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January 22, 2021


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Hi there. Thanks for all your hard work on this. My wool packs have arrived and I want to make a king size. I noticed that in the tutorials, you have inserted extra rows for double size. Could anyone give me an idea of what I should be doing in terms of adding in extra stripes for king size or will those come in future tutorials? Many thanks x

Marylin Ollivier

Hi Lucy
My yarn packet arrived today and I am soooo excited! I have a lot of catching up to do and like you, I have osteoarthritis in my hands, so have to take a day or two here and there as breaks...it is what it is. Here on Vancouver Is, BC Canada, we are all living thru different stages of 'lockdown' as well. And I find that I too, am overwhelmed and out of sorts some days. But just looking at this packet of coloured yarns lightens my heart. Thank you so much! Take Care, MO


I love your needle minder that I have noticed on your cross stitching projects. Can you please share information on where it came from. Thank you,



Hello Lucy,
Just a warm Hi from the wett Eifel in Germany. Expecting lots of snow starting tomorrow. No, I'm not looking forward to it, but we will have to take it as it comes.
Have a nice evening.
XXX Carine

Lynn Dee Butler

Hello Lucy! I am just finishing my 3rd sweet pea blanket. Two color wash and this last one the posey stripe. I confess I don’t darn in my ends until the end and it’s always a such a monumental task! But I always find mistakes and have to undo rows to fix. Once I redid 30 rows. Yes, I know I am a perfectionist but the blanket was a gift and I needed to give my best & be perfect for my friend. I now check my work as I change colors and that has fixed my ripping out so many rows. So I am going to darn in those ends each week. I have more ends to darn in then the boarder before I start the Meadow blanket. I’m in such a hurry. I am really looking forward to those lovely colors to work up! I’ll be almost caught up by the end of the CAL! I’m just too excited to go slowly! Wheeeee!

Sarah Lauwerijssen

Hi Lucy,
Its funny i have kept it together this past year but this last week i found it hard to get out of bed, think of making food. I have had both wrist operated on (CTS) first before Christmas and just after. Its been difficult trying to stay positive. But i am healing, everyday a bit of knitting, i have athiritus all over. Stiffness is a major pain.
The isolation is getting to everyone, i have a 20 year old and a 17, and a husband who teaches higher education. Trying to find a quiet space is difficult :)
Today i did a catch up on your blog. I have been following you from day one. You said about your oldest being 11. I had to go back and look at his little feet photos.
My daughter also will be doing Christmas decorations differently:) apparently i am to hip hash :o
I am learning that my children are adults and i am not nearly needed as i once was.
You make alot of people happy, i hope that we give you positivity in our feed back.
Stay safe, happy and sain ;) Lucy.xx


Although I am not making this beautiful blanket at the moment, I am loving the colours and design and look forward to seeing the progress with each weeks CAL.
Hope you have more ups than downs this week. Take care x


Hi Lucy I’m so sorry you’ve not been feeling yourself this last week, it really is understandable. It will do you the world of good to make time for yourself although it must be frustrating when your hands are sore. I’m glad you’ve been able to do some hooking today. Thank you for the CAL it’s wonderful to see everyone’s work. I have a pack ready to start but can’t concentrate properly just yet, will do soon though. Take care and thank you too for your fabulous posts, Becki xx


Just a suggestion Lucy, have you investigated what Sir Ranulph Fiennes' has to say about arthritis. He recommends something called 'honeygar'. My mum's friend swore by it and followed the instructions in his book to the letter every morning. Best wishes, Helen

Gail Knapton

It's a good thing we are all so different - I just can not see the beauty of so many different colours put into a blanket - for mr it's colour overload.


CRAZY a excited that my yarn arrived this morning! So I’ll be running a bit behind (as usual) :D but am so eager to get started. Thank you, Lucy, for sharing this wonderful project. We are all going through SO much, and it really is a wonderful way of sharing and uniting (the major new theme here in the US) through this community! Stay well, and stay sane! 😃

Sharon Garrison

What lovely blankets. I need to use up single skeins of yarn and you are motivating me.
Thank you.

Teresa Kasner

Hi Lucy, I'm doing the color-wash sample repeat and I'm loving it. I'm glad you're taking lots of breaks so your hands don't get over done. I understand the missing of the alone time - but now all our kids are gone and we're retired so all of our time is quiet and peaceful. Someday it will be like that for you and then you'll miss having your babies around. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Linda from Boston

Loving working on this blanket. Getting nice and cozy on my lap!! The clover brings to mind that when I was little, my mother would take clover (with long stems) and braid them together. Just keep adding flowers as you go along braiding. She’d make a crown of flowers for my head......tying the end with a stem and tying the whole thing to form a ring. White, pink, purple.......all together. So beautiful. She used to do that when SHE was little. So this blanket brings back those precious memories for me.

Georgina Richardson

Thanks for this, I'm enjoying this lighter coloured blanket, my second of your designs.😊 I have another pack on order as I will make the mixed stripe next... I confess I am leaving the ends until I have done 🤭 in truth it helps me start & finish in the right direction. I'm novice crocheter so will look at the tutorial notes before I do the second colourway. Like others, I'm doing a couple of colours per day but as I am also doing a KAL have to watch balance 😁


What a glorious choice of colours! I might have to make one of these blankets!

Mandy Bryant

Absolutely loving the colours and the very relaxing pattern !
Thank you Lucy 👍👍👍👍


Thank you Lucy for this and was happy to hear that you put it down and do 2 or 3 stripes as I'm doing same I cant do a lot and I am still on Part 1 so now feel encouraged And love the picture of Tilly cat

Lily Veenendaal

Everybody has these ups and downs... but keep on crocheting. I had problems with my hands for more than a year, but then the handproblems slowly started to disappear again... I am now 58 and my hands are working fine again!!!! So keep up hope!!!And always keep moving!!


Dear Lucy,

thanks for creating this beautiful blanket - it is really giving me hope and comfort during those dreary winter Corona months.

Greetings from Germany!


Ups and downs here too, and a bit of a creative slump alongside lots of work. But as you say, it ebbs and flows and everything will right itself soon enough. It's so lovely to think about summer meadows at this time of year, a very cheering thought. Although I do really enjoy the winter, the summer is utter bliss. I'm starting to see a few spring bulbs poking through already. Lovely to see everyone's blankets so far, and I really like the idea of using up stash yarn. CJ xx


Dear Lucy,
can't join in the CAL at the moment, but I am oh so thankful for this corner of the internet. Your blog is always such a treat, and even more so these days. I'm looking forward to give the pattern a try with the cosy stripe yarn pack once things get less stressful in my life. :) Until then thank you so much for your great work and inspiration. It truely helps to see the beauty in life even in this dark winter.

Drusilla cleary

The colours are so uplifting in dreary January. Love your blog. Drusilla


Thank you Lucy for your post. Love your honesty about the rollercoaster of emotions - it’s good to give ourselves permission to go with the flow after 10 months of ‘new normal’, isn’t it?
Have a great, colour - filled week!

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