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March 20, 2021


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Hi Lucy, lovely to see you back. Blarch really made me laugh! I’m with you on being ready for Spring, spring and Summer are my favourite seasons too. I always love to see your seasonal mantle faffery too 😘

mary  mathews

hi lucy!

i am a knitter, but you have inspired me to learn to crochet this year.

i would love to purchase some little tree peeps for myself and a friend, but i couldn't find a link on her instagram. does she sell them?

as always, i'm so happy you are blogging everyday as i find your post to always be so positive and uplifting. i live by the beach in california and your posts make me want to spend a few months in a small english village. (or a coastal village like the one in doc martin!)

enjoy your day!


Blarch is exactly how my March sounds as I soldier through first trimester blergs.


Always enjoy your posts Lucy and I’m sure lots of people, not just me, will be looking forward to daily posts. I agree with you that ‘Blarch’ doesn’t quite have the right sound and it occurred to me that perhaps it should be ‘Bling’ a combination of blog and Spring. Bling sounds bright and shiny, rather like the lovely bright spring shoots and flowers emerging every day and the sun shining ever more brightly. 😊


Are you going to make a blanket in vegetable and fruit colours they look great

Lynda Robinson

I love that you change your mantle to match the seasons...I love the paintings you had in winter and the spring one. Did you paint them? Have you got a Ko-Fi page? I follow a couple of crafty arty people on there and buy them a coffee!
I'm looking forward to reading you Blarch Posts!


Ah Lucy another lovely post..

Loving your new mantel look, especially your floral garland..

Must check it out 😊.....

You were right to take time out for yourself.....

Enjoy Springtime 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷😘


Perhaps your colorful fruits and veggies will inspire the colors for your next blanket?


We have to do with the "Blarch" do we? XD Lovely how spring-like your mantle looks.

Irene A

So pleased you are feeling the energy needed to share with us all a daily blog for the next 10 days or so. Your blogposts are always so uplifting and honest, and will be something to look forward to reading each day. It is just a like a lovely pick me up and chat with a good friend. I hope you can feel all the happiness and positive vibes winging their way to Skipton.
Be gentle on yourself as we move gradually more and more into the light of spring and then summer. 🥰

Annette Frater

Hi Lucy, great to read your Blarch!!! I and everyone else enjoys and appreciates your blog(s). I am still enjoying crocheting my meadow blanket BUT in bold colours, perhaps I will manage to take a photo once it is finished - I didn't start at same time as everyone else, so it will be a few weeks yet. Take care. Annette

kate bates

It will be so lovely to be able to drop into Atticland once a day. The perfect little boost to get us through these last (hopefully!) Lockdown days xxx Here's to brighter times !

Juliana Ellington

I'm so glad you are doing a Blarch challenge! Hopefully writing each day will help you stay in the present, and will thus help you make it until warmer weather and lots of green everywhere can boost your spirits. Your Spring mantel is just lovely. Hooray for spring color and flowers!
Also, I followed the link to Winwick Mum and really enjoyed her posts too. Thanks for a new blog to follow.

Kate Buckley

Oh lovely, I'm so glad you're going to blog every day, it becomes part of my routine to read what you've been up to, makes me review my own day. x Kate

Kim Poulton

I love the way you have decorated your mantel - beautiful colours x

Tracy Wheeler

Another lovely read 😊 I'm going to treat myself to one of the candles! Looking forward to your daily blogs.


Wow those fruits and vegetable look amazing!! And I'm in love with that spring Garland, I might have to take some blanket time out and make that one in time for easter :) I absolutely loved blogtober it was lovely checking in with you every day and blarch will be lovely too haha


Last year’s post led me to the cotton & twine site and a hefty amount of money spent with them over the last year! Their designs are so beautiful and compliment our many Lucy blankets. Thank you so much, you sparked a crochet blanket obsession in this house a few years ago and the cosy home we have created has helped us both navigate a really difficult year. Clare & Carly x

Sandie Chandler

I love your idea of changing the mantle piece with the season....an instant refresh/pick me up. I normally only make changes at Christmas and am so sad when they come down.....am off to find "spring for my living room" ...thsnk you!

Stephanie Mapleson

Blarch,haha! How about blog/spring...BLING!!! So much more appealing. I dearly love your posts and hope they bring you joy for many more years to come xxx

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy, I enjoyed seeing your wonderful produce you have there. I'm looking forward to our outdoor markets here this summer. I'm glad you're feeling chipper! Sent you a coffee or two. Enjoy!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Anne Dearle

Love your mantle Lucy. It will bring a smile to your face every day. I look forward to your posts as it brightens my day. You deserve the donations for a coffee as you do so much for us. Have a great day 🥰


As I was admiring your fresh produce, my first thought was, "There are three kids in that family! That fruit will probably only last until Tuesday!" It's good to hear from you again -- your blog brings me a serenity that's been difficult to find these last many months. Thank you.

Sasha Oliver

Spring is my favourite time of year. The starting of budding flowers, and fresh green leaves, well still enjoying the winter comforts of a raging fire and freshly brewed coffee. Still new to your blogs and patterns, but loving them. :) Would love to see a browns and reds inspired blanket design though, but that could just be seeing your coffee and fire and cosy set up. Hope You are Well and Safe. Will buy you a coffee as soon as I am able! :)

Jackie Farrow

I see a blanket in the making looking at all the fruit and veg! 🤔 Two days of 38+ and meant to be 31 today. Next week mid to high 20’s. So looking forward to cooler weather. I wish I had a mantle to pop some loves on. Looking forward to see you Spring Peep. Of to get ready to take daughter to hockey training, her husband had to use her car to get to work, his broke down of all times over the weekend. Doesn’t matter how old your kids are you still do the parenting thing. Collecting a coffee table for them today as well. Take care and stay safe. Jx

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