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January 29, 2021


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Nina Kellock

Anothe gorgeous blankt, and oh, the cosiness of that fire! We could do with that over here today, so wet and grismal.


Hello - really enjoying seeing all the blankets people are making. Can anyone direct me towards a book or website which explains Alpine stitch in UK terms? Also linen stitch? Thanks very much!


Your socks match perfectly Lucy.
Love the colours


I still love the texture of the CAL pattern, but I'm also loving the look of the Snuggle stitch - I'll have to try it sometime! Also the linen stitch blanket is of great interest to me because I made a linen stitch scarf for my sister's Christmas present, but only using two colours. Seeing a multiple colour version is very inspiring.

Looking forward to the rest of the CAL posts:)


is this website down? https://www.scheepjes.com/en/cals-and-mals/scheepjes-cals/scheepjes-cal-2020/information/

Julie Sit

I just finished part 1 of the Meadow Cal. Now onto part 2!!!

Diane Ruel

Have 6 more rounds of edging on my Aria blanket then will make a start on the meadow and so looking forward to it 🥰

Jen Ballington-James

Gill, please don't worry - I'm doing two blankets at once so effectively done the same amount - it's time which is slowing me up - I barely get a couple of hours a day, if that. I started late too (my own fault!) so don't worry. I'm not especially quick at crocheting either so I just poodle along in my own world! I didn't finish Dahlia until September! Just take your time, do what you can, when you can..The most important thing is that you enjoy what you do. Whether it's half a row or 10 stripes! One of my friends crochets so fast I swear her fingers must be a blur! I'm never going to be that fast! She's very talented, I'm a plodder but hubby loves what I do - he thinks each throw I do is for him - he wraps himself up in them when he's watching the telly! Hence why I'm doing 2 at a time this time! Colourwash and Story - one each! He's never been interested in my knitting even when it was for him, so I was stunned when he fell in love with Dahlia and the Sweet Pea my speedy friend sent me as a beautiful gift!

Janet  Reilly

I am in love with your beautiful and charming blog! I recently started crocheting again after an absence of some years. I finished a twin size Afghan for my little grandson and just ordered the yarn and pattern for your Aria blanket for his sister. I can’t wait to get started. Your love of color and beautiful patterns inspire me!


I'm so sorry to ask and it's probably a really dumb question but what is a CAL? Kindest Regards Kay

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy, it's fun to see so many different design options using the same colors. I am doing that last colorwash pattern and love it. Thanks for being our intrepid leader on this! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Justine Robson

Squeeeeeee!!!! You shared our blanket!!! Thank you so much, I'm absolutely loving making it. Love MWMOLWH xxx


I’m loving seeing all the different blankets....I wonder whether Julie would share her squares sequence? I’d love to tackle something like that once I’ve finished this one

Miss Daisy

Julie and Catherine's blankets are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING !

Catherine Sudarshan

Very sorry dear Lucy, I got my numbers completely wrong. It should read 52, 53, 54 and 55. And the difference in the colours ( pistachio and sage) is for number 53! Sincere apologies for this error. Best wishes.

Catherine Sudarshan

Dear Lucy,
Thank you seems to be too simple to type, but Thank you!
May I clarify the colour order for the following in the colour story please ?
47, 48, 49 and 50 I think should be lavender, pistachio, buttermilk and pale rose if I read your electronic palette correctly.
Also may I point out that your blog mentions pistachio for 48 and the printable version says sage. This would mean we end up with 7 of sage and 5 of pistachio which may or may not matter in the end.
Once again thank you!
Praying for good health, peace and joy. Stay safe and stay blessed. Catherine


My eldest son bought me that Observer book for my birthday a while back, it has pride of place on my mantelpiece. How well he knows me. I love seeing everyone's different interpretations, the linen stitch is very good. It's been strangely mild here, I've even turned the heating off. Birds singing before dawn as well. CJ xx


I'm enjoying seeing your progress, but also some of those beautiful rugs you've popped on from your followers. I wish I'd had the nerve to order the pack, but with so many restrictions, I was convinced it would never arrive here in our country before 2022, so missed this one. I may try & get hold of the pack later in the year if everything eases. Keep warm as we know how cold it's been for you from messages we receive from DH's family in Leeds. Take care, stay safe & hugs from down under.


I think it is amazing that people can take the same pack of colours and make such wonderful varied blankets. Crochet has certainly moved on from the traditional ‘granny square’. There are some extremely talented crocheters out there and it is no longer the domain of ‘granny’. Also I think in the trying times we are going through at the moment handicrafts are more important than ever.

Heather Coady

Just love watching it grow the blog and other versions

Gill Hollister

I’m still on R5 Part 1. Developed Arthritic thumb.
I’ve OA everywhere 😊Sore, slow going. Get there in the end.

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