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December 24, 2020


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Your blogs and articles are very nice and it is a gift for this month. Thankyou


the Christmas tree is so beautiful also the glorious bottle

Daminee Patil

A fantastic idea for the preparation of Christmas will make Christmas joyful and memorable.

Lise Sostack

I have loved your little mandala for ever, and I wonder if you have a pattern for it? Please, Lucy 😍

Kerridwen Niner

This was a lovely read even this side of Christmas, i got a definate hygge feeling from it so i'm going to share your blog on a hygge group i enjoy on FB :)


How lovely that you keep the magic of Christmas in your home. My little ones are in their 30’s and there will always be stockings. It is our tradition to wrap all that goes into the stockings and the reveals are so fun! There are chocolates,not pricey items, and dishcloths that I knit each year. No big gifts anymore but a monetary gift that they are very grateful for. Thank you for sharing your beautiful holiday and home.


Thank you for providing inspiration, a strong sense of community, colour & light in this strangest of all years. Your hard work, dedication & positivity shines a light in this weird doom & gloom. Keep on being you. Happy New Year to you & yours xXx

Irene A

When my daughter reached 18 and we thought that maybe stockings wouldn’t happen anymore she joked that she felt put out that her older brothers had benefited from 5 years more worth of Christmas stockings than she had! The following year we all made up a stocking and surprised her with 5 stockings full of various little bits and bobs. We all had fun doing it and lots of laughter at her reaction to the surprise. It is a good memory for us all as we now don’t have Christmases all together with one son married, one who (usually) works as a freelance orchestra player with concerts on Christmas Eve & Boxing Day, and my daughter is in the Merchant Navy and often away over Christmas, as she is this year.
Your little peeps will treasure your Christmas traditions as long as they can, and when they have left home they will start their own ... which is how traditions start and live on.
Love following your blog and wishing you and all the family at No24 all the peace, hope and promise of brighter, lighter days ahead. Xx


I just love your festive holiday cheer. When my 2 sister’s and I were past putting cookies and milk out for Santa, we started a new tradition. At the beginning of December our family put out names in a hat and whoever’s name you drew you became their Secret Santa and filled their stocking on Christmas Eve. It was a lot of fun to see what special gifts were filling our stockings on Christmas morning.
Have a Happy Healthy New Year with much Joy and many Laughs in 2021!!!


Your house is so full of colour and light! Thank you for bringing joy to the blogging world even at this time.


I just love reading your posts! You are a beautiful writer. I still only put presents out on Christmas Eve when the 25 yr old child has gone to bed... the other 2, aged 31 and 28 come on Christmas morning and their stockings are still magically filled too and their presents have arrived too!
My motto, is never admit to anything... you have to believe to receive!
Merry Christmas!

Carol Premack

What a wonderful, colorful, happy, and peaceful Christmas post! And I loved seeing photos with green grass---Minnesota has snow, as usual, this time of the year. Wishing you and your family a happy, healthy, and more "normal" New Year!


Thank you Lucy for all the light and sparkle you have shared with us in this very different year. Loved the photos,musings of everyday family life and the fabulous crafty makes. Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the Christmas period xx


Merry Christmas

We have 2 believers (I think) and a teen. The teen got a slimmed down stocking, but even the adults here get a new book, some chockies and a scratchie (we share around the buying of those bits)
All other gifts for the adults (which includes my mum and sis each year) are handmade


Love your Christmas mug!


A lovely Christmassy post to catch up with, Lucy. Thank you. My children still have stockings, they are 25 and 27! Jacob watched us opening his via zoom this year though, as he’s in Wales and couldn’t come home as planned. We all have stockings, I buy little treats that I want for myself for mine. We added a new tradition at least ten years ago , that we all go to Swanage and buy a little present for everyone else’s stockings, mainly from charity shops. We also all buy each other a book from the Oxfam shop. This means it’s a surprise for me (chief present buying elf) on Christmas morning. This year we just went for a walk near the sea instead!

Kristine S

Love to you & yours Lucy❣🌟💖
One Christmas morning tradition i always loved in our (Down Under) house was the "you can get up early BUT be quiet, only take the flat, rectangular present & go back to bed"... ALWAYS my Christmas book!
I'd happily go back to bed & read until I was MADE to get up & share the rest of the morning!
Hugs lovely lady!

kate bates

We still do stockings for my 18 and 21 year olds boys. It's a chance to give them a few silly things which are often the biggest hits of Christmas...you can never go wrong with flick-a-chicken!

Sue Floyd

Merry Christmas to you & your family Lucy!
I loved hearing about how your children had to have the candy canes on the tree. This year the big children I gift( teens now) were so delighted with my Advent tree gifts! It was such a strange year & I thought the joy of something to look forward to opening might be a nice break. It was a daunting wrapping experience as there are 4 of them x 24 days....well, it was quite a exercise in my creative gifting for sure.
Blessings to all of you!
Akron, Ohio, USA


Have a wonderful time..you always bring joy with your posts. X


I've got 2 boys, 25 & 17, & I've been struggling with stockings the past few years. My husband used to write a letter from Father Christmas, thanking the boys for whatever food they'd left out for him & the reindeer & saying he hoped they'd like something in the stocking - very cute, but not something I wanted to take on when my husband left to live with his girlfriend!

Then as I've had less money to spend on the gifts, putting something nice in the stockings and under the tree has just been really hard. So this year, I just didn't do stockings as this really hasn't been the year to try to stress myself out with trying to find things for them! The boys didn't comment on the lack of them, so I think it's probably time to keep stockings till I've got grandchildren :-D

Katherine, NZ

Merry Christmas Lucy! I hope you and your family have had a lovely day together. My three boys are 17, 14 and just turned 11. And like Little B the youngest hasn’t said he doesn’t believe but I’m pretty sure he knows the score! They all still get stockings from Santa (the older boys get undies and socks and deodorant etc with a few sweet treats) and I think the stockings will stay while they’re all still at home. I can’t stop them for only the older ones or for all of them when no. 3 is still young! I still enjoy the magic of it and they still all bring their stockings into our room to open them in the morning 😍

Linda Spooner

Mine are really grown, 54, 51 and my baby girl 45. So I'm afraid no real gifts for them. My grandkids range from 16 to 35, WOW! BUT now my great grandkids get gifts. My house actually got decorated and tree up but with me down I had to count on my son, Shawn and my great=grandson Axxel for help. Axxel put things on the tree but he is 7 so the tree is bare above his reach. I don't mind. Things Very different for me. No Christmas family breakfast. I'm stuck in my chair with the leg up and only getting up to potty. The sonogram showed I have 3 blood clots in my leg. So the 28th I finally find out what is going to happen. So wow is right. I am not liking this newest change. I am so glad you had a fairly normal Christmas. Happy New Year to ya'll from Texas. Linda

Heather @littestarmakes

Merry Christmas! My two are 17 (son) and 12 (13 in Jan) and her first year of not a Santa year. However, still stockings and amongst the presents still a gift from Santa. Still masses of excitement - even for the satsuma! Thanks for all the blogs this year x

Megan Lowry

We believe in Santa forever here and I still have a stocking at my parents. They can believe what they want (they all say they believe anyway), but there will never be any oh yes you're right Santa doesn't exist from me. No way! Never. Besides, I still believe. So that's that.

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