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December 08, 2020


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Tracy Bache

Oh my days you did make me laugh out loud about Reuben and his "not all there"stare!😂That's how I'm looking at the moment. Or could it be the menopausal glaze?Either way got brain fog lately.😂


I love your little Reuben! Very cute!


Just watched on BBC1 Countryfile a feature on retail in country market towns big mention of Skipton, DH recognised a shop we visited. Regretfully no mention of Attic24, Coopers Cafe or Yarndale.


Right - Been thinking exactly the same about challenging myself to do something new with knitting. And colour work is something I’ve never tried particularly, apart from a small piece of FI at a workshop in a local yarn store, maybe three years ago. I’ve saved the pattern and may have a go next year along with you.

Kristen Arold-Bender

My inspiration came instantly too this year, last month. I suddenly decided that I needed to make a Christmas Cozy( what we call our crocheted blankets every since our tiny beagle started picking her favorites up(throw to queen sizes) and carrying them around the house to snuggle in🤣 These days she has settled on a favorite that she feels is hers only-she holds a little in her mouth and gently kneads the cozy with her front paws. She will often run to get her cozy to bring it out to greet you when you come home. Every time I start a new one, she is sure it is for her collection. So, I thought we (she) don’t have a Holiday blanket for some reason and I was bound and determined to make a full sized throw, at least, before Christmas. I have always loved the Harmony blanket that I made from your pattern-the graduated square version. It has such a beautiful drape and as with all of the Stylecraft Special DK, they get even softer over time. That one is not long enough for the sons in my home-both over 6 feet and they like theirs to cover them fully. So, I added several rows to the length and one to the width. I am on the border now-I will finish it off this week and we will have a few days s to enjoy it this year🤣 I wanted a very festive, brightly colored Christmas cozy. I made each center square red (I’m a quilter too and that is a traditional starting square color for a log cabin and Christmasy. For my 2-5 rounds, I used sherbet, turquoise, empire, aspen, teal, silver, candy, fondant, fiesta, pistachio, apple, and bottle. Then, I joined them with the 6th round of all white. I am planning on an all white border, with a thin stripe of red somewhere in there-we’ll see how it’s looking! I need to get this checked off my list-yarn arrived last week for your CAL in January-yay! Thanks so much for all you share and your beautiful patterns and color selections. I actually found it quite hard to work with basically only 12 colors on the Christmas cozy-minus the red and white. I always love the large selection of your colors-all the more fun-so it was a good lesson using a little more limited palette. I’m like that with quilts too-the scrappier, the better!😍


Reuben is adorable and made me smile!


I think I would give Rueben a smile.


Oh Lucy you have had me in stitches - the photo of dearest Ruben without his ears and antlers!!!! I agree with you!


Reuben is so cute, a real little character. Long may he return to your mantepiece to share Christmas with you x

Kate McCurrach

He's gorgeous Lucy. I think his expression is great. Bewildered and slightly relieved perfectly captures this time in 2020. Xx


I’ve just finished your blooming flower cushion for my kitchen. I’ve started number two. So pretty.. I love your stuff...it makes me happy in sad times. Thanks Lucy Lockett!


Reuben the reindeer is very cute! I love the way he looks on your mantel.
I know exactly what you mean though. When I crochet amigurumi, there is always 'something' with them after assembling. But that's ok. They are all well loved in our house, and I guess that's what counts.

Karen Dodgson

Oh Lucy, I LOVE Reuben! He’s the cutest little reindeer, just a trainee little reindeer who can’t wait to grow up into a Very Important Reindeer just like his hero, Rudolph.
Now he’s on your mantelpiece he’s halfway there, and he’s earned his title Lucy’s Very Important Guardian of the Fireplace Reindeer 🥰

Sabine Borel

Dear Lucy,
Hello from Switzerland! First I would like to tell you that I like your pictures of your town so much. You live in a beautiful country. I also like your meadow blanket! It is a wonderful pattern and the colors are gorgeous. I ordered a yarnpack for this blanket and I am so looking forward to it. It should arrive tomorrow.... 😊
May I ask you which size of crochet you use to crochet this yarn? I don’t have all sizes in my collection and may have to order one.
Thank you and kind regards from Basel, where we will maybe begin a mini lockdown. So, having a nice project is absolutely necessary.

Teresa Kasner

I think you did a perfect job on Reuben and Reindeer! I have an idea/suggestion to make him happier. I would make some black or brown embroidery floss, use two strands and make an upside down "Y" under his nose to make a mouth and you could turn the mouth into a smile. It's worth a try! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

*M*E*R*R*Y* * *C*H*R*I*S*T*M*A*S*!*


I think Reuben Reindeer is lovely. 'Bewildered festive creature' just about describes me in December too xx

Mary W

Years ago my daughter was given a 'teachers gift' at Christmas and it has to be the strangest, most hideous thing - really scary. She gasped but told the child thank you and then quickly hid it before she scared anyone. When the teachers gathered to share their gifts, she waited to last and then surprised them. They literally gasped and said she won the prize for most horrible. When she brought home the fur covered, tissue box with eyes, straight up scary 'hair' and other strange things attached, she told us the child's grandma had made it for them to give, so for us to be polite. We hid it. Then it got to be funny because it came back to scare us many times during that long ago year. It was once placed in my brothers bird feeder in town to share the horror but it found it's way back to our front window during the night and we got quite a shock. Needless to say, it has become the favorite decoration of all. It is still scary but still fun to scare people with. We wouldn't part with it for anything. Your reindeer is totally cute even with it's imperfections that I don't see. They say why baby animals and people look so darn cute is because their heads and eyes are larger proportionally than grownups. So, unlike our hairy box-head, he fits right onto the cute list!


Reuben is sweet, no problem he topples over because of his big head. There are some patterns to be put in picture tutorials there, are they XD Next year, after all the fuss is over. Love your mantle piece, looks so festive.

gina in alabama

He is just precious!!!


He looks adorable !


Love him he's so cute 😍

Lily D

Have you tried compression gloves for your hands? My arthritic fingers suffer in the cold and make it painful to knit at this time of year and these gloves do help keep the mobility in my hands.


Reuben is so handsome. I’m in love😍


I think Reuben is gorgeous - a real cutey.


Rueben is so cute, he did look a little scary before the antlers went on but im so glad you persevered.
He looks great on the mantle 💕

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