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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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March 27, 2021


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Congratulations for your award ;
I m azalee24, just say Hello from Paris,,,
I love your bird and also the way you cooK ...

Angela-Southern USA

Love the little green finch! I'm currently cross stitching three little bunnies with heart shaped tails. I've looked high and low for my hello spring embroidery piece and cannot remember where I've stashed it. lol The fog continues blah!xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Your greenfinch looks great! I enjoy seeing all your cross stitch projects. What do you think about this ( https://www.etsy.com/listing/925257142/sunflowers-cross-stitch-flowers-pattern?ga_search_query=kit&ref=shop_items_search_9&pro=1 ) sunflower pattern? Sunflowers have always screamed 'summer' to me!

Victoria Margerison

I have mantel envy! I love your seasonal displays, one day....

Kate Mccurrach

Your greenfinch is gorgeous Lucy. It's lovely to spend some time indulging in some stitch magic.♡♡


Hi Lucy, how lovely to have you back with your delightful blogs, I so enjoy reading them, you give me such inspiration. Love your darling greenfinch, and the mimosa. I shall certainly try the romanesco cauli love the sound of your recipe. Glad you enjoyed your Saturday, I did too, not an early start for me, woke very late, but had a lovely day, I have been knitting a sweater for myself, and did the sleeves together, raglan which takes so long, determined to finish them, I sat all afternoon like you knitting, and listening to Neil diamond.on u tube, such sweet memories, I am in my 80’s but I could still dance all night listening to him. Glad you are feeling better, and with the spring coming, we have a lot to look forward to. Love to you from Daphne. I miss skipton having moved back south, but it’s great to see your photos of your lovely area.


Hi Lucy! Sounds like a lovely satherday. Overhere my dat started as most days, early. What i love! Started in the stable feelding my calfs after that helping milking the last cows. My husband starts milking at 5 in the morning. After breakfast i have been making cheese. I started with that last year when COVID came and we had to go in lockdown. I must say i love it so much.Its so satisfyding😊😋.
Baked some hotcrossbuns in the afternoon. And crochet ofcourse. No day without crochet or knitting. I am using your meadowpack for the queencal. Must say it turns out beautiful.
Thats one of my days on our farm in the Netherlands.
I love your dialy blogs with the beautiful pictures from your walks and live. Always looking forward to read😊
Dear Lucy have a lovely day. Take care, Aukje


Well, it's one hour earlier. I need coffee. My cats were pleasantly surprised I was up and about. But the sun shines, fresh tulips on my table, lots of plans (that, of course, all change by time XD) You are on speedy embroidery there <3 Love how it came out.


Morning Lucy, as always you’ve inspired me into action. I’m between embroidery projects and haven’t done any cross-stitch for years, a quick google and I’ve found a goldfinch pattern. Fingers crossed I’ve got all the colours in my box. Thank you x


I've been crocheting all weekend the aria blanket and coastal crochet picnic at the beach cal, and absolutely loving it,I cant wait until they are both finished and I can snuggle under them with a cuppa. I am very tempted to get a cross stitch now, I'd love to try something new and it looks very soothing to do.


My stitchy greenfinch is itching to be created today. Yours looks lovely! Thank you and enjoy your Sunday.💕


Wow! I saved the last 5 days blogs to read all in one go this morning. Got up to make a cup of tea and took it back to bed to read them all. I'm still laying in bed even though it is 9.00am, I'm telling myself it's only 8am with the clocks going forward. The weather here in Wales is like winter, it's blowing a gale and raining. Was hoping to dig my veg patch over today but lools like I will have to spend more time in the greenhouse planting more vegetable seeds. Hope you're having a good weekend Lucy. Love the new cross-stitch, it looks perfect with your spring mantel piece. Take care. x


That's such a pretty little cross-stitch and great job getting it all finished in an afternoon. What a gorgeous cauliflower and bargain price. I'm in Australia and just got home from my grocery shop - saw that the regular old cauli's were $6.90 each! Not a bargain at all.


Hi Lucy My Saturday consisted of sleeping in for about an hour...nice. Gathered up all my paperwork for tax time, rather a boring job, but had to be done. My highlight of the day was taking my little pooch, Rudy for a sea walk. We have a lovely park nearby that has beach that goes on for miles when the tide is out, and the park also has forest trails. Wind was a bit fierce today, but the fresh air sure clears out the brain fog, I can tell you. Trees are blossoming, daffodils are bright, rhodos are springing open all over town. All in all, a very calm day and now just sitting down to a bit of crochet for the evening. It's been a good day. Cheers, MO

Jackie Farrow

I must try that cauliflower next time I see one in the shops. Love the cross stitch. I have a few craftpods which are in my craft room. On the to do list 😬 Today had a catch up with friends with were introduced to when we first arrived in Australia. Sue and Mark have been a friends ever since. We celebrate our 30 year friendship next year. We had a picnic in Kings Park which is in Perth. Beautiful park for everyone to enjoy. So you can see what it’s like if you want to google it. In the evening I started knitting a cardi for number one Grandson A. Using Bendigo Mill Wool from Victoria. It’s pure wool but is machine washable ideal for kids. Today (Sunday) already hair I’m going to be cutting said Grandsons hair. Take care Jx

Teresa Kasner

We had a visit from our middle child/son and his stepson and it was sunny and warm so we got to sit out on the deck for the visit. And our 2 grandsons are here for the weekend, so all good things. I love your stitchery, it reminds me of our green parakeet when I was a child. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Pip Haynes

Sounds like you had a lovely day. 'Him indoors', having been horrible grouch yesterday, actually apologised this morning and suggested we both go to Aldi and get some steak for tea. He really does know how to live! After that he agreed we should go to the local, rather expensive, garden centre as I was hankering after 2 new pots for my only two rose bushes. Found a couple of bargains so I was happy. Back ho,e in time for coffee and medals, a quiet afternoon continuing to crochet my c2c temperature blanket, hot cross buns for teatime and said steak and chips for tea. A good day, and no arguments-result!


I was also up with the larks at 5:15. We had a bit of a pottering day starting with scrambled eggs with wild garlic for brekkie in bed. A few jobs done including making a meat sauce and a bechamel ready for a lasagne at teatime, then it was off to the vaccination centre for my first Covid jab! Sorted.

Now, I'm just looking forward to my bed...xxx

Love and stuff XX

Sue Walton

That's a beautiful greenfinch, I used to get them in the garden but not so much now. This afternoon I have been experimenting with a short circular for my socks, I usually use DPNs, the jury's still out on which I prefer.


I'm looking forward to those lighter evenings as well. Evening dog walks are such a pleasure, especially as the littlest boy comes with me every evening at the moment. I managed to send four big bags of books on to new homes today, which was very satisfying. Also managed some garden pottering. Foot is very painful at the moment (plantar fasciitis I believe) so that was about enough, but it was very satisfying anyway. The greenfinch is lovely, very nicely done. I hope you have a good Sunday. CJ xx


Glad you enjoyed a slow day Lucy. I’ve had a great day - crocheting Easter baskets and Eggs, for mini eggs, for the family. Decorated the handles with polyanthus similar to your twig flowers. It’s been great to use all the spring pastels again. Thank you for the inspiration. Have a restful day tomorrow . Take care, Dawn .


Beautiful stitching. I was up with the larks, light mornings are wonderful. My walk along the beach in a biting wind, shopping, washing, all done before noon. and nothing else! Just going to have my glass of Baileys now.

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