evenings. Glad to hear you're feeling brighter now. Big hugs xx


I only recently discovered your blog and it's such a joy and so peaceful to read. I ve been working through the aria blanket and it's been so much fun, I love your colours so much, your very very talented and I cant wait to make more of your beautiful designs!
I'm glad your feeling better and i agree with you about a warm milky drink being a great comfort, for me its a lovely cuppa! Thank you for all you do, your very inspiring :)


From one fellow "winter-struggler" to another.....
Welcome Back!!!!
I understand how great it feels when the daylight starts lasting longer and you can see, smell, and feel the first signs of Spring.


Good to have you back, Spring is definitely on the way xx


Hi Lucy
Im so happy your back, this has been a tough time for all of us , i have missed you , i always enjoy your photos ,make me wish i was there , i love the area
i too have been struggling and still am, i have so many projects started , and just dont feel like working on any of them ...
but we all hang in there , there is always light at the end of the tunnel, better days are coming , meanwhile I enjoy the beautiful springtime , my favorite time of the year
love you all God Bless

Tracy Wheeler

I know it would be hard work for you but I would love to see a blog post from you every day. I love reading them. I always feel like I'm walking along side you. I totally am with hormones. Thank goodness for crochet! Take care Lucy. ❤

Kathy Anderson

Spring is such a truly magical time in the UK, it's a hard enough slog through winter in the best of years, but incredibly difficult in current situation. Add to that the hormones and it's really hard to know how much is one or the other!
You have given so much light and colour to thousands and thousands of people and I know we all love you for your gentle and generous nature. Hope we can support you through the harder days. Wishing you joy in daffodils, green leaves and blue skies, in family outings and, of course daily coffee.
Thank you so much for being you xxx

Karen Dodgson

Hi Lucy
I’m so glad to hear from you again, I’ve been worrying about you as I know you always struggle in winter. Please be kind to yourself, we’re all struggling right now and you’re in very good company.
As you know we moved to St Anne’s in October, I have never been more grateful for being here, and I think of you every time we walk along the dunes. Things are slowly waking up here, the ice cream cafe is open and the beach huts are being cleaned and spruced up.. My wish for you is that you can soon get across for a day in the Spring sunshine to revive your soul...with coffee and cake from our lovely pier cafe. Keep on keeping on, there really is light on the horizon xx

Diane from West Wales

Welcome back Lucy, good to hear you are feeling more like yourself. Spring will definitely make you feel a whole lot better. This exceptional Winter has been a long haul, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Sending love 💗 hugs and flowers 💐


Pleased to see you back and staying safe! I finished my Meadow Blanket on 8th March and I am so happy with it. I was told by a friend that black cohosh would help with my hot flushes and mood swings. I also started using sugar free soya milk and I am convinced that's how I came through relatively ok. Everyone is different though, so it may not be 'for you'.
Lots of folks have struggled this lockdown with it being through winter, but like you say, the equinox is this weekend and we can look forward to brighter days ahead!

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy Glad to see you back. I thot maybe your were just taking a well deserved rest after all the work you put into the Meadow blanket CAL. I finished the blanket and am so pleased with it. So thankful for the hard work and talent you put into your designs. So enjoy your meanderings, photography, and calm writings...it just relaxes me and takes me away to another place...your place. LOL 13 yrs...Congratulations. I've been with you for about 10 of those, and loved every moment of it. Take care and best to you and family. MO

Sue Floyd

Yay! You're back! Well, I totally understand how you've been feeling. This was a "humdinger" of a year. Hopefully the worst is behind us. There is no shame in taking a nap. It's so healthy. It's self card at its core. Love your blog as so many do. Yours is one of the first I followed, way back when. Be good to yourself & your family. Take care.

Mary W

Glad you are back and feeling better. Since this dark feeling seems to come each winter - I really wish you understood how Vitamin D plays a part. Research should reveal that one indication of a lowered Vit D is exactly what you describe. DO NOT blame yourself! Just get a blood test at the worst time of it and see if it reveals the lower level and you will be able to find relief and energy and feel like yourself even during the coldest and most dreary of days!


I’m feeling a bit of tights envy from that pic 😂


Hi Lucy- There is a rhythm to your words that is just so pleasant and relaxing. Whether you’re writing about a CAL or notes about your day — canal walks, milky coffees, pretty flowers— it’s always so feel-good even when you aren’t quite there yourself. So thank you for bringing joy to my life. 💕

Arlene Bomback

You are loved ~ Arlene

vicki Brunberg

So soothing to read your blogs, Lucy! This has been a doozy of a year - very difficult. I didn't do the latest CAL yet, but started a circusey colored ripple for a niece's baby due the beginning of August. Just used my leftovers and was pleased at the result. It was really helpful to have a project to complete.

charlotte m.

Happy to see your window is open in the Attic. I too am happy for spring. It always is a light after the dark days of winter, which were especially dark this year. I took 2 weeks to finish my border on the meadow blanket and I love it so much. You are very clever with borders. They always seem just right. Once I rest up a bit from this CAL, I think I might buy the yarn for the Moorland blanket. I missed that one and it really calls to me. Have a lovely day and enjoy spring.

Juliana Ellington

I just read through most of the comments. I hope it is some comfort to you to read how much people care about you and how happy we all are to see a new post from you. So many people suffer from depression--chronic and periodic, and this past year of COVID has been so hard. I'm glad to read that you are practicing serious self-care. I don't think I have ever sent virtual hugs to any of the bloggers I follow, but I'm sending you a 10 second hug. I read that we need 9 seconds of hug to trigger the happy hormones, lol. Detroit, Michigan, US


Nice to have you back...yep life has been a strain for us all. Still, some hope on the horizon now..as long as people don’t go mad! Take care.


Such a relief to hear all is ok with you. I do so look forward to your posts full of UK local photos and seeing all your beautiful colourful crochet makes ... uplifting and inspiring. When you took a break, I catastrophized into covid worries for you or your family. It's a relief to hear your troubles are not directly covid related. Sending well wishes your way from Canada. xxx Beth

Dawn Heffernan

So so pleased you're back Lucy, was beginning to get worried about you! So enjoyed the Meadow cal, but it didn't feel the same without your Ta-dah post! Take care, soon be all over, lockdown and the big M!


I rarely comment but just wanted to say how much I love your blog and Instagram.
You are such an inspiration to so many thousands of people all over the world.
I started crochet because of you and now 7 blankets later I love it so much. When I’m getting towards the end of a blanket I always slow down because I don’t want to finish! Also just to mention I have been exercising to LWR every single day since you posted about her can’t stop! Another inspiration from you. Spring is springing, the daffodils are looking lovely and things are looking up!, Many many thanks.x

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