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February 05, 2021


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Hi I can’t seem to find the instructions for the border pattern, could you please send them to me, thanks Sue

Helen Arlidge

👋I am taking part in a Facebook Website Challenge, today’s task is to find a blog in my niche and add a comment. I am also learning about back links. So here I am my name is Helen and I have knitted for over 30 years and crocheted fo at least 10 years.
I love your blankets! and photo’s.
I currently have a Small Website offering 10 Beautiful Bespoke Handmade Crochet and knitted Gifts. Which I change frequently.
I do have a blog about crochet, but it’s not linked to my website?
You have given me the idea to add my furry friends photo’s too.
Thank you 😀

Sarah Brimble

Good Afternoon! I just wanted to let you know that I have loved reading your blog and looking at all your patterns. I'm new to crochet and hope to be able to do some of these when I've practiced a bit.But, anyways, I just wanted to say that I tried subscribing to your blog by clicking on the subscribe link and it comes up with a page that's all 'computer talk' and it won't let me subscribe! I'm wondering if you have a glitch with that bit?
Best Regards Sarah Brimble

Arlene Lubbers

Het is vrijdag en ik ben reuze benieuwd naar deel 6 van de Meadow Blanket Cal. Waar blijft die?


Looking forward to tomorrow. You are most likely asleep as it is about 1;55 am in the Attic.

Amanda Smith

Absolutely adore this post. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing eveyone's fur babies and the awesome blankets. I want a lap warmer like Nicole's :-) Thanks for sharing! keep well Amanda x


Loving loving this. I’ve not been on social media for the better part of a year. I checked in on IG, there is Amber - the YarnHoarder who was starting hers - which brought me here to you (again :) I’ve done several of your blankets), she so inspired and as I checked on other posts, I knew this would be soothing.
Into the closet of my Stylecraft DK and see what I could I had. I had everything but Buttermilk & Dandelion & Pistachio!!! Ack! Pistachio color 2 of the color story version .... waiting patiently quick order finding what I needed and then decided to go big with a Dbl bed version so that meant extras balls for some of the colors ... yet, I was excited! Haven’t felt that way about a lot of things for awhile. Saturday, yesterday, yes yesterday, all my extra balls needed plus pistachio arrived!! HUZZAH!!
Now I wait for buttermilk & dandelion ... which was set for delivery tomm!!! (International mail actually has been arriving faster than most domestic mail!!) now another snowstorm - 8” inches more due today. (That will put his over 3ft of snow in a week!!) its Super Bowl Sunday, hubs is at work plowing, just my beloved KitKat and I. Comfy cozy clothes and cast on!!! (I also did do a tension swatch! I never do that (eeekkk yes I admit it!)) however, so glad I did. Saw I needed go down a wee bit in crochet hook size. 2 rows in on the blanket - on point!! YES!!!
Snowy day, Super Bowl Sunday (I’m a only girl in a all male family growing up. Find myself drawn even more this past year or so, after my dads passing, in moments of sports I feel close to him - if that makes sense) and he always encouraged my creative side. As a child I crocheted and knitted him Christmas gifts - he told me years later it saved him. He’s always encouraged me to doodle, create, be true to my heart - this blanket - your vision of a meadow - in such dark hard times - is a balm I’m so grateful for. My heart is smiling.
Fingers crossed - buttermilk & dandelion make in soon! Don’t know if I’ll catch up, I imagine I just might or could! It feels good to crochet again - what i first learned as a child. I even have a blanket kit of yours I meant to surprise my dad with for Christmas 2019... sadly that didn’t happen. I’ll crochet it one day and maybe donate it to a grandfather, or someone who has a dad who needs a hug.

Thank you for your creative heart ... spirit and genuine kindness, encouragement and sharing your creative world with us all. It has meant more than I think you might ever know. In big and small healing, loving, generous kind ways.

Lucy Jackson

I came late to the party I'm half way through week one of meadow my very first CAL.
I'm really enjoying your blog and your clear instructions and pictures have helped me along as I've been learning crochet for less than a year.
Thank you Lucy.

Robin May

Really enjoying this pattern! In your 4th picture, what is the colorblock blanket underneath your Meadow blanket?
Thank you for putting together this CAL!


Loving this CAL so much. Doing it with my mom and my sisters. Quick question..... in the beginning you mentioned 6 rows of each color leaving enough yarn for the border. With the release of week 5's colors, we now have 7 rows of sage.... will we still have enough sage left over for the border?


Gorgeous pics of the animals enjoying the blankets! Thank you for your uplifting post💕


Thank you. ♥️

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy, what a fun post, it was so neat to see all the crocheters pets cuddled up while they worked on their blankets. I will try to get a shot of my darling Cairn Terrier, Mocha, on my lap, too. My color sample repeat is looking lovely, but I'm way behind on it, but I know you're okay with me going at my own pace. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy, Loved your post with all the critters sharing the blankets. I have Gracie cat and Rudy dog, who are blanket hogs at times! I am enjoying this Meadow Walk so much and i do imagine walking thru a summertime meadow. I so look forward to evening time when I can sit with my yarn and relax with my musings. Hooky times are always my 'zen'. Oooo, am looking forward to the Duck's Egg Blue!!! Have a great week m'dear. MO

Melissa Harbott

The link to the printable PDF is not working for me. =(

Jen Ballington-James

Still on catch up and as always, reading your blog, seeing the lovely pictures and reading all the smashing comments from everyone keeps me going! One day I'll keep up! (The enternal optimist, me!) Thank you.

Jo Howes

Nicest blog post ever, I love pets and crochet! :)


Suzanne, Lucy said in an earlier post the extra rows for the longer Mixed stripe blanket will be given at the end of part 6 as they do not have to fit into the strong to pastel sequence like the story stripes. I am only on stripe 29 due to my arthritis so have plenty of time to see all the posts before I get to them. This is a lovely project for these difficult times.


I love all of the beautiful images you add to your posts.


Still enjoying the beautiful meadow blanket and the four legged friends sharing the joy x

Sissy Hillenbrand

Thank you so much. I am so excited to wake up on Friday and print my page and look forward to starting after work.

charlotte m.

I am very excited to be caught up and ready for this week. This is the first time I have done the colour story and it really speaks to me more than the mixed stripe this time. Such fun!


I loved seeing all the blankets with their cat and dog friends especially Evil Edna which made me laugh out loud!

Linda from Boston

I can’t believe how fast the weeks are going. It’s like reading a good book......you want to get to end, but sad when it comes. I ordered your sweet pea blanket kit which arrived yesterday. Have to have a backup project!! Are you thinking of the next CAL??? Can’t wait!! I so appreciate your exceptional tutorials and all the work you put into it. 💕

Susanne Nichol

Love the blanket and all the colours. I’m just wondering when we will get the extra stripes for double/ king size blanket in mixed stripe? It is only stated for the colour story. Can any one help me please !

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