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January 04, 2021


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Ooh it looks very Narnia indeed! Such a contrast to our Summer heat. Do hope your boiler is fixed soon and that all goes well for lockdown. Thinking of you all xx


Thank goodness for the electric shower and open fire! Our boiler broke early 2018,and due to the 'beast from the East' took longer to be replaced than it should have. All our hot water including the shower, and all our heating comes from the boiler, so I was boiling kettles for washing up for a while.

The snow looks beautiful! We don't get much down in East Anglia.

Nancy Gafford

Just joined your blog. Really enjoy it. Looking forward to tomorrow.


Sounds like you are having a great beginning to the New Year. Now if this virus would just go away. Looking forward to seeing your blanket tomorrow. After crocheting several of your blankets I have developed an allergy to acrylic yarn. The last blanket that I did was the summer ripple that you had in cotton. I am hoping that I may be able to choose some wool or cotton yarn to make this blanket. Don’t know how the lockdown is effecting Woolwarehouse. Happy New Year!

Sue Floyd

Thank you so much Lucy! I was starting to get "down on the dumps", so I decided to check in with you. Your blog and photos are the best therapy around. I'm sure I'm not alone in this feeling.
Breathe deep, stay safe, keep a hook in your hand, (& a latte nearby!). This pandemic is testing everyone mettle. We all have to support each other. Thanks for your inspiration and we all appreciate you. Blessings for the New Year!


Excited about the CAL. . . I am in the middle of the Cosy Stripe blanket and can't decide if I should put it on hold or finish it then jump over to the Meadow a bit behind! Decisions, decisions. I'm in the US and all this hooky fun is definitely a relaxing distraction from the current ridiculous political siuation. At least Covid restrictions in my area have lightened and the kids are potentially going back to school on the 19th.


I’m so excited for tomorrow! Thank you Lucy xx couldn’t crochet at all 2 years ago and thanks to you I’m ready to join my THIRD attic 24 crochet along. I think it may help keep me sane during our THIRD lockdown......all the best to you and your family


Tracy Bache

Happy New Year!!Glad you are all well. We are fine here in Dudley,although perhaps a tad bored. My Eldest is still doing an amazing job delivering shopping to folks. I was concerned but very proud of him when he managed it in the snow.Loved your pics and the one with the lamp definitely looked like Narnia. Shame you didn't bump into Mr Tumnus.Looking forward to Friday.My Hubby brought my yarn for my Christmas present.So excited.Thank you for all you do Lucy.We really appreciate it.Stay safe and if you can,warm.💖


Somehow I had missed that there was a CAL happening and saw it mentioned on Facebook so I hopped over to your blog. I was a better blog follower back in the days when I worked in an office based job. Anyway...how serendipitous and definitely a sign that it's time to follow along - the Wildflower Book you have in your last photo. My father had this book when I was growing up and eventually I 'stole' it and brought it to college where I studied botany. That book was definitely my introduction, so I'll take it as a sign, and pull out my wool today. Thanks for everything and Happy New Year to you and yours.


Happy New Year Lucy. Your wintery pictures are lovely.
I am still new to crochet but have made progress in the last year and gained more confidence. I made a crocket hexagon blanket for my daughter at Christmas and I am trying your 'Jolly Chunky Bag' at the moment. Colours are beautiful and I am really enjoying working on it. Look forward to seeing the CAL for your Meadow blanket x

Sarah Stevens

Looking forward to Friday. This will be my third blanket from your patterns. The snowy pictures of where you live are so beautiful. Xx


Happy new year Lucy. Your snowy pictures look wonderful.

Diane Smith

A happy new year to you Lucy. Once again your blog has lifted my spirits. I was not looking forward to Christmas this year although in years past it has always been a joyous time in our household. but I lost my husband earlier in the year (non - Covid) and Christmas day was also his birthday. Soooo not much fun to be had. However it came and went with help from the kids and with the new year I am feeling more positive. Being retired I don't mind lockdown as selfishly, I love the slower pace it imposes on life in general. I looked at your photos with envy as the one thing I miss now that I live down in Devon is the snow!!!! To me it makes the winter just that little bit more special and reminds me that spring is just around the corner. Stay well Lucy.

Charlotte Pountney

Happy New Year to you, Lucy...thank you for your lovely, colourful, view filled blog! And for the pancake recipe...I shall try them. Maybe they will work as a wheat free lasagne substitute...we'll see!


Thank you for your positivity, your beautiful photos and sharing your world and skills. Your blog never fails to lift my spirits and make me smile. Sending love and warmest wishes from Dorset x

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy...It IS beautifully quiet when it snows...the world is hushed for a moment. We did have some about a week ago, but it was gone in about 2 days. Our weather here on Vancouver Island, Canada is somewhat parallel to yours. At the moment we have fierce wind and buckets of rain, and looking out the window I notice that those silly wild rabbits don't seem to mind and are under the low branches of fir trees just munching on something or other.
Looking forward to the CAL and hoping the yarn arrives soon, but no matter I can can catch up once it gets here.
We are not on full lockdown here so RJ and I went out for supper last evening. It was nice to eat out for a change. As we live where we work, we get that 'cooped up" feeling somedays, but for the most days we enjoy just feeling safe at home.
"Be Calm, Be Kind, Be Safe", is the motto here in BC.


Lovely photos so enjoy your blog Lucy makes me feel warm all over. I got that book for Xmas some good recipes made the Mexican Street Corn soup today yummy x


Happy New Year. I’m looking forward to Friday also and starting the CAL. Stay safe, healthy and warm. I live in sunny Florida - wish I could send you some of our sun and warmth.

Caroline King

Are heating was like that when we lived in Wales ,it might have something to do with the temperature,if I remember correctly a valve in your gas supply cupboard may have frozen .Great photos as usual and love your wintry scenes of the sheep .looking forward to Friday . Keep safe love Caroline xx


My first thought, Narnia, when I saw the snowy picture. Oh my, so happy your shower is electric, that fire at least keeps you warm downstairs. My central heating went down for a full week when I moved into my house. Minus 18 C and no hot shower is not a good combination. Thank goodness they repaired it fast enough for the pipes to survive. I've some huge Amaryllis, I own them for years, that came in bloom in bright pink, white and soon the white-pink to replace the Xmas decoration. What to do without flowers in these grey times.

charlotte m.

I love all the picture from around the neighborhood. The snow is beautiful and I especially love the sheep. I am looking forward to Friday and beginning the CAL. My yarn pack has been sitting here smiling and winking at me for the last few weeks. Such pretty colors. Stay warm, Lucy.


Thanks to you, I now have the job of making your dried fruit flapjacks every week! OH would have me make them more often than that, but I have to draw the line somewhere......so thank you! Having lost a stone each last lockdown, we are now in danger of putting it back on again.....but oh my goodness, they are sooooo delicious....one isn't really enough!

Mary H

Love seeing those beautiful snow pictures! We haven't had snow in so many years that I have to enjoy it vicariously.


How beautiful it all looks in the snow. We had a quarter of a centimetre here and the littlest boy and the dog were SO excited. My eldest will turn 18 this year, it is indeed an odd feeling/thought. I taught my youngest to make those oat pancakes and he regularly has them for breakfast now. They are so easy to make he does it all himself. I like the little bit of independence and cooking a thing for himself. CJ xx


I am still having Christmas. It's very difficult when people clear it all away so early - probably a result of starting festivities in November. No Christmas here until Christmas Eve usually - possibly a couple of days earlier but then my 12 days of Christmas. It's meant to be a welcome break and not something you literally make yourself sick of.

Anyway,I still have my tree, and am still eating chocolates. The new year is a continuum of the old one, it is an arbitrary division of time, which many people pressurise themselves about. Goals etc can be tailored to times that suit individuals, rather than being a rush to kick start things when you might feel jaded and then feeling guilty if you fail.

Winter has just started, we have months left and I like to take this time for peace, relaxation and consolidation, just as the rest of nature does.

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